When's My First Period Coming?

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Yes ladies, it happens to the best of us...that miraculous time of the month when Aunt Flo comes to visit. She always brings along lots of surprises! Have you been wondering when you might get your first period? Or have you not really given much thought to the subject but now you're curious? If you said yes to either question, this quiz is for you! Take it to find out if your monthly friend might me coming to visit soon.

  • 1
    Welcome to my quiz! To start off, have you noticed yourself getting acne? Large breakouts? More pimples than you ever used to?
  • 2
    How about underarm hair?
  • 3
    Breast stage?

  • 4
    Hair down there?
  • 5
    Have you noticed yourself getting discharge?
  • 6
    Any leg hair?

  • 7
    Have your hips widened?
  • 8
    Have you noticed a growth spurt lately?
  • 9
    How old are you?
  • 10
    What is your bra size?

  • 11
  • 12
    Have you noticed yourself liking boys/girls more than you did before?
  • 13
    How many of these PMS symptoms have you noticed? Cramps, cravings, monthly breakouts, mood swings, spotting
  • 14
    What's your favorite color? (doesn't affect score)
  • 15
    Thanks for taking my quiz! Did you enjoy? (again, doesn't affect your score)

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5 days ago
hi i came back from two months agoo and i’m gonna update
age: 12 (13 in 4 months)
mum got it at 13
i get discharge like every other day now and it’s clear
i’m 4’11 or 5’0
i’m flat lol but they heart when i jump sometimes and if you touch it it hurts a lil
idk my weight
i have pubic hair and it’s been there for like three/two years
lots of leg and arm hair i shaved
i don’t have underarm hair but i see like light ones if i go close up in a mirror
i have crushes but right now i don’t (last month i did)
idk how to tell if i get mood swing so whilst replying please tell me how
and i’m lazy
that’s it :)
22 days ago
Purple Girl💜🔪 i think you'll get yours in aboutttttt 0-3 months idk and yeah im pretty sure ill get my period soon too
22 days ago
Me I think yours is probably starting in 0-5 months. So I think you'll get your period soon. But I'm not sure.
22 days ago
Im 10 i have alot of spots and pimples i think i have small blonde hairs (idk ill need to check to make sure) my breasts are stage 3 (kinda pointy lol) my hair 👇 there is...umm hairy😅 discharge: ALOTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT OF WHITE OR CLEAR EVERYDAYYYYYY😂😫😫😫😫😫 leg hair is pretty dark and lots of other things😂
22 days ago
Woah purple girl your period is probably gonna start REAALL SOON
25 days ago
I forgot craving underarm hair
25 days ago
Can someone estimate me pls

Weight: 91lbs
Discharge: reddish-brown, every single day
Breasts:stage 3 (almost 4), hurts sometimes
Leg hair: black, a lot
Pubic hair: big forest
Other symptoms:
Mood swings
Arm hair
25 days ago
Could someone estimate me? (Quiz said 0-3 months but I want a more accurate answer)

Age: 11 3/4
weight: 88-90 lbs
Height: 5’0
Mom got it: 13 (me and my cousin got our dads genes so were starting puberty early)
Breasts: hurt a fricken ton (developing 2 years)
Discharge: A fricken ton it seeps through my underwear
Underarm hair: thin but dark
Pubic hair: forest
Leg hair: dark and thick
Sweating: I could sweat a swimming pool in one week
Diarrhea: sometimes
Bloating: every day
Mood swings: a rollercoaster
Craving: all the time
Acne: for 2 years (A lot)
Hair: very oily

Also, how do I ask my mom to use pantyliners?
33 days ago
Hey taco girl! Okay, you have no discharge, and your period will not come until you get it. I’m sorry, but the best I can give you is wait until you have discharge for at least a month, and then see how much PMS you’re getting.
37 days ago
And I get lots of mood swings and I'm lazy
37 days ago
Please help me I have taken like a bajillion tests and there are so many results from 0 months to over 1 year so here are the stuff

I am 10 turning 11 in 2 months
I have had no discharge
I am in-between stage 2 and 3
I have a huge crush
I have a lot of cravings
I wear a training bra sometimes but mostly only a camisole
I don't wear deodorant but I smell the tiniest bit
I have short dark pubic hair
I don't know when my mom had her period
48 days ago
Pls estimate me I am 11 I have HORRIBLE Cramps I cry with them
I'm 4,7 My mom got when she was 11 I have lots of keg hair a couple blonde strands of armpit hair I have a ton of pubic hair and mg discharge is a creamy yellow
53 days ago
no problem! sounds good :))
54 days ago
@bethany , thank you maybe i’ll come back in around two months to see if anything’s changed😀
58 days ago
@madz, i think you have about 8-12 months to go. you seem to still have quite a bit of developing to do before your first period comes. good luck girlie :))
60 days ago
also i keep takin tests nd they all say i have 8-12 months but one of them said i have two years but i think i have less (took like 15 tests😂)
60 days ago
hi idk if you’ll answer but please can you estimate my period coming please and thank you:
age: 12(13 in 6 months)
my mum got her period when she was 13
i personally think i’m flat and my nipples are very soft so i think i’m stage one
yes i wear deodorant if yu smell my armpits they can smell a little bit sometimes
yes i’m attracted to boys but i don’t like anyone right now
height: 4’11
leg hair: yes right now not as much because i shaved lol
no armpit hair
arm hair: same as leg hair
i’ve gotten discharge before and it was clear/whitish sometimes i think i get it or there’s something clean that comes up when i wipe lol but i get it around once every other week or something
idek if i get mood swing i can’t lie
craving: i love junk food but i don’t get it all the time :(
oh yes and i’m lazy tdy i waited five hrs to do the dishes because i didn’t wanna get out of bed💀
64 days ago
@☜🌷 𝑔 𝔼 𝐄 𝐙 👑♔
it seems you have all the signs, but you seem to be on the short side. if your family is short, and the adults are about your height, then you will probably get it sooner (0-3 months). if your family is average or tall, then you might have time--maybe a year or more. weight is also an important factor you didn't mention! generally speaking a girl weighs more than 100 lbs before she gets her period. if you weigh more than 100 pounds or if you're about the same as your family members, then you might be close, but if you still have a while to go to reach that weight, then it might be longer.
i'm sorry if my answer is vague, i hope i helped :))
66 days ago
hi all the tests i do say 3-5 months so i believe them but just incase can u please estimate me thank u
alright here we go
age: 9
discharge: pale yellow sometimes has brown or clear in it. I get it every single day. It is thin.
crush: not right now
BO: yup i wear lavender deodorant lol
am i an athlete: yessss i do cheerleading
height: 4’2
breasts: stage 3 or 4
pms: yes and most of them
the talk: nope
leg hair and arm hair: I AM A WERWOLF
under arm hair: nope
mood swings: omg yessss
bra: sports bra to cheer i should wear a padded bra, training bra, or an A cup bra
cramps: 🤮
Cravings: i never get full and i crave junk food
hips and more: womanly
pubic hair: starting to get curly and it is already dark

if i missed some let me know
70 days ago
@ hi peeps
you're welcome! good luck