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I'm Addison! A question that pops in many girls head during puberty is "When will I get my first period?". This test will determine approximately when you'll start menstruating!

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    How old are you?
    How old are you?

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27 days ago
You seem really close! Congrats!undefined
I'd say 6 months or less-
But I'm not an expert
45 days ago
I have a boyfriend and I am Year 7
45 days ago
Hello! Can someone estimate me?
Height: 153 cm
My moms 1st period: IDK
Pubic Hair: A lot,
Armpit hair: None
Leg Hair: Full like a teenage boys‘
Discharge: DAILY THICK
Mood swings: Daily
Body Odor: Yes but only when I don’t out deodorant on.
Breast stage: 4-5
Cravings: Daily
Pimples or Acne: A bit
Cramps: Sometimes
103 days ago
@Zoe, you got this! I got the same result. Mine’s defo coming in 5 mo.
127 days ago
I have had discharge for two years now, breasts and hair (pubic and underarm) has been growing for about five years, I am 13 and still no period. My mum got hers when she was 11. I feel like it should have happened by now so idk.
127 days ago
Mine will be in 2-5 months 😭
142 days ago
Hi guys I'm back does anyone need help?😊
142 days ago
We all are nervous/ excited for our periods but chill out ok.😊🤣 Your first period is just spotting for a few days. If you have noticed spotting/pinkish brown discharge then it's only a few days. I'm 13 and very excited. My mom got hers in March when she was almost 14 and on this I got 2-5 months. Stay safe and be prepared ❤️. Be strong girls 😆😁
143 days ago
2-5 months!! im almost 12 and my mom got hers at 14..HELPPPP
148 days ago
When do you think I'm gonna get my period I'm 10
Tender Breast food craving pubic hair very hairy legs moody very tired
My mom had hers at 10-11
155 days ago
Hi carol!
I agree, i was around 80lbs-ish when i first got mine, it really depends on your bmi, your mums age when she got it and your development
174 days ago
u dont have to be 100 pounds to get it, im 83 pounds and i have mine :)
178 days ago
I'm 11 and I think I'm going to get my period soon

Age 11
Having cramp,tinder breasts, some pimples on my face,food cravings.
My mom's age was around 12
Height is is 5,3yes growth spurts
Idk weight
Pubic hair a lot
Leg hair much
Mood swings yes
And discharge EVERY day some spotting too. Pls tell me when I gonna get my period.
218 days ago
material gworl- maybe about 2months to 1 year:)
218 days ago
Hello! Can someone estimate me?
Height: ‚bout 150 cm
Weight: 135 kg
My moms 1st period: 14 ( lol )
Pubic Hair: A lot,
Armpit hair: Starting to curl
Leg Hair: Full like a teenage boys‘
Mood swings: Daily, randomly cry at the most embarrassing places😢
Body Odor: ( I don‘t use deodorant but I smell like a pig even after doing NOTHING )
Breast stage: 4-5
Cravings: Daily
Pimples or Acne: SO MUCH
Cramps: DAILY
Tysm! Good night y‘all
220 days ago
I’m having a lot of symptoms of it my period coming soon and I’m around the same age as my mom but I’m only 77-82 pounds and Ik your supposed to be 100 pounds is it possible to get it even tho I’m on average 80 pounds I’ve been getting a lot of brown discharge lately to someone pls tell me
242 days ago
Jade, I'm not a doctor or anything, but your probably gonna get your period soon. Max is probably 3 months, although you may get it after, not likely.
242 days ago
Can someone estimate me?
Weight:around 60-70 pounds, I’m skinny
Height:4’3, experienced one or two growth spurts recently.
Mom’s age when she got hers:11
Pub1c hair:long, curly, dark
Acne:just a few bumps, and a small pimple on my nose
Crush status:huge crush
Spotting:bright red!
Leg hair:darker and noticeable
PMS symptoms:Bloating, spotting, cramping, headaches, emotional roller coaster,
242 days ago
I got 2-5 months, I’ve had so many symptoms for a while now. I’m 10 my mom got hers at 11. I’m really nervous about it, I’M UNPREPARED! IDK WHERE ANY PADS ARE! I ALREADY SPOTTED LAST MONTH! :(
256 days ago
I got 2-5 months! I'm ridiculously excited for my period 😂