First period Calculator!

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If you are in between the ages of 9 and 14, your first period might be a lingering thought on your mind! This calculator will give you an approximate time frame for when you will have your very first visit from Auntie Flow!


This is not 100% accurate, no one can you give an exact time for when you will start, I just hope this helps give you a general idea.

  • 1
    How old are you?
  • 2
    When did you start developing breasts?
  • 3
    Do you have vaginal discharge?
    (Goop in your undies, can be whitish-yellowish-brownish)

  • 4
    How often?
  • 5
    What stage are your breasts at?
  • 6
    Have you had spotting?
    ( a few scattered dark spots in your undies)

  • 7
    Do you have cramping?
  • 8
    How often?
  • 9
    Underarm hair?
  • 10
    Pubic Hair?
    (Hair down there)

  • 11
    Leg hair?
  • 12
    Tender breasts?
  • 13
    Have you been sweating more?
  • 14
    Mood swings/extra moody?
  • 15
    How many of these do you have?

    1. Cramps
    2. Moodiness
    3. Mood swings
    4. Tender breasts
    5. Constipation
    6. Diarrhea
    7. Bloating
    8. Nausea
    9. Craving
    10. Headache
    11. Discharge
  • 16
    Do you feel like you need a partner more then you used to?

  • 17
    When did your mom/sibling/close female get hers?
  • 18
    Do you have a period kit handy?

    ( Doesn't affect your score )
  • 19
    Has a trusted female talked to you/Have you brought up the subject?

    **won't affect score**
  • 20
    Do you want your period?

  • 21
    Why did you choose your last answer?
  • 22
    How much do you exercise?

Comments (47)


32 days ago
wait im 11 and a half 11.5
32 days ago
Heyyyy, umm. someone pleasee estimate mee

Age: 11.5
Height: 5'1 (154.94 cm)
Weight: 49 kg according to google
I started puberty 2-3 years ago
Breast: I wear a A or B cup, And my breasts have been growing from 1.6 to 2.6 years
Discharge: A LOT EVERY DAY whitish-yellow or clear
Spotting: i have spotted twice. once brown, once pink
Cramps: Idk if its it, i get a sharp pain for like 3 minutes and then its gone, while other times it stays for like 3 hrs
Mood swings: i get them alot. and i hardly notice...
Pubic hair: 1-2 years, they are LONG AND CURLY they're goin on my thighs.
Underarm hair: got like small blonde hairs
Pms:I got most of the symtoms. yeah...
Growth spurt: this is my 2nd large growthspurt.. help?
My mum and Sister got they're period at 11
idk what else to add sooo PLEASEEE estimate
44 days ago
This is for future me in a month. Quiz said within a month so COME BACK IN A MONTH AVA
54 days ago
58 days ago
I just sit on my bed looking at workouts all day then never do them
125 days ago
This was made 3 hrs and a day ago.My birthday is on the 27th of July😭
My birthday was yesterday oml
148 days ago
Want another accurate period quiz?? go check out mine!!
201 days ago
Hiiiiii! Can someone pls estimate me?

Puberty: 1.5-2yrs
Age: I am 11 turning 12 in 1 month
Mum: got hers at the exact age I am
Weight: 50kg
Height: 5.1ft
Breasts: 3-4 stage, in the middle I think. I wear a, A14 size bra ( in Australian size.) And it’s a proper bra! But not with underwire…
Discharge: got it 2-3 months ago, lots of gooey, creamy white discharge everyday
Hair: pubic is halfway done,( or a bit more than halfway) inner parts are thick long and curly, outer parts are long browny black hairs. Underarm hair is pretty full. I just noticed a boost in the growth of my underarm, and pubic hair.
Leg and arm hair are pretty noticeable
PMS: I have noticed a lot more cramps recently, yesterday I got the sharpest pain below my belly button I have ever gotten, it lasted for 3 seconds. And a bit more today but not as bad. The cramps vary from side to side of my abdominal area there as well!
My breasts are really tender! (But always have been)
Craving junk food pretty badly
Headaches are pretty frequent
I have a bit of diarrhoea… 😬😬😳😳
I think I had one spotting but that was like a month ago. And I haven’t seen anything since…
Also my discharge is starting to change from white to off white yellowish kinda colour
Lots of back pain!!!!!
All of my friends have there period!!! I’m basically the only one! My friend got hers a week ago, but I am so much more developed than her!!!!! I have a period kit! Since I was 9!
I feel really left out!
So if u or someone could estimate me, and also tell me how to not feel left out that would be greatly appreciated!!
230 days ago
@immaswifty same, I always feel like I’m so fat, I want to work out but I’m always too tired and don’t have the energie undefined
230 days ago
@hannah your period is prob coming in less then 2 months but every body is diffrent so don’t take this legitimately but this is just what I think
230 days ago
Possibly- most likely depends on dosage. I would say it would make it come 2-6 months later, but probably talk to a proffesional. I'm just an 11yro 😂
231 days ago
i was wondering..... i take acne medicine to kind of settle down my hormones that make my face oily, does that affect when i will get my period?
238 days ago
im 5'2'', and i weigh 110 lbs(ugh i so wanna lose wait!!!!!😩)
238 days ago
i had a 6 inch growth spurt last Thanksgiving.
239 days ago
I am doing the same! Could someone estimate me? The thing said 1-3 months, but I believe it could be less. I want some real humans telling me. Okay lets start with basics. Also, please don't bully! My mom is only 4.11ft
Age:11 1/2 (Will be 12 in august) (6th grade)
Height: 4.8ft (Again, Mom is 4.11ft)
Weight: 92 pounds
Mom's Period: End of 6th grade (11)
Okay, I believe I had a small growth spurt last year. The average is 2-3 inches a year, and I grew about 3 1/2 inches. It was small, but still something.
Now lets get to the mental things.
I do have a crush on someone but i have mixed feelings.
I do have many, MANY mood swings. MANYYYYY!!! But I also feel moody 3-4 out of the 7 days in a week. I also have Mixed ADHD so I don't get tired that much and I need medicine to help me fall asleep. But, at least 1-3 out of the 7 days in a week recently I have been tired considering I got a good night sleep the night before.
Yes, my brain is always telling me when it see's food. GIVE ME IT NOW! YOU WILL DIE IF YOU DON'T EAT IT!!!! NOWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW!!!!!!! This has been happening for about 2-3 months now.
Now lets talk about the 🕊. I have been developing 3-4 years and wear a, A38 (I am almost a B) size cup, (Not AA or AAA) (AA and AAA is smaller than A) , stage 4. Roundish, nipples are almost done changing size and shape, but I don't believe the breasts are. (Bra's are not the beginners. they are rounded with a pad that does not fall out but does not have wire but has a support like wires)
Now lets do underarm hair. I have started growing underarm hair around 2-0 years ago. I have not started shaving my arm pits yet but my mom said, "probably in the next month or so." My under arm hair is a darkish brown, and black, some is curly, some is straight, Not all of it is in, but Half of it is.
We are taking about arm pits, so lets talk about oder, and sweating. I have had LOTS of oder for the past 3-4 years. I use deodorant every day, I have to re aply around noon to keep the smell away. I always sweat, but between around the past year I have been starting to sweat LOTS more.
Now lets do pubic hair. Its around the same as my armpits. Down there it is dark brown hairs pretty curly, a little more than half way done.
Now my legs. MY LEGS ARE A JUNGLE!!!!!! I have to shave my hair is so dark and thick, and long.
Now discharge. I have the normal thick, white, and gooey. I have discharge pretty much every day. I can feel it when I walk there is so much. I always have lots in my undies.
Now lets do symptoms. I get back pains probally 2-4 times a week out of 7. I also get around belly button sharp pains 2-3 times a month.
I get massive headaches, and a few more.
Please tell me when you think! Also, tell me also and estimate of when i should start shaving my pits. Thank you! Sorry abt how long it is.
239 days ago
my mom makes this kinda thing awkward, but i feel comfortable doing this.
239 days ago
im starting public school next year, does anyone have any advice, or can u tell me what i would be bullied for/ what would make ppl hate me?
239 days ago
i weigh 110 lbs
239 days ago
u probably dont check this comment section any more, but if u do, please estimate me.
i am 12 years old, i think my mom got it at 10/11, i have pointed but not round 🍒s,i have off whitish creamy discharge, a medium amount each day, my 🍒 are stage 3 or 2, i have never had spotting, i dont think i have had cramps, but a week ago i had a bad stomach ache, and some REALLY WEIRD back pain. it was like faint, but painful, like it was spreading through the veins in my back. i have a bit of dark underarm hair, i shave my arms and legs cuz the hairs are getting browner and its just annoying having kinda hairy legs, i have a full bush down there, am rlly moody lately(is it moodswings?), i really want a boyfriend, i rarely exercise, i have constipation ig, def discharge, TACOS, BURGERS, FRIES, MILKSHAKE, ALL JUNK FOOD COME TO MEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE.

a few quizzes said 0-3 months, and a few said 3-5 months, and a not accurate in the comments one said 2-3 years
315 days ago
It sounds like it could probably come soon! I would expect it in the near future and it'll probably be in sometime in the next year. Looking back on this quiz, it's really hard and not a good idea to try to pin it to an exact time frame. Just know that it's likely coming up. I know you wish you could know exactly when, but that would probably be misleading. Good luck!