When will you get your first period? Tips and explanations included!

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A good estimate to help you assess when it will happen.

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    How old are you?

    The average age of first periods happen is 12 and a half, but it can happen as young as 8 or as old as 18.
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    How long have your breasts been developing?

    Your period usually comes after developing your breasts for 2 -
    2 and a half years. But if you began developing breasts later than usual (12 or older), you might get your period 1 - 2 years after developing breasts. If you began developing breasts earlier than usual (9 or younger) you can expect your period to come 2 and a half - 3 years after. This isn’t always true though. Some females develop breasts after their first period, but there is usually some development beforehand.
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    When did you have a growth spurt?

    Most females get their growth spurt 1-2 years before their first period. However, some females that have short stature in their genes don’t have growth spurts. Some females also have a condition that stunts their growth before their first period. Some females also have a growth spurt after their first period.

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    How long have you been developing pubic hair?

    After developing breasts, girls start to notice pubic hair. Some girls get pubic hair before breasts which is totally fine, it happens to 1 in 5 females. After developing pubic hair, your period will most likely come in 1 to 2 years.
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    How long have you had secretions for (also known as discharge)?

    You usually get your first period 6-12 months after getting secretions. It can be more, can be less. Some women don’t get secretions, so it is okay if you don’t.

    Secretions can be white, cream, or a faint yellow. They can be watery, thick, stretchy, or dry. You can have a lot or a bit. You can get it every day or once a month. The point is, everyone’s secretions are different.

    If your secretions are red or brown (also known as spotting), this is actually your period. No need to take this quiz anymore:)

    If your secretions have a strong odor to them and/or your vagina persistently burns (occasional burning is normal) and/or are a strange colour (yellow or green), see a doctor as this could be something known as a yeast infection.
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    Do you feel you have enough body fat to have a period (NOT MEANT AS A HURTFUL QUESTION)?

    A girl needs at least 17% of her body to be fat to have a period, and 22% by age 18 for them to happen continuously. This question isn’t meant to offend anyone! If you have more than 17% body fat (which you should), that is perfectly ok, and you can still be considered healthy! You are beautiful just the way you are ❤️

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    Have you experienced any of these PMS symptoms recently (within 3 months)?

    1. Moodier than usual
    2. Craving junk food
    3. Hungrier than usual
    4. Cramps
    5. Increased tiredness and laziness even if you get enough sleep
    6. Tender breasts (if your breasts are fully developed. Tender breasts that aren’t fully developed are usually just sore from growing not because of your period).
    7. Frequent cramps in your back or abdominal area.

    Usually, you get some of these symptoms about 0 - 6 months before your first period. You can get some other symptoms too.
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    At what age did your mum or a sister get her first period?

    Most of the time, your first period occurs around the same age your mum or sister get it at. Not always the case, but sometimes.
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    Compare yourself with yourself from about 4 years ago. How different are you from then (physically and mentally/personality)
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    Do you have any issues that could affect you when you get your first period?

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2 days ago
And my breast stage is stage 3-4
2 days ago
Breast and pubic started around age 9 in 2021
Discharge was in August 2022
My mom got hers at age 14
My height is 4”9
And im 84.5 ibs/pounds
2 days ago
I got my first at the beginning of the year and got discharge last month. For pubic hair I started noticing it a few weeks ago bet it was long (not super long but if you took a look you could see it).
3 days ago
My mum was 11 when she got hers but my sister was 13, im tweleve, also my 3 closest friends got it this year and i have a lot of cramps, pimples, the past few months ive had to wash my hair everyday because it would get greasy. i started discharge at 9 1/2 and had it everyday since
3 days ago
undefined hi
42 days ago
Age: 9
Breasts: Stage 5 for a little bit, one day I felt it was way bigger than usual, that was yesterday…
Pubic hair: halfway full, other part has thin black hairs
Height: idk
Mommeh had hers: 12
Discharge: 0 mo, like 3 weeks ago also it’s turning white with a transparent look..
Weight: it is 80-85
Arm hair + leg hair: mostly light hair, some dark ones
Hips: had chubby hips for months
PMS: Upper leg ache that appeared VERY RANDOMLY some afternoon.
Headaches every week, always a weekday
Very frequent mood swings.
One or two pimples.
49 days ago
Estimate me pls!
Breast stage: 3
Pubic hair: fully developed
My mom got hers at 11
I had discharge for around 5-8 months (not sure wasn't checking at the time) it's white - clear , is stretchy at times but sometimes it doesn't stretch at all
Weight: 82.3 pounds
Barely any arm hair but my mom's not hairy soo idk
I can definitely see my leg hair and it's curly
more underarm hair than my mom even if she doesn't shave for a while
My hips are, developing
PMS symptoms:
I'm getting some pain in my pelvis area
Chest pain on my breasts
I'm very tired these days I'm even tired rn
A few pimples
Pains in my abdomen

IDK if this was too much info but alot of period quizzes ask for this
633 days ago

650 days ago
Also my mom and sister got theirs at 12
650 days ago
Estimation please
I am 11
Stage 2-3 of breasts (I can't really tell I wear a training bra but I need a padded one)
I have cravings about 2-3 times a week
I have been noticing a lot more acne lately
I had a growth spurt a few months ago but I am small and underweight for my age
I get mood swings about 1-2 times a week
I have a small/ medium amount of brown curly hairs ⬇ there
I'm about 67 pounds (very underweight for my age 😅)
I'm 4ft 7
And I am unusually tired lately
I have a medium amount of yellowish brown discharge

Please estimate thanks!
665 days ago
Estimation please!
Turns 12 on July 6th
Stage 3 of breasts
So hungry
Been seeing more acne lately
In a growth spurt
VERY moody
Dark long pubic hair but it's not a lot
130 pounds
5 feet
704 days ago
Hi I am 13 and a 1/2 years old.I started having discharge at 11 and have had it every day since then and I started growing pubic hair at 12.My breasts started developing at 12 too and are kinda cone shaped.I am about 4,8 feet tall and weigh about 75 pounds.My mom started her period at 14 or 15.I have sharp cramps in the ovary area every once in a while ( meaning like once to twice a week ) and some cramps below the belly button.I have lots of really bad mood swings from crying really bad about something stupid to being furious about something really small. Help pls I need to know it is making me nuts just waiting for it.
715 days ago
I am age 11 my height is about 5’0 I have had discharge for about 4 months my breasts are like round and like medium size (srry I have not had it don’t have very much knowledge) my moms age 12 when she got it cramps have not had very many but not very painful but have gotten a little arm/leg hair long blond strait pubic hair a some but not a lot but not a little and it is brown hair puberty has started about 1 1/2 years mood swings sometimes but they are powerful like I start to cry pls predict if you can.
720 days ago
I also have tender breasts. The pain is a twinges every few days and it only lasts a second.
Bra size=32AA

Please predict
(See comment below for more info)
720 days ago

hmm i would say 0-3 months maybe
720 days ago
Height= 4’11”
Weight=71.0 pounds
Discharge= 1 year, maybe 1 1/2 years - every day- turned yellow 2 days ago - pretty thick
Breasts= Stage 3
Mom’s age= unknown
Cramps/pain= 5-6 days a week- kinda painful
Leg hair/Arm hair= Lots - brown/ hair color- straight
Armpit hair= soft stubble
Pubic hair= little bit of short blonde hair
Puberty started=. 2/1 years ago
Moods = EXTREME mood swings all the time, every day.
Anyone can predict if you know how! Thx 😊!
720 days ago
Height-5ft 1
Weight-Not sure maybe 6 stone 2
Discharge-7/8 months + most days + thick and white
Breasts-Stage 3 breasts + started developing 1.5 years ago
Mum's age-11
Cramps/pain-A few twinges about once a week
Leg hair-A lot but blonde, the same as my hair colour
Armpit hair-Stubble, very small amount and blonde
Pubic hair-Lots of blonde, wiry hair and a small amount of black hair started 7 months ago
Puberty-started 2 years ago
A bit moodier than usual

Please predict, thanks!
730 days ago
731 days ago
Girlsrock - i'm going to predict 1-4 months but you might get it a little earlier (this is from my personal experience) so i got my first period about 2 months ago (i'm on my second one right now) but about a day before my first one my discharge turned yellow then the next day i got my first period. but plz dont assume my prediction is right its just my opinion... have a good day!! :)
731 days ago
Can someone please estimate me?

I am nearly 11
I am stage 3 in breasts, and they began developing about 1 year ago
My public hair is the same colour as they hair on my head and I have an average amount
I started getting discharge 6 months ago, and it is yellow. (is that a bad thing? Only some people say it's bad, but others say it is perfectly normal.)
My mum got her period when she was one year older than me
I am about 160 cm tall
I am craving junk food sometimes, am moodier than I used to be, am having a growth spurt right now and have cramps in my abdomen nearly every day.
My arm hair is the same as my public hair
My leg and armpit hair is blonde