When will YOU start your FIRST period?

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I'm new to having my period so I know what it's like for all you girls out there wanting to know when they'll have they're BIG DAY so I made this.I have done a lot of research and I will try my best to help . don't take the answer too seriously though . If you want a more specific estimation then email me or leave it down in the comments.
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    How old are you?
    How old are you?

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46 days ago
Can someone estimate me, please?

I am 12 years old.

I have a bunch of curly brown hair down there, it reaches down to my thighs and sometimes it shows out of my bathing suit.

I have discharge that covers my underwear and sometimes it is watery and actually leaks through my underwear.

I have long armpit hair that is black and curly even though I am a blonde.

My legs have brown longish hairs that are starting to kinda look like a boy's.

I weigh 72 pounds, but I am thin and short for my age.

I am 4 foot 10, but in the past couple months I was only 4 foot 7.

I am getting way lazier. I used to get up at 6:30 but now I sleep in until eleven.

My cravings are so bad I literally inhale junk food 24/7.

I have spotting, sometimes they are tiny dots and sometimes they are full on reddish-brown streaks.

I have mood swings suuuuper badly. I will go from crying to angry to happy in like one minute.

My breasts are kinda small, only a AA cup and they only sort of show through loose clothes. I think they are stage 3.

I need to shave but my mom says I am too young.

My mom was 11 when she got her first period, but she is not my biological mom, and I don't know about my biological mom.

My hips are widening and I have to say that my waist is getting smaller.

I have cramps below and a bit above or at my belly button, and sometimes they can be light, and sometimes they hurt super bad.

Also my breasts are super tender.

Also, I get headaches, diahrea, constipation, a bit of lower back pain, some bloating, a bit of acne, really bad BO, night sweats, tiredness, clumsiness, sometimes migraines, shortness of breath, hoarse voice, I am going to the bathroom way more, I have oily skin and hair, my eczema is worse, forgetfulness, irritation, brain fog, indecisiveness, insomnia, defensiveness, stubbornness, and some breast swelling. (These are all symptoms of PMS.)

Please write back soon, thank you.
48 days ago
Can someone estimate me? 😃

I am 12 years old, turning 13 in November
I have lots of curly and dark hair down there but not full amount.
I had only one drop of discharge once.
I have some curly hair at my armpits.
I have a little hair on my legs that are getting more noticeable.
I weigh 53 kg. ( 114 pounds I think)
My height is 174 cm.
I am kind of lazy
I crave junk food all the time
Spotting: no
Mood: In general I am calm, but sometimes I get angry over small things
My breasts are kind of big, I wear an A bra.

Most quizzes tell me I will get it in 5-8 months.

( sorry for my bad English 💖)
85 days ago
1 month?
197 days ago
Hi! Could someone estimate me please?

Age: a little over 13
Weight: around 100 pounds
Height: 5’2’’
Breast: 3 out of 5
Pubic hair: mostly full, bushy, curly spreads thighs to thigh
Armpit hair: dark brown, large amount, starting to curl, have to shave every couple days.
Arm and leg hair: a lot of blonde hair like my head. Don’t have to shave a lot since it will always be blonde
Discharge: Medium amount of it clear, watery, get it every day. Had it for over a year
Hips: pretty wide
Mood: moody, the smallest of things made me upset 2/7 days a week
Spotting: I had 3 small dots of blood that were smaller than a dot of pencil... I think it is spotting
Age of Mom when she got first period: 14
Cramps: none I Don’t think. I could be mistaking them for indigestion
Cravings: Not sure because I always eat like this LOL
Other symptoms: indigestion frequently, very tired recently and lazy.
I have taken so many quizzes about this they all said anywhere from now-6 months. Usually saying 2 months or less. Someone please estimate me!! I feel like commenting is more effective than taking a quiz that is not that personalized. Some are but some aren’t. Thanks!
197 days ago
Amanda.... I would give you 0-2months..... get ready gurl
229 days ago
oh and also my breast are really big. they are round and i wear a real big bra. I feel my breast grew over that one week of Brown discharge cause my mum is getting me a much more bigger bra tomorrow. I feel really tired everyday
229 days ago
someone pls estimate me. I am eleven and i will be twelve on June. I started developing breast two years ago. pubic hair a year and half. acne a couple around my face. I have been having cramps about four days a week and trust me it is really painful. I weigh 56 pounds. my two sisters started theirs age eleven and twelve. I have been having 💝l discharge for four to seven months. I have it everyday. I have hairs getting noticeable on my legs and on my armpit a little. I have had hair on my 💝 for about two years. I have pms symptoms like upper leg ache., cramps, 💝l discharge and headaches. also last week I had Brown discharge for six or seven days. was that my first period.
301 days ago
Amy!! You are getting there for sure. Not all girls have cramps before their first period(or ever) and you might be one of them. It’s the same with spotting. If a girl has cramps and/or spotting, it’s always easy to say they’re very close. But with you, I can only say probably in the next 6 months.
324 days ago
Can someone estimate me
Age 11 My mum got it when she was 12
Weight 49kg
Breasts Stage 3 triangles but rounding out I wear I training bra but I need a proper one
Hair pubic hair dark but thin starting to curl covers most of it had it for 6-8months armpit hair blond wispy hairs starting to turn brown had it 3ish months
Discharge: Everyday alot watery/egg whites I don't really know how long I've had it it I think maybe 3+ months
Growth spurt I'm in one now at beginning of the year I was 4,11 now I'm 5,3
Cramps no
Definitely very moody tired lazy and alot of cravings
A couple pimples
No spotting
Very tender breast I almost cry when I touch them
No spotting
325 days ago
Joy, I think you have anywhere from a few weeks to a couple of months!
327 days ago
Can someone estimate me? Please respond as soon as possible

Age: 11, 12 in march (Mom was 12 and a half)
Weight: 85 lbs
Breasts: stage 3, I wear a 30A (They're more rounded triangles but still small?)
hair: Pubic hair (Dark, coarse, 1yr) armpit hair (Peach fuzz 8months)
Discharge: Egg white, thick, and very stretchy (8 months - 1 year) I get it every day
Mood: I've been moodier, thats what my mom said.. And my dad...
BO: i need deodorant. End of discussion.

Pms signs:
Not really, just cravings, and moodswings

Other things:
Appetite changed
Grew 2 inches in 5 months
I gained 10 pounds in 3 months
More growing pains (The feeling of your leg stretching?)
No cramps, acne, or spotting
Ty!! My mom was talking about buying me period underwear so I think she thinks I'll get mt period soon
332 days ago
im 10 turing 11 in 6 months, I started 2 years ago, I'm growing armpit hair i have hair down there, I have cramps every week, I have cravings, i have frequent headaches, my Breast Size is a 2 going on 3 in porbaly 3 months.
333 days ago
@Jessie, I think that you have a few more months to go! Also, do you have any cramping in your lower stomach? If you have lot of cramping, that's a sign your first period might be coming.
334 days ago
Can someone estimate me please?
I’m 14 y/o
Mom was 14 when she got hers
I have some pimples
Spotted once
Been in puberty for 3+ years
Got a lot pubic and underarm hair
🐤 stage 3-4
I am wearing a A-cup bra
Have discharge everyday, white
337 days ago
@Jasmin thank you so much!
338 days ago
Id say 8-12 months for anonymous user. And Isabel, it’s a bit interesting you spotted but are not developed in other places. Are you completely sure you had blood or was it just a cut on your leg?
338 days ago
Can someone do me? I'm 13 years old, just turned 13 like a 1-2 weeks ago. My breast stage is at about stage 1-2 I think? My breasts only started growing last winter. I have some hair down there, it's about a cm long, and dark (not curled).
I've been getting so much discharge everyday now, discharge started in June 2020. My discharge is white and watery. I have 2-3 armpit hairs, so faint and soft though, they started growing in August. I'm 5'0 and weight about 75-77 lbs.
I've been having bad mood swings, but I've been irritable since I was in 3rd grade soo....
My mom got hers when she was 11-12.
338 days ago
@Isabelle you probably have 1+ years. Enjoy childhood while you can!
338 days ago
@whyamihere you probably have 2-5 months
343 days ago
No growth spurt
Height 5,11
Weight 92