When Will You Get Your First Period?

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Hey everyone! As some of you may know me, I am THE ANSWERER. I answer and estimate people's period questions in the comments section and I am happy to announce that I have now made my own quiz!

This quiz is 99% accurate and please choose the answers that apply to you in order to get the most accurate estimation. If you have any questions, feel free to reach out in the comments!

  • 1
    How old are you?
  • 2
    How old was your mom when she got her first period?
  • 3
    Have you experienced any discharge (creamy goo in your undies) lately?

  • 4
    How much discharge have you had?
  • 5
    How long have you had discharge for?
  • 6
    Have you noticed any changes in your breasts?

  • 7
    How many of these symptoms do you have?

    Tender breasts
    Mood swings
    Upper leg aches
    Lower back aches
    Facial shape maturing
    Hips widening
    Growth spurt
  • 8
    Do you want your period?
  • 9
    Another question...has your sex drive (your want to masturbate or have sexual pleasure) increased?
  • 10
    Did you enjoy this quiz?

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20 hours ago
My aunt has a poma-poo, which is a cross between a Pomeranian and a poodle. I like cats but I am unfortunately allergic to their hair, so I can never be in contact with someone who was with a cat or a cat. I am only allergic to cat hair (😥) and almonds (😩), so I have to be careful what I eat. It's so annoying because everywhere I go, "Does that have almonds?". What are you allergic to?
oh that is so sad, but it’s great your mum doesn’t have cancer anymore and she could still have you. that’s really nice that she likes to throw a big party every year for you to celebrate that you are here. your party plan for your thirteenth sounds cool. what kind of dog does your aunt have? dogs are very cute. that’s a cute way to celebrate their birthdays! i don’t have dogs but i have two cats who are also very sweet
Yeah she loves making big parties for me because she had cancer when she was young (20-ish) and when she wanted a kid, the doctors said she couldn't have one - she did not have cancer that would attack anything birth-related, so I don't know what the docs were talking about. She didn't give up though, and here I am!!! She always said it was a miracle that I was here, so every year I have a bigger birthday than before. I guess that when I said I didn't want a party this year, she thought that the theme would have to be more "mature". For my thirteenth (I don't know why she even has this planned already), I will have a fierce dragon birthday. Only my best friends are there and most of them have siblings, so in total, there are usually ten of us and my aunts, so in total 15. Not a lot of people. My aunt recently got a dog and he's so cute. I have three dogs, so I throw them "parties" each year for their birthdays. Their "parties" are that they get special meals for that day and they have a present like a bow tie. Do you have dogs?
yay that is great that you’re happy with the theme of your party!
that i just so funny because my mum is the complete opposite, she never likes to have big parties she always wanted me to keep it small but it’s cool your mum likes planning big ones for you
2 days ago
I just asked my mom what theme my party was going to be this year, and she said an Andy Warhol theme! My mom always themes my birthday weird kid stuff and this year it will be so awesome! She already is starting to plan it (she likes to start planning my next bday right after the other one is done...). I am so excited and am glad that she is going to make a more mature birthday party for me. My last birthday was on Zoom, so I don't mind if this one will be too...Thanks for your advice!
3 days ago
omg yes i relate a lot, i used to pretend i didn’t want my period but now i kind of just make it obvious that i’m getting a little impatient hahah
you will probably get yours in the next year or so, but i’m not too sure!
that’s funny that your mum wants you to have a party, my mum is the complete opposite she wanted me to stop having parties when i was 12, but i ended up having one for my 13th and my 14th. i’m not having one this year though i don’t think. i rly don’t think your friends will consider you uncool if you have one. i think you’re better off having one, because they’re always fun and no one can complain about a fun party! and then the friends that you said would get mad if you didn’t have one would be happy. so yeah at 12 i don’t think it’s immature or too childish to have a party, you can make it more grown up too, maybe just by having more grown up decorations/colours and not all the little kids party games and stuff. for my past couple of bday parties i just had people round for food and cake and a movie so you could do that. but then obviously if covid is still bad then you can’t have one anyway. so yeah those are my thoughts :)
3 days ago
I forgot to add that I am turning 12 this year and that my mom got hers at 12.6 and I am so excited and told her I didn't want a birthday party this year because I will be "grown up". Guess what she did. She looked at me and hugged me and I said, "I'm too old for hugs get off me!" and then she patted me on the head and said, "Sure...Well, you're getting a birthday party this year whether you like it or not!". I was mad. Do you think I should have a birthday party this year? I was born August 28, so I hope Covid is over by then. Now that I thought about it, I am conflicted and kind of want a party and kind of don't. Most of my friends that are my age or older didn't (or won't) have a birthday party for their 12 birthday, so I don't know if they will think I'm not cool if I do have one, but the ones that did/are going to might be mad that I didn't have one....I don't know. Advice?
3 days ago
Yeah...I do want mine but I was just surprised to see it and after I found out it was a cut I was pretending to be happy (I don't want my mom to know I want mine...), but on the inside I was mad. Ever since I turned 11, I was hopefully thinking it would come soon (I recently grew a lot and gained some weight, so I don't know but...) and it hasn't! I want it soooo bad! I am going to regret saying that though.......
4 days ago

hi! that’s okay! omg idk about you but if i saw blood in my underwear i would get really excited and then when i find out it is just a cut i would be so mad 😭
but yeah, i know i will regret wanting it and i want to stop myself wanting it but i cant control my feelings hahah and at 14 you get a little impatient if it still hasn’t come... hopefully it comes soon. (again, i am going to regret that) and at 11 years old you still have loads of time to get ur period! don’t stress :)
4 days ago
Thank you...you are so kind. Most people don't email me and if they do, I respond and tell them not to email me and then they stop, but this weirdo keeps trolling me. It's so annoying I might have to delete my email account. I don't know. I don't have my period yet - I'm 11 - but I also want it...I also know I will regret wanting it when it actually comes. I saw a spot of blood in my underwear the other day and when I looked around, it was just a cut on my upper thigh...I started screaming, crying, and freaking out and my mom said it was just a cut...I am fine now and will probably get mine in 6-12 months. You are so nice; it's hard to find truly nice people nowadays. Thanks for replying! Bye!
4 days ago

hey! great thank u! i’m the oldest out of all my friends and most of them have their period so i do sort of want mine but i know as soon as i get it i’ll regret saying that, but oh well i can’t help how i feel lol
also that is really annoying that someone keeps emailing you, hopefully they stop
4 days ago
BTW, please don't send me emails...if you want an estimate, you can comment and I will answer you there, but someone keeps emailing me, trying to find out my identity, and it is scaring me...ooh I just made a rap song! I even blocked that person and they made a new email account just to troll me. They wrote, "Did ya really think I'd give up?" from the new email address. I blocked that one too and again they created a new email account to troll me. What should I do?

Whoever you are, please stop. It is disrespectful of my privacy and every day I wake up with hundreds of unread emails from that same address. Every day I block it, and every day a new one emails me saying, "Did ya really think I'd give up? 🤫😈".
4 days ago
Would you like an estimate? Feel free to reach out!
4 days ago
Hey! From your symptoms, you will get your period in 0-6 months!!! I'm not sure if you wanted it or not, but soon you will be a woman!

P.S. Please respond when you get this so I know you saw it. Thanks!
5 days ago
hey the answerer probs will not affect score but thaught i would say that since then i have been getting a little more discharge very emotional and my mom was probs more like 11.9
5 days ago

hey it’s me again forgot to add that i’ve been having discharge for over a year
also been having cravings like i just want sweet stuff all the time i’m never satisfied
5 days ago

hey there!! could you please estimate me?

age: 14, 15 in march
height: 5’4-5’5
weight: 45-48 kgs (100-105 lbs) that’s an estimate i haven’t weighed myself in a long time and our scales are broken
mum got her period at 13, sister got hers at 14
growth spurt: yes, i grew about 3 inches early-mid last year
discharge: yes, pretty much every day, makes my underwear feel damp and gross and i have it at the hole down there sorry tmi lol and it’s kinda whitish clear slightly sticky, i wear liners most days bc i have yellow stains that won’t come out on my white underwear from when i didn’t 😭
breasts: been developing for like 3+ years
pubic hair: had it for even longer, i think it’s like full and it’s VERY long and curly and it pokes out of my underwear and my swimsuit bottoms 😭
armpit hair: had it for around 2-2 1/2 years, i shave but it’s not full i don’t think but there’s still quite a bit there
starting getting pimples like 3-4 years ago lol
hair gets oilier quicker and skin does too so i wash my face
i wear deodorant
voice has been cracking a lot lately lmaooo
had cramps or random pains in my stomach/sides/lower back since like last year
body getting curvier
breasts REALLY SORE but they have been ever since they started growing but like they’re very very sensitive
i get grumpy about very small things and i get in these moods where i just want to be left alone and then other moods where i desperately want hugs
anyways if you could estimate me that would awesome! thank you! x
6 days ago
Hey it’s me again and just to let you know I started yesterday thank you for the estimate so I was prepared
14 days ago
You are not getting your period soon...maybe 3-6 months?
14 days ago
Make a compartment in your jeans...take a sock and sew it into your jeans, leaving the top open...put some tampons or pads inside and make sure it lays flat. It will feel squishy and kinda like you peed yourself, but without any control. If you start to feel any squishyness at all, raise your hand and ask to go to the bathroom. Wear black jeans and pants to school since you think you are close. If you get a period leak with black pants, they won't know...Would you like an estimate? If so, just tag me, THE ANSWERER, and put all of your symptoms below. Bye!