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I'm Addison! A question that pops in many girls head during puberty is "When will I get my first period?". This test will determine approximately when you'll start menstruating!

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    How old are you?
    How old are you?

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20 hours ago
Thanks hi I appreciate it
Hi meep I would say that u might start between 3-7months but u could start before just sit down and have a talk with ur mum if u haven’t already
3 days ago
This is really sad I come here every night just to see if I will catch up to my friends.... someone estimate me

Âge: 11

Started puberty: Yeah for about 7 months to a year

Pubic Hair: yes starting to curl had it for like half a year

Underarm hair: long and dark

Arm and leg hair: idk I shave lol

Discharge: a little bit, whitish/yellow, for like 2-6 months

Breasts: stage 3-4

Cramps: yes, but not all the time and not that bad

Growth spurt: How would I know?!

Acne: idk why but all I have are random bumps on my nose and jawline

Height: 4 “8” in short as frick

Do I wear a bra: Yes a training bra. Sometimes one of those really small padded ones

Hips: wierd lumps sooo wierdddd

Foot size: Uk 5

Mood swings: LOADS

B.O: Yup I use deodorant. I is STANKY

Spotting: nope.

When mom got hers: 12

Breast tenderness: not that much

Want to my period: yeass real bad

Weight: I’m overweight I’m like 45 kg

Where in puberty: The middle

Thank you Anonymous (87419) I used your question thing

Pls someone estimate meh :) thanks
8 days ago
Thank u soooooo much tamera! That helps a lot!
13 days ago
Alllllll my friends have started even ones who started puberty a lot later then me
14 days ago
Dear anonymous, I forgot to mention this but its really handy to keep a period kit in your bag just in case it comes suddenly!
Things I recommend
•Pads (ofc at least 3-4)
•Body mist (dont spray it near your v@gin@)
•Spare underwear
•pain killers
•and a little snack like chocolate in case you feel unwell
14 days ago
Am i the only one that goes here every night just to talk to someone about girl problems?Lol im really lonely
14 days ago
Anonymous in my opinion about 6-12months
I know it seems like your period is on its way because you’ve started growing but i was an early bloomer and i haven’t started!
But remember everyones body works different
15 days ago
ur welcome! And if you don't mind could u estimate me? mines just higher than urs.
15 days ago
It feels so nice to finally talk about puberty where I won't be judged
15 days ago
Thanks anonymous!!!
16 days ago
Age: 15
Hello? Period where r u
17 days ago
17 days ago
Btw it’s a padded training bra that I wear
17 days ago
Tamera I’m only 10 but in my opinion I think anywhere between 6 and 12 months!
17 days ago
Âge: 10

Started puberty: Yes for about 6 months to a year.

Pubic hair: a fair bit for about a year.

Underarm hair: tiny blonds for about a few months.

Arm and leg hair: loads of it since I was born lol

Discharge: a little bit, clear/whitish, for a few weeks

Breasts: stage 2-3

Cramps: yes, but not too painful 😖

Growth spurt: about 2+ inches in a year.

Period: No! Why do u think I’m doing this.

Acne: a little bit

Height: 4 “10”

Do I wear a bra: Yes a training bra.

Hips: Not really curving yet.

Foot size: 4

Mood swings: Eh a little

B.O: Yup I use deodorant.

Spotting: nope.

When mom got hers: 13

Breast tenderness: They hurt a lot to touch.

Dreams to get my period: Every night since I learned about periods.

Weight: 80lbs

Where in puberty: The middle

17 days ago
Can someone estimate me?
20 days ago
Age:11 (twelve in 7 months)
Height: around 5’3
Weight: idk but im overweight 😒😢
Discharge: Im not sure if this counts as discharge but when i check my underwear they’re more brownish so i change them twice a day
Mood:Not really a change but im starting to feel more angry about little things and i tend to leave things to the last minute
Pubic hair: i got it around 2 years ago
Breasts: stage 2 not really sore anymore but i used to have alot of pain around them
Acne: not alot of acne but there’s a generous amount
Cramps: yesterday i had really painful cramps so bad that i laid on the floor crying🥲
Btw most quizzes say about 2-5months
27 days ago
Age: 12 (13 in 2 months)
Height: around 4’9" - 4’10"
Weight: not sure, last time I checked just over 30 kilos
Hair: really greasy
Acne: chin, forehead and a little bit on one cheek
Started puberty: 2 years ago
Breast development: stage 3/4
Armpit hair: black starting to curl (really thick)
Hips: started to fill out about a year ago
Mood swings: CRAZY
emotional for no reason: all the time
Cravings: a lot!!
Laziness: SO TIRED
Mum got hers: 12/13
Pubic hair: really thick and curly, not a bush yet
Cramps: sometimes
Discharge: i have to wear liners, cream/yellow
Breast tenderness: sore to touch
Spotting: once, yesterday
B/O: have to put on deodorant twice a day
Dreams: no??
Thighs: phat, no gap when i sit down
Hands: swollen af
Foot size: 4
29 days ago
Age: 12 (13 in 4 months)
Height: 4' 11"
Weight: 80 lbs
Hair: so greasyy
Acne: nose, chin, hairline
How long I have been in puberty: 2 years
Breast development: stage 4-5
Armpit hair: black, curly asf
Hips: curvy 99%
Pubic hair: a bush
Foot size: 7 1/2-8
Thighs: no gap when I sit down
Cravings: yes yes yes (increased over the past 2 weeks)
Mood swings: yes about every 30 minures
Cramps: yes everyday
B.O: I have to put deodarent 4 times per day
Dreams about getting first period: yes
Discharge: yes
Spotting: yes
When mom got hers: 12
Laziness: 100%
Breasts tenderness: yh