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I have lots of period experience, and am here to help you get an idea of when yours will start. I am also going to be checking the comments a few times a day, so if you would like to list your period symptoms, I can give you a more accurate estimation than the general quiz can. I am here to help you, and to share my experiences!

I will be using my personal experiences and statistics to provide explanations. Just know, every girl is different, and putting your symptoms in the comments will likely be the most beneficial for you!

  • 1
    What stage are your breasts at?
  • 2
    What is your vaginal discharge like?
  • 3
    Do you have acne on your face/body?

  • 4
    What is your leg hair like?
  • 5
    Do you have armpit hair?
  • 6
    What about pubes? (The hair in your underpants/bikini bottoms area.)

  • 7
    Have you ever had cramps?
  • 8
    How has your mood been lately?
  • 9
    How close are you in age to when your mom started her period?
  • 10
    Have you ever been bloated?

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8 days ago
Yeah I reckon that sounds about right! Thanks
11 days ago
@girly your just the same as me.Abou t 5-7 months is say??If would be easier if I have more to go by but yeah
11 days ago
@Filomina you have about 3-8 months to go girll.Start preparing
11 days ago
Dudet I have all your symptoms I am literally one month younger than you but I'm home schooled and my mom got hers at 14.I am here for ANY questions you have.I would defo estimate about 2-7 months cause of the discharge change and cramps and stuff.I don't really know about the feeling left out thing.But you should watch a youtuber called Just Sharon.She talks about periods and stuff and , no offence to them but she's not like one of those weird Indian channels.I'd defo look at her stuff but I can also help you with anything you need.Tips tricks and anything else you can think of!!Take care 🌻xx
17 days ago
Hiiiiii! Can someone pls estimate me?

Puberty: 1.5-2yrs
Age: I am 11 turning 12 in 1 month
Mum: got hers at the exact age I am
Weight: 50kg
Height: 5.1ft
Breasts: 3-4 stage, in the middle I think. I wear a, A14 size bra ( in Australian size.) And it’s a proper bra! But not with underwire…
Discharge: got it 2-3 months ago, lots of gooey, creamy white discharge everyday
Hair: pubic is halfway done,( or a bit more than halfway) inner parts are thick long and curly, outer parts are long browny black hairs. Underarm hair is pretty full. I just noticed a boost in the growth of my underarm, and pubic hair.
Leg and arm hair are pretty noticeable
PMS: I have noticed a lot more cramps recently, yesterday I got the sharpest pain below my belly button I have ever gotten, it lasted for 3 seconds. And a bit more today but not as bad. The cramps vary from side to side of my abdominal area there as well!
My breasts are really tender! (But always have been)
Craving junk food pretty badly
Headaches are pretty frequent
I have a bit of diarrhoea… 😬😬😳😳
I think I had one spotting but that was like a month ago. And I haven’t seen anything since…
Also my discharge is starting to change from white to off white yellowish kinda colour
Lots of back pain!!!!!
All of my friends have there period!!! I’m basically the only one! My friend got hers a week ago, but I am so much more developed than her!!!!! I have a period kit! Since I was 9!
I feel really left out!
So if u or someone could estimate me, and also tell me how to not feel left out that would be greatly appreciated!!
17 days ago
filomena your close id say 2-6 months or so but deaf talk to your mum good luck
29 days ago
plz estimate me!!!🙂

I'm 12 almost 13

my leg hair is getting brown and noticeable.

i have a few dark brown armpit hairs

hair down there is full and bushy

i have no idea what a cramp feels like, and dont think i hav ever had on

beasts are at stage 3 or 4

i have had acne for 2 years

have had discharge for 1 1/2 years

i have light headaches everyday

no spotting

my discharge is white and sticky

i had a 6 inch growth spurt last Thanksgiving

weight is 110 lbs

im 5'2''

pretty tired some days

im very moody and randomly want to just cry some days and others im goofy and giggly

mom was 11 or 12 i think

yes milkshakes and hamburgers sound amazing. but i keep in mind im 110 lbs and not to go overboard on eating and get fatter

---------------------------------- ---------------------------------------- ---------------------------------------- -----------------------------------

i hope someone notices this and if you do, thank you so much i appreciate it!!!!!!!!!!
46 days ago
Can someone estimate me

I'm 12
Mum was 14.5
Stage 3-4
Lots of discharge every single day
Legs are so hairy armpits are the same
⬇sort really hairy
Please can someone estimates me i really wanna know
47 days ago
Same most of the tests say 2-5 months. This says 9-12 months. NOT ACCURATE!!!!!!!undefined
54 days ago
Bruh I got 5-7 months. I have discharge, intense cramps, headaches, nausea, awful mood swings, etc EVERYDAY. I am 11.5, same age as my mum was. Not accurate.
82 days ago
i am scared for my period. @franci do you have lots of pains. did anyone here get it at school? if you did, any advice? who did you tell, how did you deal with it?
103 days ago
5-7 months only 9
Im not but i am exited if you know what i mean
142 days ago
Took this quizz for fun! *already got it* 5-7 months lol... not too accurate
163 days ago
1-2 years?! Bruh are. You serious?
168 days ago
It actually came back
172 days ago
Not accurate lol I got my period and it said 9-12 months
193 days ago
Girls, I haven’t got my period for 4 months after my first one, is it normal?
242 days ago
Bloating is when ur really gassy
252 days ago
What is bloating??????
254 days ago
Lemon- 2-8 months maybe??