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I'm Addison! A question that pops in many girls head during puberty is "When will I get my first period?". This test will determine approximately when you'll start menstruating!

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    How old are you?
    How old are you?

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@Anonymous 2980, do you have discharge? if so how long have you had it for
8 days ago
Can you help? this is my stats
Spotting: once, pink substance that saw
Acne: Pre menstrual spots
Hair: Halfway there in the curing stage
Subliminal usage: I'm listening to one now
PMS Symptoms: Spotting, spots, headaches, cramps, bloating, emotional rollercoaster
Age :10 years
Can you help me?
9 days ago
angel! you will probably get it in like 5 months to 2 yrs. bye love ya :]
9 days ago
hi lily! im pretty sure you can say💝since its not a swear word. bye :]
9 days ago
hi angel. i know you said that they shouldnt have a girlfreind cux their nine and their a girl so im guessing their either bi les or something (good 4 you!) but i had a boyfriend when i was 5. we used to go on recess dates and hold hsnds. oh to be young
16 days ago
Angel, you may have it in 5-8 months, I am no expert, but based on your info, I can say that you will get it around that time
23 days ago
@liz you have a girlfriend and your 9?!?!?!
23 days ago
Hi!! Can someone estimate me??
I have posted this like 3 times and nobody has responded tome at all but other girls are getting estimated. Please estimate me. Sorry if I was rude.

Age: 11

Height: 5ft 1. (154 centimeters)

Weight: 122 pounds (55 kilograms)

My moms 1st period age: 13 or 14


Pubic hair: A LOT

Armpit: I can see it when I use roll on deodorant

Leg/Arm: leg is darker and I can feel it. My arms I can feel it and see it as well.

No discharge yet!!😭

Mood swings every day!!😡😁😭

Body odor: I have been using deodorant since 2nd grade (I think I started puberty the summer before second grade) since then I use deodorant morning and night

Breast stage: stage 4 going to 5

Cravings: rarely but I still get them

Lots of acne!!

Thank you so much!!
25 days ago
oh, i forgot about cravings
cravings: food. now.
25 days ago
i keep getting 5-8 months but im only 9 years + 11 months!!
anyways, can someone estimate me?
Age: 9 BUT 10 in 1 month
Height: About 4'6 (idk but im 136cm)
Weight: about 67pounds (28 kg?)
My mums period: 12 My cousins period: 11
Signs: Pub1c hair: blonde for now
Armpit hair: I cant see any, but i see LOTS of little black hairs on my deodorant.
Leg hair: some blonde hairs :)
Discharge : one time, about 2w ago and white, average i think? (white, large-ish blob)

mood swings like crazy + lots of panic/anxiety attacks
body odour: i have to apply deodorant 2 times an hour in the summer. WHEN DOING NOTHING!!
chest stage: 2 i think!
no acne yet
crush/bf/gf: i have a gf + crush! (gonna break up w/ my gf bc i dont really love her anymore)
Cramps: LOTS. might not be period related tho

thats all , have a good day!
29 days ago
Hi!! Can someone estimate me???

Age: 11

Height: 5ft 1 (154 centimeters)

Weight: 122 pounds (55 kilograms)

My moms 1st period age: 13 or 14


Pubic hair: A LOT

Armpit hair: smallest amount

Leg hair: darker and more visible

No discharge but I always see brown lines/dots near where my 💗 is

Mood swings every day!!

Body odor: I have been using deodorant since 2nd grade

Breast stage: stage 4 going to 5

Cravings: rarely but I still get them

Lots of acne!! Random breakouts

Crush: YUP!😍 big one!!

Cramps: not often but I still get them once in a while

Thank you so much!!
31 days ago
@katelyn 5-8 months maybe?
46 days ago
Can I please be estimated?
Breasts: Between stage 4 and 5
Discharge: A fair amount
Mom’s age: 13
Pubic hair: Dark and curly, had it since I was eight
My age: 10 and 3/4
Cramps: Random nights
Height: 5”4
Armpit hair: FULL BUSHH!
Cravings: “24/7, 365!” (As told by meilin lee)
Mood swings: Yup.
Crush: Big crush
Weight: 90 ish? (Probably lower)
Body odor: I’ve needed deodorant since I was eight
Puberty: Started when I was eight
Spotting: None
HELP ME OUT! I want to be prepared for the school year.
48 days ago
Probably 0-3 monthes!! Congrats!
64 days ago
Can someone estimate me?

Breasts: stage 3 (not cup but large training bra

Discharge: a lot, clear and sticky, everyday

Mom's age: 12 or 13

My age currently: 12

Public hair: lots, dark and curly, had it for a year or more

Cramps: I think I had cramps once, idk though

Armpit hair: light brown, not that much

Leg hair: blonde but getting more noticable

Body odor: I NEED DEODORANT 24/7

Height: 5 foot

CRAVINGS: sometimes

Mood Swings: sometimes, I can't control if I start crying

CRusH: no crush, but I do feel like I need one

Weight: 110 pounds I think

Spotting: maybe once,idk

72 days ago
Can someone estimate me?

Breasts: stage 3-4
Discharge: a lot, brownish reddish, everyday
Mom's age: 14
My age currently: 11
Public hair: i need to shave every month
Cramps: every week or sometimes 3 times a week
Armpit hair: not that much
Leg hair: getting more noticable
Body odor: I NEED DEODORANT 24/7
Height: 5"2
Mood Swings: one moment im laughing with ma besties, next im crying over one piece of chocolate that fell on the floor
Weight: 70-75 sm
Spotting: more that three times

Any Questions?

78 days ago
Estimate plz!
Breasts: in stage 3 I wear a big training bra
Discharge: plenty of goopy light yellow I need panty liners
Body odor: so help me god I have really been needing deodorant😭
Pubic hair: black and curly
Pit hair: feels like a peach
Age: 11
Moms age: 17 but I am 1000% wayyy more developed than she was she had no symptoms like me until she was 13
Height: 5,1
Weight: around 85- 95 lb (lol I haven’t been to the doctor in awhile)
Cravings: gimme a 🧁 or I’ll chuck you out the window
Mood swings: I’m crying cuz my mom didnt get me the right pizza
Thank you!
101 days ago
info 4 u

puberty stage:3
wants period:yes of course
mood swings:one minute im happy next im sad
B.O:im deadly
cravings:gimmie a dounut or ill kill you
pit hiar. a little bit of dark hair
hair u know where:medium amount stright and dark and curly in some places
sweat: like a fricking slime pit
thighs/hips:no gap when i sit/big boyz
weight:161 lbs.
hair:somewhat greasy
height:5'1 and a half
shoe size:9
breast stage:3
puberty time:3 years
moms:1 year younger
104 days ago
This is the info broken down
Age: 11 (12 in 23 days)
Weight: 80 lbs
Hair: so greasy
Acne: nose
How long I have been in puberty: 2 years
Breast development: stage 4
Armpit hair: getting darker and curlier
Hips: curvy 99%
Pubic hair: pretty dark and curly
Foot size: 7 1/2-8
Thighs: no gap when I sit down
Cravings: 24/7 no break
Mood swings: yes about every 30 seconds I feel
Cramps: yes every day
B.O: I have to put deodorant on like so many times (like GuRl)
Dreams about getting first period: yes
Discharge: yes
Spotting: a little
When mom got hers: close to my age
Laziness: 100% 24-7
Breasts tenderness: yes
104 days ago
Ok so the emoji randomly in the middle of a statement is because it is supposed to say "cr ap" sorry I wrote it like that but otherwise this thing was gonna bleep me out. Bye love you.