First Period Quiz/ When will it come?

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I recently got my first period! This quiz may not be the *most* accurate, due to the fact I’m no doctor, but you can use it as a base to when you will get your first one! Comment for estimations ❤️

Also- my quiz asks you about all sorts of parts of puberty, from head to toe! Your age is last, haha no I didn’t forget it! Tell me if you like this format!
Be kind and don’t spread hate ❤️

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    We’re doing this quiz from the top down! First up- hair! Is it greasier than normal?

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8 days ago
6-12 months... no. no. no. no. no.
I'm trans guy and I am dreading it. I'm getting 🐤 stinging every once in a while and it just makes me panic that it'll make me more feminine.... help.... please...
70 days ago
Great job!!! Nice quiz!!! Pretty accurate!!!
88 days ago
Dear Shadowshine,

Hi .hope everything is well .You should ask you mom what time she got hers.Sometimes it may look like you do not have breast when they are at the beginning stage of growing.My sister and I both got ours at the same age .Our mom got hers a couple years before.If this does not help there are some test on this website that calculate when your breast might come I do not know how accurate but give it a shot and compare answers from different websites too
91 days ago
My birthday is near and my test says 0-3months .I use the period tracker that is on the Apple health app .that app says my next period will come Anywhere between now and my b-day .Note I do not have my period yet I use the app to track when the first one might come.Any tips ?To help me out I am totally freaking out that there will be a bloody mess at my birthday.My close friends and family will be there .If I do get my period then I want it to be private.Let me know .Stay safe
92 days ago
three to six months?!? it might come near my birthday!
105 days ago
It said the same thing again I'm positive that I don't have a period but if it's coming soon 🤷🏻‍♀️ I trust it.
105 days ago
I liked the quiz but I'm pretty sure I did something wrong (like hit spotting or whatever) bc it says r u sure u haven't gotten it yet. I'm going to retake in a sec.
117 days ago
I mean like when will they start growing (or even existing)
121 days ago
What do you mean for your breasts?
125 days ago
Hi guys! (well, girls) I know this is a period quiz, but can someone estimate me for my breasts? All of my friends who are younger than me have them already, while my chest still looks like a 5 year olds : ( So here is my information. Please help.

I am 12.5 years old.
My mom got her period at 13, but I don't know about when she got her breasts.
I have a decent amount of hair in my armpits and "below".
My moods are totally a rollercoaster UGH
I reaaaally want a romantic relationship.
I have some pimples and B.O.

I hope this is enough to estimate with. Thanks!
131 days ago
if you don't know the stages you can google them.
131 days ago
hey @debbie, i'm not getsemani, but i am pretty good at estimating when it comes to periods, and i might be able to estimate you if you could tell me what stage your breasts are at?
132 days ago
I forget
I have constant headaches and Constipation or indigestion
132 days ago
Pls estimate me
Hair: a little bit oiler
Discharge: egg white sometimes it will light yellowish and something like mucus coming out,no spotting
Armpit hair,some brown hair starting to get curlier
Moodiness, am always angry at something not important, sometimes I will cheerful
Age, 12.5
Cramps,alot, especially when eating food
My result for the test is 0-3 months
Though am not satisfied
133 days ago
I meant pounds sorry
133 days ago
5-8 months as you're still very light. Most girls get their's at 100 pou
139 days ago
Sorry, also forgot, i have 6 small black heads on my face, or pimples, or acne or whatever, also i weigh 75 pounds, and am 4 ft 8.
139 days ago
Oh, and discharge, completly forgot, i get ALOT of discharge, that is egg- white, somtimes with a bit of a yellowish tint, and no spotting.
139 days ago
got 3-6 months on the test, can someone estimate me please?
hair: tiny bit greasier
armpit hair: blond and wispy, barely any at all, peach fuzz.
breasts: stage 3, been developing for almost 2 years.
arm hair: blond, long, but super super thin, barely noticible.
bloating: yep, and lot of it too, every night and usually lots threw out the day.
cramps: No, maybe small pains down there, but no cramps.
partner: OMG, i really feel the need for a crush or partner, but i know mom will not alow it. lol.
age: 11 (turning 12 in january)
mom's age: 13, when she got hers.
pubic hairs: lots, brown and long, starting to curl a bit i think.
leg hairs: a mix of blond and brown, medium-sized hairs.
cravings: OMG, GivE mE cHOcolAt, Or IcE CrEMe, OR BOTH!
moodiness: yep, i always feel angry, or sad for unkwown reasons!
think i mentioned everything, if i did not mention something i probably do not have it! anyway, stay safe and healthy during these times, wish you all the best!
139 days ago
Yes, i was wondering the same thing.