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I'm Addison! A question that pops in many girls head during puberty is "When will I get my first period?". This test will determine approximately when you'll start menstruating!

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    How old are you?
    How old are you?

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109 days ago
Can someone estimate me?

Breasts: stage 3 (not cup but large training bra

Discharge: a lot, clear and sticky, everyday

Mom's age: 12 or 13

My age currently: 12

Public hair: lots, dark and curly, had it for a year or more

Cramps: I think I had cramps once, idk though

Armpit hair: light brown, not that much

Leg hair: blonde but getting more noticable

Body odor: I NEED DEODORANT 24/7

Height: 5 foot

CRAVINGS: sometimes

Mood Swings: sometimes, I can't control if I start crying

CRusH: no crush, but I do feel like I need one

Weight: 110 pounds I think

Spotting: maybe once,idk

116 days ago
Can someone estimate me?

Breasts: stage 3-4
Discharge: a lot, brownish reddish, everyday
Mom's age: 14
My age currently: 11
Public hair: i need to shave every month
Cramps: every week or sometimes 3 times a week
Armpit hair: not that much
Leg hair: getting more noticable
Body odor: I NEED DEODORANT 24/7
Height: 5"2
Mood Swings: one moment im laughing with ma besties, next im crying over one piece of chocolate that fell on the floor
Weight: 70-75 sm
Spotting: more that three times

Any Questions?

123 days ago
Estimate plz!
Breasts: in stage 3 I wear a big training bra
Discharge: plenty of goopy light yellow I need panty liners
Body odor: so help me god I have really been needing deodorant😭
Pubic hair: black and curly
Pit hair: feels like a peach
Age: 11
Moms age: 17 but I am 1000% wayyy more developed than she was she had no symptoms like me until she was 13
Height: 5,1
Weight: around 85- 95 lb (lol I haven’t been to the doctor in awhile)
Cravings: gimme a 🧁 or I’ll chuck you out the window
Mood swings: I’m crying cuz my mom didnt get me the right pizza
Thank you!
146 days ago
info 4 u

puberty stage:3
wants period:yes of course
mood swings:one minute im happy next im sad
B.O:im deadly
cravings:gimmie a dounut or ill kill you
pit hiar. a little bit of dark hair
hair u know where:medium amount stright and dark and curly in some places
sweat: like a fricking slime pit
thighs/hips:no gap when i sit/big boyz
weight:161 lbs.
hair:somewhat greasy
height:5'1 and a half
shoe size:9
breast stage:3
puberty time:3 years
moms:1 year younger
148 days ago
This is the info broken down
Age: 11 (12 in 23 days)
Weight: 80 lbs
Hair: so greasy
Acne: nose
How long I have been in puberty: 2 years
Breast development: stage 4
Armpit hair: getting darker and curlier
Hips: curvy 99%
Pubic hair: pretty dark and curly
Foot size: 7 1/2-8
Thighs: no gap when I sit down
Cravings: 24/7 no break
Mood swings: yes about every 30 seconds I feel
Cramps: yes every day
B.O: I have to put deodorant on like so many times (like GuRl)
Dreams about getting first period: yes
Discharge: yes
Spotting: a little
When mom got hers: close to my age
Laziness: 100% 24-7
Breasts tenderness: yes
148 days ago
Ok so the emoji randomly in the middle of a statement is because it is supposed to say "cr ap" sorry I wrote it like that but otherwise this thing was gonna bleep me out. Bye love you.
148 days ago
Hey, ok so
I am 11, but I will be 12 in like 23 days (yay)
My mom said she got hers around my age
I am always craving food (ALWAYS)🍔
I have an average amount of "public hair"
My leg hair is getting pretty dark and curly, but not too obvious (you know can't be having too much leg hair) and my mom said she would get me a razor soon
I am about 5'4 or 5'5 (people always say "I remember when you were so little and now your so big" and👮like that)
I have been getting TERRIBLE cramps for OVER a year.
My doctor said last march my period was gonna come soon
I feel like I am gonna punch someone one moment and cry the next as far as mood swings go
I have been getting discharge since I started puberty (2 years ago)
The test results said 0-2 months
Honestly, I'm kind of excited
Wish me luck!🤗
160 days ago
Mine said 0-2 months-
Age-I’m not gonna say but it’s around my moms age
Pubic hair- full bush from thigh to thigh
Leg hair- starting to curl and getting a bit darker
I’m pretty sure I stink lol
Cravings- I will get in a fist fight over a crumb of chocolate not gonna lie
Height- I’m 5’3 (tall for my age)
Acne- help I’m being attacked
Discharge- I get clear watery discharge every day
Cramps- they are AWFUL
I’m super moody
I started puberty 2 years ago
And I’m looking forward to getting my period!
Do you think I’ll get it soon?
162 days ago
Still me I am back!

I have brown curly hair down their
My pits smell really bad I have to use like 10 - 20 swipes of deodorant (I have brown / black armpit hair)
I get food cravings for 🍫 (lots of chocolate)
I am 5ft talk
I have acne under my lip (lots of it) and pimples once in a while
I really want my period

162 days ago
Please estimate me

I am 11 and 3 months.
I get discharge every day it is sticky and yellow
I am at state 4 - 5 with my breasts
I weigh between 85 - 95 pounds
I get cramps almost every day
I am very very moody one minute I am happy the next I am crying my eyes out
I get headaches 3 - 5 day each week
My sister is 2 years older than me she is 13 she started purberty when she was 11 and I started when I was 8 - 9 gtg
162 days ago
I got 2 - 5 months and I am only 11 should I be worried?????
162 days ago
I got 5-8 months MY MOM DONT KNOW
186 days ago
Heh I'm a sasquatch you think yours is bad XDD
186 days ago
Also I literally feel like an ape but my mom won't let me get a razor to shave, and I got 2-5 months.
186 days ago
Please estimate!
I am 11, 12 in 4 months.
My mom got hers a month after she turned 12
I feel like I could beat up everyone that gets in my way
one moment and I'm crying over my stomach hurting a tiny bit the next.
I have off white discharge everyday
I am at stage 4 with my breasts
I get headaches at least 6 days a week
I feel like I could get it really soon and all my friends have their periods.
Also, I feel like I've been getting little signs from the universe or something telling me that I'm starting it soon because last week I saw a pad wrapper on the ground at recess and when I was going in from recess today I saw a tampon flung into a tree (I DONT KNOW EITHER). So yea.
186 days ago
Can anyone estimate me pls: I'm 11 and 3 months old.
My mom got hers when she was 11-12 (she didn't know exactly)
I get discharge everyday and I wear pantyliners. It's A LOT and it's color is whitish yellow but sometimes it's clear.
I weigh between 83-95 pounds (I don't exactly know)
I get cramps about every 2-3 weeks and they last anywhere from 10-30 minutes and when I get them they aren't UNBEARABLE but definitely painful.
I get mood swings about 4/6 times a week.
I get headaches a lot now.
I get food cravings a lot. ( Was never a chocolate person but.. PUT THAT CHOCOLATE BAR DOWN IT'S MINE)
My breasts are pointy and at stage 3 of development.
My breasts are EXTREMELY sore it hurts to touch them.
I have a thigh to thigh full bush down there.(o-o)
I have a lot of leg hair and lots of armpit hair. (my armpit hair is dark and starting to curl)
I started puberty about a year ago.
I'm like 4'9-4'11 (not sure)
I'm bloating a lot :(
I get pimples sometimes. (I have like 4 on my face right now)
And I think that's it! Please estimate me!
188 days ago
You should get a pantyliner if the discharge leaks through your underwear

I got mine when I was 11!
188 days ago
I know this is personal so pls only answer if u feel comfortable but when did u get ur period? It’d help me to know when’s normal coz i just got spotting also pls don’t ignore my twin India’s question
188 days ago
Guys should i wear a pantyliner, i get discharge and so much its like paint🤮
189 days ago
yasss i got 2-5 months!!