When You Will Get Your First Period Quiz!

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This quiz will tell you when you are going to get your first period! I am not a medical professional, so this is not 100% accurate, but it will give you an idea of when you will become a woman!

Remember, these changes that you are experiencing are totally natural, and every woman goes through it. This is all part of the process of becoming a woman!

  • 1
    How old are you?
  • 2
    Have you had a growth spurt recently?
  • 3
    Do you have underarm hair? If so, how much?

  • 4
    Do you have arm and leg hair? If so, how much
  • 5
    Here it comes...Have you had any discharge (goop in your undies) lately? If so, how long have you had it for?
  • 6
    What is the consistency of your discharge?

  • 7
    What stage are your breasts at?

    1 - Flat
    2 - Buds
    3 - Triangular
    4 - Rounding out
    5 - Fully developed like my mom's
  • 8
    What symptoms are you experiencing?

    Tender breasts
    Lower leg aches
    Lower back aches
  • 9
    Do you want your period?
  • 10
    Did you enjoy this quiz?

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23 days ago
guyzzzzzz it said 5-6 months yyyaaayyy!!!
505 days ago
Hello my beautiful peeps
513 days ago
Im 14, im totally not looking forward to my first period. Lol :D :) :0
930 days ago
Sorry about that........
930 days ago
Uhm...the emoji was me saying boo.bs
930 days ago
@jennifer monogalada
Weight gain does make your period come faster. You have to be around 100 pounds and 5 feet tall for you to get your period. Your 💋 also have to be stage 4, and your pubic hair has to be full and bushy. If you would like an estimate, please feel free to reach out!
955 days ago
it showed am getting periods in 12 months
955 days ago
i think am not going to have my periods soon
955 days ago
hey i am 12 i dont know when my mom got her periods we dont talk about it i dont think am going to have my first periods soon bc i am soo skinny does weight gaining help me in getting periods soon and i feel sad bc my friend got hers and i dont my near by girl who is 11 and has bigger breast than me
1021 days ago
This was a fun quiz. It was also pretty accurate. Thanks for creating it!
1074 days ago

You are not close at all. At. All. You are younger than your mom was. You do not have a lot of underarm hair. You have discharge, but that starts a LONG time before. You are not close to 100 pounds. You did not have a growth spurt; you are not 5 feet tall yet (to get your period, you have to be at least 5 feet tall). You do have bloating and cramps. You have the start of breasts (you have to be at stage 4-5 to get your period). I guess your will is making your period far away. It will eventually come, though. Having your period is a beautiful thing, really; because your body is able to make a child! Good luck, and remember that this process is totally natural. 💋
1075 days ago
Hey, I really don't want my period so I'm taking tests to find out how
Far away I am. I would ld really appreciate an estimate. Here are my symptoms.
Lots of long, brown pubic hair, thin.
Lots of discharge. Thick yellowish whiteish
Think I am in a growth spurt
Really small amount of brown underarm hair.
Some leg and arm hair
Turning 12 in a week
Mom got hers at 13
Weight 89 pounds and am 4.9
Bloating, tender breasts, some minor cramps.
Stage 3 breasts.
1075 days ago
Come and take my quiz...I am on page 15 if you search for "When will you get your first period quiz". It was made by me, THE ANSWERER, and it was made in 2020, so that's another sign to look for.
1096 days ago
Oops...sorry about the ((ebold thing...I was trying to make massive bold and large...guess it didn't work! Please ignore that!
1096 days ago
Sorry I didn't answer...I had to read a massive((ebold book for school...all pubic hair is black or dark brown when fully developed. Yours is just starting - you are blonde so yours will be dark brown when fully developed. A person with brown hair would have black pubic hair when fully developed.
Based on your symptoms and genetics (your mom's age), you will get your period anywhere from 0-6 months. If you would like, you can text me back when you actually get it, so I can tweak my accuracy of my estimations.
Proof of accuracy: two of my friends (at different times) were experiencing PMS symptoms; I asked what they were and estimated them. Within the times that I estimated them, they got their periods. I guess I have a knack for estimating stuff!

If you have any further questions, please feel free to reach out.
1099 days ago
@THE ANSWERER sorry my auto correct my hair on my head is blonde not brown XD I hate auto correct
1100 days ago
@THE ANSWERER my mom got hers when she was 11 my hair on my head is brown
1100 days ago
May you please get back to me on when your mom got her first period and if you had a growth spurt recently. Also, please tell me what color the hair on your head is. From what you said already, I think you have 4-8 months or more. Good luck and please get back to me for a more accurate estimation.
1101 days ago
Please estimate me!
I'm 11 I'm 4,7 my cramps are SOO BAD I cry
I have LOTS of pubic hair but it is blonde...
I have tiny amount of armpit hair
I have a lot of body hair
I have white discharge a lot
1102 days ago

Yeah...that would be your period!!!!! Welcome to womanhood!