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Have you taken many tests on when your period will come and just don't know what to believe? I got you! I am not an expert but I have taken many tests and read many comments so I think I have a good idea of when your period will come!

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    I know everyone asks this, but how old are you?

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18 days ago
I'm literally so weird I'm 13 I'm wearing a b cup I've had discharge for 1 year and breast for one year someone pls tell me what's going on
18 days ago
I have to wait 1 year. I hope it’s earlier idk why I want it so much
133 days ago
Don't worry about, everyone one goes at there own pace and it is totally normal to not have it at 12, a lot of people don't even get theirs until they are 14 or even 15
133 days ago
I feel like my puberty has been so out of order
When I started:
Pubic hair
( like a month or 2 later )
Breast start growing
( 1-3 months later)
Discharge starts
( months later)
Start getting more pubic hair
abt 4-5 months later
Breast go to stage 3
( exactly 1-2 months)
Armpit hair starts
Next 3 months armpit hair keep growing
To now : I’m 12 no period but more pms symptoms still stage 3 and discharge 😒
133 days ago
If ur looking for looking for an accurate period quiz try 1 million tests period quiz just look up period quiz on YouTube, I have been really insecure abt 🌻 and not having my period yet just remember everyone grows different and ur beautiful and unique the way you are💕💕💕
142 days ago
Yeah, I also got 2 to 5 months
142 days ago
It said 2 to 5 months
147 days ago
I alredy have it and the quiz said 6-8 mounths
151 days ago
I took this test and it said 6-8 months and I took another test and it said 2-4 month I’ve been having a lot of discharge so I don’t know how accurate this test is
193 days ago
this is frikid stupid i already have my period lmaoooo this quiz is goofy ahh shi
200 days ago
i got 2-5 months eeekkk
252 days ago
Ok so the weirdest thing I got 1 year on this test but on a different test I got like 4-5 months it's kinda weird
275 days ago
the one thats supposed to be extremely accurate i got 0-2 WEEKS
280 days ago
I WANT MY PERIOD SOOOOOOOOOOOO BAD! everyone is like no im like yes dont control me. Im always getting 2-5 and the 5 months is my birthday month when u turn 13
290 days ago
I am always getting 0-3 months, but I have no underarm hair! I did start puberty at the end of 3rd grade, though.
298 days ago
That was not. Me.
298 days ago
298 days ago
Um.... Mj, thanks i already knew
367 days ago
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367 days ago
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