When will I get my first 🩸period🩸? Quiz.

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I haven't got mine yet so we can see if it works.

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    What is your age (I know everyone asks this but it is extremely important)?

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80 days ago
I got in loads of quizzes 1 to 2 weeks and that I might start tommorow. I AM FREAKING OUT!!!
80 days ago
Umm,,. I think soon but that 1-3 months maybe I am not a expert at this lol…..
85 days ago
Plz estimate:
Breast stage: 3 I need a bralette
Pubes: plenty of rough, dark, curly hair
Body odor: deodorant user
Discharge: I got some gooey white and yellow every day for a few months, just saw an increase
Age: 11 in less than a month
Weight: 85-100 lbs I haven’t weighed in awhile
Height: 5 ft exactly
Cravings: gimme a donut or I’ll chuck you outta the window!!!
Mood swings: aw now I’m sad I have mood swings and ANGRY AT PUBERTY!!!!!
Mom age: 16 but she was not developing at all this age and I am
Headaches: ya
Cramps: ya
Started puberty: maybe 2 years ago?
Spotting: once it never came again
Breasts tender: Every day!
Pit hair: feels like a peach
Leg and arms: just a bit of black rough hair

Thank you, I’d like soon results!!!!!
93 days ago
Hi everyone! I'm still here to read comments
171 days ago
Lexa 🌚

You exhibit many symptoms to get your period, but as you mum got hers over a year above you now and that you under arm hair is thin and whispy I'd guess 6-12 months

It could be before or after but that is what I think:))

If you really want it before then you can try subliminals on YouTube or other think like that
173 days ago
Pls can I have an estimation:
Age: 12 1/4
Moms age: 13 1/2 or 14
Weight: 102lbs
Height: 5ft 2
Breast size: 32a/ stage 3-4
Started developing: 1.5 yrs ago
Started Puberty: 2 yrs ago
Discharge: Everyday, lots, gooey liquidy clear or white
Spotting: none
Headaches: ya
Cramps: ya
Back pain: ya
Cravings: YAAA
Mood Swings: YAAA
Breast Tenderness: Whole time.
Pubic hair: Dark, medium amount, starting to curl
Armpit hair: thin and blonde
Arm hair: yaaa
Leg hair: yea
387 days ago
Probably this month or at least very soon you should probably make sure you carry pads and a spare pair of underwear! You should have a conversation with your mom (or whoever you feel comfortable having this convo with)
400 days ago
Please estimate?

Age: 12 1/2
Mom's age: 13
Weight: 80 lbs
Breast size: 4, but small
started devloping: 1 3/4 years ago
Started puberty: 2 years ago
Discharge: everyday, lots
spotting: once or twice a day I see a tiny red dot, multiple times I see brown dots when I wipe
Headaches: yes
Cramps: yes
Dirrhea: yes
constpation: I don't think so
breast tenderness: Had a bad one a few days ago
bloating: yes
Cravings: for sure
crush: between them right now
underarm hair: yes pretty bad I should shave
Leg hair: you can see it but not enough to shave
pube hair: YES
arm hair: like NONE

Hopfully that's enough for a good estimate, tell me if you need something else!

403 days ago
Hey, girls plz join my period club for all girls!
407 days ago
Hey guys. I'm open for estimating remember
419 days ago
Nope its not weird at all! We have all been there! I really want mine aswell!

Feel free to ask for an estimation
421 days ago
No it’s not I want mine sooooooo bad too
421 days ago
I really want my period to start is that weird?
422 days ago
Why did it put my name as urs? But btw guys I said that ⬇️⬇️⬇️
423 days ago
Don't be scared! But please not that it could come before or after that time! If you need any advice just ask me :)
425 days ago
AAAAH 2-5 months I'm scared plz help I'm too young for periods! I'm only 11.5!
426 days ago
Thanks! I think I did this quiz but I will do it again
428 days ago
Guys please remeber aswell your weights don't have to be perfect! Or even the same age as your mum, ik people who got theirs 4 years younger or older than their mum so don't go by standerds. Instead of asking if u can get them at certain things put in an estimation and one of us will tell you instead of you getting facts from people that could be incorrect to you as a person. Keep the knowledge up tho
428 days ago
Thanks pumpkin! And if you don't have your period yet then yes you are very close. I would say around 2months but feel free to put a estimation thing is so I can do it properly and give u a better estimation
428 days ago
Lova. If you are a smaller than average person like me (as in height) you could get it at 80lbs because all body's are different! It is more common to get it nearer to 100 but if 80lbs is the same as 100lbs to you (because of height you won't weigh as much) then you are able to get it at 80