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I'm Addison! A question that pops in many girls head during puberty is "When will I get my first period?". This test will determine approximately when you'll start menstruating!

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    How old are you?
    How old are you?

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247 days ago
I've been in puberty for 4 years, I've had discharge for 2, I've had all the signs for over a year now, and pretty much all my freinds have it 😭
260 days ago
I get what u mean @carolyn all my friends have ot too and I feel left out but also I bet its annoying
260 days ago
Also I got 2 to 5 months on most quizzes including this one
260 days ago
Hiiiiii. I would like an estimate please!
So I'm 12 will be 13 in a few months. My mum was 12 when she got hers and my older sister was 13. I have a lot of pms symptoms but I keep forgetting them so hopefully I remember lol
Discharge heaps every day.
Cramps sometimes not too bad.
My beasts are like the end of stage 3 I think.
I get headaches and dizziness a fair bit.
Pubic hair yes not full yet but getting there.
Arm/leg hair brown getting more noticeable.
Armpit hair just coming thru still blonde.
Hips wide ish.
Sweat yep I wear deodorant.
Crush yes but he likes some one else🥲
Acne/pimples yeah a bit.

Starting puberty like 2 or 3 years ago. I get leg aches all the time I think it's growing pains. I weigh about 34 kilograms and I'm about 145 cm having a growth spurt rn tho.
Oh and cravings all the time I'm 90% sugar lol. A bit of bloating and constipation too. That's all I can think off estimate me please!
261 days ago
I’ve had discharge for almost a year 😭 I have all Pms symptoms and i’m Excited for my . So I can stop worrying about it as much, basically all my friends have it and it 🚔to be so far behind 💀
267 days ago
:)), i havent gotten my period. so i dont know much about it. but my mother being a doctor, i know some things, and having lots of pms symptoms myself, i think you will get your period in 1-3 months! maybe less, or maybe more, since every body has it's own schedule! good luck!!!
271 days ago
i got 2 months at most:

i’m 12 and 4-5 months
my mum got hers at 12 or 13
my 🍒 are round, teardrop and only my nipples stick up
my down there hair is rlly dark and super curly
my armpit hair is dark and curly but i shave
my leg and arm hair is like a lightish brown coz i’m blonde and it’s kinda wavy like my hair
i get loads of cramps all the time
i get discharge daily and it’s gooey
sometimes i get spotting
i’ve had a period once before quite a while ago and i take quizzes every few months and last time was about 2 months ago and it said like 2 months and this one said 0-2 months can someone tell me how close they think i am :)
290 days ago
I got 2-5 months my mom got hers at my age I’m 10 she was 10 what should I do
294 days ago
Seems accurate. I’m 10 my mum got hers at 11 I have no discharge/spotting my breasts stage 3 almost fully developed hair in each place I got 5-8 months
301 days ago
Im 14 and tall 5'7 and 100lbs. Between a stage 2 and 3. Discharge daily no spotting no cramps. it said 5 months or sooner.
307 days ago
Bethany Leatherman i feel you, same thing like exactly… I NEED MY PERIOD NOWWWWWW!!!!
307 days ago
My mom was 14 when she got hers i am 10 she says all the gymnastics probably slowed down the process. Every quiz i take (i am obsessed and bored) points to less than a year. 4 years seem off, right.
308 days ago
my result was 2 to 5 months and I REALLLLLLYYYY BADLY WANT MY PERIOD!!! respond to this if u want your period or got the same result :)
338 days ago
@Anna, I believe that would be your period.
340 days ago
My mom was 14 when she got hers. I’m 12 and all these quizzes point to 6 months. Is there a problem with me? 2 years younger seems off…
347 days ago
@Anna C I'd say you'll get it in 0-3 months!
349 days ago
So I am having soooooo many cramps and it is super sharp pain my discharge is thick and gooy right now I am crying for no reason and I am always more full of emotions and I am a Capricorn (they hide all there emotions verry well) my face has not much acne normally but I also have a face wash a cream and something else to stop acne but I was not using it for two days and now I have 5 pimples and I thought that I had freckles on my nose but it was just a lot of black heads I have a huge crush and a little spotting and lower back pain and I reallllllllyyyyyuuuuu want my period like GIMMMMMME I am only 10 but my mom and sister where 9
362 days ago
Hi pls can I have an estimation??

Age: nearly 12 1/2

Height: 5'9

Weight: around 126lbs

Discharge: only had it 1 or 2 times but was kinda watery and whiteish ig

Hair down there: dark, becoming curly

Arm and leg hair: a mix of dark and light, but I shave so kinda hard to tell lol

Armpit hair: dark, becoming curly, once again i shave so hard to tell.

Cramps: 3-4 times within the last 4 months, sharp pains.

Lower back pains: 3-4 times within the last 4 months.

🍒: Small, Sorta raised, nipples raised and larger than used to be

Pimples: maybe 3-4 spots on face every 2 months? Got two yesterday but seem more red and sore than any before.

Cravings: unsure, but definitely always feel like chocolate lol!!

Moodswings: unsure but definitely keep crying and getting angry for no reason rly!!

Pls help!!!!
I am dying to get it all my friends have it!!
381 days ago
I got 2 months at most and im 12!! I WANT MY PERIOD SOOOO FREAKING BAD!!!!!
389 days ago
i've been tracking for about 2 years and Oh god there's hair everywhere