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My name is Christina and I help a lot of you in the comments. feel free to comment under here and I can estimate you:)

  • 1
    How old are you?
  • 2
    What bra size are you
  • 3
    Describe the hair down there!

  • 4
    How much do you weigh? (in pounds)
  • 5
    Are your hips wide?
  • 6

  • 7
    When did your mom get her period
  • 8
    Any brown discharge recently (i mean a lot of it not just a speck)
  • 9
    Do you have armpit hair
  • 10
    Do you play sports, work out, or exercise a lot?

  • 11
    Would you say your over or under weight compared to girls in your grade?
  • 12
    How tall are you? in feet and inches.
  • 13
    Would you say your body is mainly muscle or body fat?

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49 days ago
Disharge: Dry and flakey/ egg-white
Pubic hair: long brown strand/ curling
Pits: small blond hairs
Weight: 67 lbs
Height: almost 5' i think
Age: 12
Mom got hers at 13
Crush: I have a small crush on a friend :) :) :)
Breast: stage 3
Moody: Every now and then
Acne: could i have more.
Spotting: non
PMS signs: Moddy, disharge, lower abdomen cramps, CRAVING LIKE CRAZY

also this is not accurate :)
205 days ago
Discharge: a lot for about 8 months (maybe a bit more) a lot of white stringy discharge
Pubic hair: very dark black hairs a little bit curly
Pit hairs: dark dark brown pretty curly
Weight 95
Height: 4.11 feet
Acne: maybe like 1? But I use face wash
Age: 11 (3 months till 12)
Momma got hers: 12
Crush: I have a huge crush
Bust: Stage 3 (think I’m a a-b cup but rn I wear a trainer bra)
Cramps: have a fair amount for about 8 months
Moody: I have crazy mood swings
Spotting: none but the other day there was the smallest amount of blood like smaller then a dot of pencil
Pms signs: diarrhea, constipation, headache, cramps, back pain, a few cravings, I think a few more but I can’t remember
Ask if you need any more info!
228 days ago
Im 10 i have to shave down there and arm hair im having extremely bad cramps recently and my hips are quite wide :)
234 days ago
I would say in about 3-4 years. you are in the begging stages of puberty...congrats!:) if you want a personal estimate from me, comment below and I can estimate you!

How tho?
236 days ago
13 is the minimum age you have to be to have any social media. If anyone is has an account before that they lied about their age. So your mom probably doesn’t want you to lie about your age! Or about anything really.
237 days ago
Hey! 🥺🥺🥺 I have a neighbor who my brother plays with-he's nine. He has snapchat! My mom won't even let me have snapchat!!! I'm almost 12!!!! What do I do? (All my friends have snapchat!!)How do I ask my mom with a good chance is yes for snapchat?
237 days ago
Please can I get estimated?
B r e a s t s: Stage 3
Discharge: A lot everyday. Sometimes watery, sometimes egg whites, sometimes yellow, sometimes white.
Spotting: Every 2 weeks but not consecutively.
Pubic hair: Black, long and curly; covers 80% of the area
Underarm hair: Wispy and blonde
Mood swings all the time
Cramps once a week but really painful
Random sharp pains in v a g i n a sometimes?
Age 11 and 4 months
Mom got her's at 12 and 2 months
Have to wash hair everyday or terribly greasy
90 pounds
5 ft
Dark long hairs on legs and arms
Black heads all over nose and chin
Headaches and constipation
Combination skin
Occasional pimples
238 days ago
238 days ago
Go to my quiz! It’s pretty accurate
239 days ago
Not accurate. 3-4 years. I'd be 15! My mom got hers at 12.
240 days ago
241 days ago
242 days ago
I'm sorry but I don't think that this is accurate at all, it's saying 2 to 3 years and all the others say 0-3 months at most. Just trying to help you improve.
242 days ago
Just a tip Christina: a lot of people like the questions to be on separate pages
243 days ago
Can I be estimated please?
breasts: Stage 3.5
Discharge: Brownish but mostly egg white like. Had it for Over a year
Spotting: Occasionally
Mood swings
Cravings gimme the chocolate!!
Horrible cramps!
Very greasy hair and oily skin
Age 12.5
Mom got her's at 11
96.5 pounds
5 ft
Dark curly pubic hair Still some straight ones though
Light brown straight underarm hair
Black hairs on legs and arms
Zits everywhere
Headaches and constipation And diarrhea
243 days ago
Can anyone estimate me?
243 days ago
it's a good quiz but it said 1-2.5 years, and I already have it lol
250 days ago
hi magic luna !! do u wanna give me a discription here? plz include lots of info
250 days ago
Ummm it says 2-3 years and most other quizzes say 0-5 months and I think so too
250 days ago
Great Work on this quiz Christina! :D