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This is a mostly accurate first period quiz, but since I'm not a professional then I cannot guarantee that it will be 100% right. I made this because I know a lot of girls wonder when they will get their first period.

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    Do you have hair down there?

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15 days ago
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19 days ago
Ok, I'm Maddie
Discharge alot
Mood swings-none yet
Mom got her period at-12-13
Cramps 😣-yes I hate them
Breast size-340A
Hair down there-yes
Armpit hair-yes
20 days ago
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20 days ago
lol I've had my peroid since I was like 11 so almost two years why am I here
21 days ago
Olivia- could you tell me about any PMS you have? Cravings, cramps, body odor, increased sweating, spotting, mood swings, acne, bloating, laziness... anything like that. But besides PMS, sounds like you are very developed, so I would say quite soon.
21 days ago
Wow Ellie!! You seem to have all the symptoms, don’t you? Well, except cramps, and not many girls actually get those the first time around. So probably in the next month! Be VERY prepared and listen to your body☺️
21 days ago
@Ellie I think a couple of weeks/months, so any day now!
21 days ago
HI I have no clue... I asked my sister but she said she doesn't know. Sorry hopefully someone else can help, I really don't think it means like tomorrow just maybe sometime in the next two weeks is my guess. But I am really not sure. Sorry.
21 days ago
Hi! I am Ellie feel free to estimate,
I am 11.5, I get discharge daily, I have tons of hair everywhere. I hardly get cramps, I think I spotted once. Bra size 36A or B Acne, mood swings, cravings, and my mom got her period at twelve
22 days ago
I can’t believe it I am 11 years old and in a couple of months I’m going to get my period!
22 days ago
Thxs guys it took for ever to Load your comments but my discharge seems to be stopping a bit.. does that mean like tomorrow?
23 days ago
Ermmmmm I am 13......
I started developing in like 3rd grade but I still havent gotten it! All the tests say anytime though sooooooo
23 days ago
madison, im 9 almost 10 and i dont have my period but very close🌼 i get what you are going through i also want my period, i have had several estimations done, but good news is that im getting closer because i have more symptoms. i have been in puberty for about 1.5-2 years (im not patient lol), so u have to take your time🧡
23 days ago
hello? anyone here👉🏻👈🏻
23 days ago
ugh im 8 but really want my period
24 days ago
@bethany could you estimate me?

I am 13.5
stage 3-4
I wear a 36B bra
discharge every. single. day!
armpit hair for 1 year
hair down there for like 3 years +
anything else that I should say?