First period Calculator!

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If you are in between the ages of 9 and 14, your first period might be a lingering thought on your mind! This calculator will give you an approximate time frame for when you will have your very first visit from Auntie Flow!


This is not 100% accurate, no one can you give an exact time for when you will start, I just hope this helps give you a general idea.

  • 1
    How old are you?
  • 2
    When did you start developing breasts?
  • 3
    Do you have vaginal discharge?
    (Goop in your undies, can be whitish-yellowish-brownish)

  • 4
    How often?
  • 5
    What stage are your breasts at?
  • 6
    Have you had spotting?
    ( a few scattered dark spots in your undies)

  • 7
    Do you have cramping?
  • 8
    How often?
  • 9
    Underarm hair?
  • 10
    Pubic Hair?
    (Hair down there)

  • 11
    Leg hair?
  • 12
    Tender breasts?
  • 13
    Have you been sweating more?
  • 14
    Mood swings/extra moody?
  • 15
    How many of these do you have?

    1. Cramps
    2. Moodiness
    3. Mood swings
    4. Tender breasts
    5. Constipation
    6. Diarrhea
    7. Bloating
    8. Nausea
    9. Craving
    10. Headache
    11. Discharge
  • 16
    Do you feel like you need a partner more then you used to?

  • 17
    When did your mom/sibling/close female get hers?
  • 18
    Do you have a period kit handy?

    ( Doesn't affect your score )
  • 19
    Has a trusted female talked to you/Have you brought up the subject?

    **won't affect score**
  • 20
    Do you want your period?

  • 21
    Why did you choose your last answer?
  • 22
    How much do you exercise?

Comments (25)


17 days ago
Can someone estimate me please?

Age: 9
Breast stage: 3
Pubic hair: Longer black hairs- 1+ years
Weight: 86lb
Height: 4'11
Cramps: It feels like someone's stabbing my uterus weekly!
Upper leg pain: EVERYDAY!!!
Leg hair: its a jungle- 4+ years
Arm hair: another jungle - 4+ years
Discharge: Reddish brown - 1+ years
Moodiness: 😁😢😂😠
Puberty: 1+ years ago
PMS symptoms: All of these and more
18 days ago
3-6 months okay that’s not bad that’s great!
85 days ago
Anonymous, hey this sounds like you could get it soon, but also some things say you won't get it quite yet. Some of the cramps your describing could be a sign of your period, but your usually won't get your period until you start having discharge.
114 days ago
Can someone estimate me again!

Age: 12

Breasts: Stage: 4.

Pubic Hair: Long, curly, bushy, black ( i've had for 2+ years )

Weight: 50 lbs

Height: 5'1

Cramps: I got some bad side cramps like a week ago.


Leg hair: Kind of medium i didnt shave for like 2 days and it came back so fast. ( Have had for at least 1+ year )

Arm hair: I wouldnt say a lot but it comes back everyday and I have to shave again. ( Black and curly & have had for 1+ year )

Discharge: not yet lol!

I have been having crazy mood swings and have to urge to hit my brother everyday and yell at him.

I also started puberty 2 or more years ago!

Symptoms: Cravings, Mood swings, Pimples ( i've had at least 5 in the last 2 months ), Sometimes cramps, Tiredness, Diarrhea, Sweaty, and SHARP PAINS IN MY PUBIC AREA.

please tell me when I would see it coming!
122 days ago
@Eva, I'm happy for you! I made this quiz 2 years ago and I haven't really been on it since. I know that you're excited, bu don't forget to enjoy not having it while you can. It is exciting to get it though. Don't be ashamed, either.
136 days ago
🥳 it's coming so soon, yea!!!!
136 days ago
OMG! 1-3 months! I'm so excited! 😁
391 days ago
Hey is this test a couculator for next period or when you will get your first one
509 days ago
wadda flip?! wadda wadda wadda wadda wadda wadda wadda wadda wadda wadda wadda wadda wadda FLIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII IIIIIIP?!
550 days ago
only works if you have gotten your period before, and it predicts the next one.
574 days ago
This site doesn't work. Go on to find a period calculator.
710 days ago
Mom: Do you know what a girls period is? Like one she gets during puberty?
Me: Yes
Mom: Okay!
(End of conversation)
843 days ago
Hey Maddy! I remeber you sending the link but i don't have it anyomore. I would love for you yo send it agin but i will look for it
845 days ago
Hi so I'm from the one that I normal talk on but anyways here my estmation in need,
I have some headaches but not many,
My hair doesn't get that greasy,
I have blackheads and I don't get that many pimples,
I have armpit hair and has had it since like 4 months ago,
I've had the same arm hair since 3-4th grade brown and straight
I don't get much bloating or cramping but I get diarrhea a lot,
I have lots of pubic hairs and my longest one is like 1 inch and a halve and I've had it since the beginning of 6th grade and it's black and starting to curl,
I get discharge every day since like one day last summer,
I don't spot at all,
I had a hip cramp so bad that I couldn't even walk,
I don't have that many upper leg soreness ( I ride horses and they get sore does that count?),
My leg hair is the same as my arm hair,
My age is 12 and I don't know when my mom got hers,
I almost have a bf and I love him so much,
I've been so emotional that I cried over a game and I get mad over the slightest of things,
I haven't been myself lately and I've been having really weird cravings like chicken flavored ramon noddles
845 days ago
Ahh I see how you feel. And I noticed and getsemani noticed too I was wondering when you were gonna be back lol but it's okay I normally just ask everyone what they are talking about rather than going back but I do understand! Well if you need anything I will still be on my community thing I think you know about it but if not I can send the link 😊 byeee
845 days ago
Me? Well I go on their and i don't always feel like going back a bunch to see what you guys have been talking about.
And i didn't realize anyone really noticed or remembered me
847 days ago
I meant anymore.
847 days ago
Why don't you come on anshikas quiz anyone
848 days ago
@Jaye, The more you exercise the later your period is most likely to come, but just because you run a lot does not mean your period wil never come. I know a girl who was very athletic and ran a lot, but she still got her period. it was later than the girls in her class (16) but sh still got it and is healthy.

@KAt Chan, It can be anywhere from a bright red to brown, but for your first period I would expect a darker color. YOu might not even realize you have it, some girls think that its poop. (sorry, I know akward.)

@H gang, good luck!

@Ella, THanks!!
848 days ago
I keep getting 1-3 months 😨😭