Are you close to your first period?

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This might not be totally accurate but it is pretty accurate😊

  • 1
    Have you experienced moods swings?
  • 2
    How old are you?
  • 3
    Do you have pubic hair?

  • 4
    Have you been getting cramps (sharp pains below your belly button)
  • 5
    Have you had some discharge in your pants (whitey-yellow goey liquid)
  • 6
    How long have you noticed your breasts?

  • 7
    Did your mum start your period around the age you are now?
  • 8
    Do you think your period is on its way?💕
  • 9
    Have you had some spots or acne?
  • 10
    Has your mum talked to you about periods and bought you some pads?

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73 days ago
Does someone want to estimate me?
Age: 11
Mom: Dunno
Puberty: 1.5 years ago

Pubic: Full, black, curly, but not bushy
Pits: Black curly, bushy, covers most of the area
Head hair: Not any greasier.

Acene: 4-6
Blackheads: LOTS
Greasier: No.

Size: 32 inches
Stage: 3... I think
Started: 10 months ago
Tenderness: I cant lay on my stomach or touch them.

How often: DAILY!!!!
Color: Yellow or egg white
Texture: Milkshakey

Mood Swings: Lots!!!
Cravings: Lots!!!!
Fatigue: Not everyday... but yes
Tenderbreasts: Yes.
Spotting: Maybe once. Not positive tho.

Stomach: No
Back: No
Down there: Yes...
Grew: 3 inches

Height; 5'3
Weight: 105

Thank you.
104 days ago
@Addison u probably will get it in 2-5 days, welcome to womenhood lol
162 days ago
Can I plz get estimated?
So breasts: Stage 3
Discharge: White, sticky. Wears pantiliners. Had it for 1.3 years
Spotting: Occasionally
Mood swings
Awful cramps!
Very greasy hair and skin
Age 11
Mom got her's at 12
88 pounds
5 ft
Dark curly pubic hair
Light wispy underarm hair
A mix of light and dark leg and arm hair but mostly dark
Blackheads all over nose and chin and occasional pimples
Headaches and constipation
Thx so much, if u need more info just ask.
182 days ago
I'm excited for my period! Yay! 1-2 months?! Ee!
183 days ago
@Kate, 0-4 months! I know this is a wide range, but because your discharge is lessening, you could be quickly coming upon your period. Also, because you don't have much cramps/pain it could come later (than again not all girls get very bad cramps, and some get none at all.) I'd say it will be on the sooner side, so you should consider packing a kit! Good luck!

@Ruby, 0-3 months! I say this because of your frequent spotting and pretty much all of your symptoms add up! Good Luck!

file:///home/chronos/u-2ea0a8c583e6cbda1 49f5d0d38a0a1fe36d7390d/MyFiles/Download s/First%20Period%20Kit%20(2).pdf
183 days ago
Hi! please can I have an estimation.

I’m 11.5 years old
My mum got hers a month before she turned 11
I have stage 3ish breasts and wear and aa bra, been developing for around 2ishyears
I get discharge everyday and it’s white/ clear and goopy. Been having discharge for 1.5 years
I spot every couple of days
I get stomach cramps nearly everyday and they hurt SO much
I had a growth spurt last year and I grew about 3”
I’m 5ft 2”
I weigh ninety- something pounds
My pubic hair basically fully grown
Armpit full and curly- I gotta shave
Leg hair, soooo much I should shave
I get lots of the PMS symptoms

Thx so much :)
186 days ago
Please Estimate! :)

Mom's age:14
Breasts: fully developed, but size A, started growing 3 y. ago
Weight:97 lbs
Height: 5" 1' (61 in.)
Cramps: like 4 times a week, not horrible, just uncomfortable
Mood swings: 4-7 times a week, i get mad pretty easily
Tiredness: kinda every day..
Breast soreness: not really/it's rare
Headaches: maybe once a week
Greasy skin?: YES
Spotting: not once
Crush/dating: I daydream of kissing my crush
Feeling bloated: never
BO:YES (im a dancer) i NEEd to reapply
Cravings: 1-2 times a week
Back aches: ALL THE TIME
Upper leg aches: kinda rare
Armpit hair: barely any, blond, 8-12 months
Pubic hair: more than a medium amount, brown, getting curly
Leg hair: dark brown, i shave
Discharge: white, thick , kinda like snot or slime,had it for 1 year, im getting less and less now though
Sweating: more than i usally do, it smells
186 days ago
“more accurate?” lmao you don’t even have it
186 days ago
tf you can’t criticize a quiz when who knows how long it is 😂
187 days ago
So, good quiz, just add more questions and answers, as already mentioned in this comment section. I got 5-16 months, i feel like it’s the any day now type thing, if not that then 3-5 months. Of course, no one knows for definite until it actually happens, but I do feel like this could be more accurate. No hate, good work, it’s just there are improvements to be made.
188 days ago
For 90% you are: Your period is coming!🙊 you have had lots of signs and should expect it in 1-8 months💕 good luck and I hope it goes great to you😉 make sure you carry some pads around with you though so there is no embarrassing accidents✨
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188 days ago
hi people im emily and i got my period a few hours ago
188 days ago
Love this quiz, but here's a tip to make it even more accurate:
More questions and more answers. The more detailed the quiz, the more accurate the answer!!

Great job tho!
188 days ago
Are you close to your first period?
For 60% you are: Your period is coming!🙊 you have had lots of signs and should expect it in 1-8 months💕 good luck and I hope it goes great to you😉 make sure you carry some pads around with you though so there is no embarrassing accidents✨
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Probably true I get loads of spotting, discharge, cramps and much more.Last night I ligit thought I got my first period😂😂
189 days ago
the best period quiz out there
190 days ago
First comment. I like this quiz it is darn accurate