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Have you taken many tests on when your period will come and just don't know what to believe? I got you! I am not an expert but I have taken many tests and read many comments so I think I have a good idea of when your period will come!

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    I know everyone asks this, but how old are you?

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22 hours ago
Also if anyone wants to know how baby’s are made it is just by having 🐬🐬is when a boy puts his pennis up a girls 🐬
22 hours ago
Leila it’s ok to be scared! You sound just like me right now! I FLIPPING HID BEHIND A TREE BECAUSE MY CRUSH WAS THERE! HE FOUND ME AND I WANTED TO 😘.ING DIE!
19 days ago
my mom got her period when she was 13 im 12 and my sister got hers when she was 10 I started puberty in 2nd grade and I just want my period.
19 days ago
Same I've taken like all the first-period quizzes and always "It's Coming!" or "It should come in 0-3 months!" I really don't want to get my period. My older sister got hers this year (late) and my mom got hers the SAME age as me and I'm having the worst PMS symptoms right now. 11 and a B bra with wide hips. I started puberty in the 3rd grade. Also, does anyone else have an immense fear of men? I could be walking outside and a man is also walking. I'll see him and hide somewhere. I hid in a bush once. A BUSH!
45 days ago
I keep taking a bunch of quizzes and all of them say 0-3 months 2-5 months and within the next 6 months…
68 days ago
I'm having the worst cramps ever😠😠
And sometimes I scold at people in class for example yesterday I was kindda happy when we were having science my teacher told us whether we have any question to ask then I said I have question then I told my teacher that how do we convert celcuis to Kelvin then one my classmate (boy) said aaah meaning it was easy then I roasted and blasted him and said"I didn't ask u so u better mind own business" then everyone stared at me because I have behaved like that before when a teacher is in the class then I rolled my eyes and sat down. And the other time to I was buying something then my bro was continuously saying give me the money if you are done then I scolded at him saying I will give it to u so plsssssssss I couldn't understand my self that day.and last thing is that if I'm not in the mood and it is useless question i don't mind them.Sometime I just get sad angry for no reason

Discharge:yes about 7-8months now
👮🍒:1.5 year now and it is very big that I have to wear a B size bra.
Spotting:not yet
Cramps:a lot I'm even having one right
Acne:a fair amount .
Mood swings:oftenly.
Pubic hair: a lot
Leg and arm hair:a lot that I have to shave
Armpit hair:not plenty
107 days ago
All the tests say diff things so im confused

been in puberty for 2-3 years

age: 12.5

mother got hers around same age

discharge: EVERYDAY. I get so much, it creamy, and white/yellow when its wet, and it dries yellow. I need panty liner sometimes. had it for 7-8 months

leg hair: inbetween blonde and brown, and i need to shave sometimes.

armpit hair: very little amount, thin, blond. You can only see it if your really close.

pubic hair: small-medium amount. inbetween wavy and curly. colour of hair is brown. Had it for 7-8 months.

🐬: Stage 4, size 32B

sometimes get moody

get cramps once a week, a lot less than did 6 months ago. Ive been getting them for about 9 months

i get pimples often, but theyre not too big. ive been getting them for about 7-8 months

i think im having a growth spurt. Ive grown 1-1.5 inches in the last 6 months

weight: 88-100 pounds
111 days ago
Hay this Kaela you sound a lot like myself so just know there is someone a little little you
125 days ago
Ok can some one please estimate me!

I’m very sorry if any of this is TMI I just want to make Sure I’m telling everything

Ok so I’m 11 and my birthday is in September my mom got hers when she was 14 my sister got hers when she was 12 one of my grandmothers got hers when she was 11

Pubic hair- FULL BUSH thigh to thigh i have to shave it because it’s SO MUCH

Leg hair- I have been shaving for a while and my leg hair was long and curly and dark when I started to shave

Armpit hair- when I shave this includes my armpits but when they are grown out they are pretty curly and dark

Discharge- I get it everyday every time I wipe its there it is like a lot of yellowish egg whites I have had blood in it a couple of times just a little but definitely blood

Mood- ok so one minute I’m happy then the next I want to cry and I’m super sad and depressed

Cramps- I woke up the other day with really bad ones but they went away after walking around I keep getting these almost like twinges I told my mom about them and she said that is what ovulation feels like but I googled it (shocker) and it said that ovulation happens around 24 hours but it has been happening for like 2 weeks

Acne- I get pimples on my chin noes hairline and behind my shoulders my skin is really oily sand I get blackheads all over my nose and chin I wash my face every night

Breasts- my breasts are pretty developed they are like triangles I’m the most developed in my grade they have been tender when touched or bumped

Diarrhea- my stomach hurts really bad and then I have to use the bathroom really bad this has been happening for like a week and a half

Height- I’m 5’7 I’m am very tall for my age

Cravings- ok I don’t eat much during the day just cause I forget to eat lol but I have been craving the weirdest things like I was craving pickles today 🤷‍♀️ mainly sweets chocolate and pickles

Weight- ok this is my biggest insecurity please do not judge me I’m one of those people that gain weight and then grow I am 220 pounds I know super heavy and fat

I actually want my period SO FREAKING BAD and I know what people say “no you don’t want it “enjoy when you don’t have it” I DON’T CARE I want to be a women!!!!!
127 days ago
Sorry I said "guys" a lot I mena GIRLS!
127 days ago
Remember guys I will give you guys estimtes if you want them! If you guys are looking for an idea of when your period will come, put your info and symptoms here!
136 days ago
join it its good but noboy is online ig
144 days ago
Hey I have created a period club for all girls wanna join use the url below
145 days ago
Hey! If you would like a personal estimate you can just list your symptoms here :) I understand that this quiz isn't perfect, someone may have a lot of the symptoms and not have any discharge, which would be a total game changer! I am guessing your mom knows you better and can give you a more reasonable estimate but it is always good to get a second opinion.

Good luck though!
146 days ago
Omg 6-8 months?…my mom sajd i might be getting it soon OMG
150 days ago
Also Pinkscience question 2 is in pounds, sorry if that wasnt clear.
150 days ago
@PinkScience14, I agree with pumpkin! It will most likely come very soon! For sure this summer. Be on the look out for spotting! Good luck!

Also, congrats @your name! Talk to a trusted female about this and they can help!
150 days ago
150 days ago
@-pinkscience14 I think you will get your period anytime now, good luck girl
150 days ago
Estimate me plz!

Age: 14
Breast stage: Stage 4 totes not skipping that!
Cramps: had one on Friday, Saturday, Sunday, Monday, 5 on Tuesday (I'm sure I think...), yesterday and today so it's been going on every day for almost a week now
Acne breakouts: pimples, spots are TOO MUCH ON MY FACE!!
Bloating: had it twice. both at the wrong time! both happened when I had to sleep!! SO ANNOYING!!!
Mood swings: OMG!!!! It’s like an emotional rollercoaster 🎢, I think. I either have it every day or almost every day
Spotting: none. Absolutely, defo, totes, obvy none
Discharge: watery yellow discharge - Google said menstruation is near
Armpit hair: almost covers the whole area. fine black hairs, curly
Leg hair: almost like a teenage boy's!
Arm hair: fine black hairs, curly
Pubes: full bush! Defo
Height: 5 foot 6 inches, 167 cm
Weight: 52.2 kg, 114 lbs
Irritability: almost every day or every single day
Breast tenderness: yes, had one recently


Anytime you want, estimate me ;)