When Will I Get My First Period?

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    Have you started puberty? If so, for how long have you been going through it?

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5 hours ago
Can you PLZ estimate me๐Ÿฅบ
Age: Almost 11
Acne: you can barely see my skin
Emotions: longest and most door slamming Rollercoaster EVER(BLESS MY MOM'S HEART)
Mom's age when she got hers: I think 14??
Cravings:give me all the king size chocolate bars you got!๐Ÿคค
Hormones: HELP ME!
Headaches: 24/7
Spotting:once or twice
Discharge: lots of yellowish brown
๐Ÿš”: starting to round out
Tiredness/laziness: I never want to get out of bed
Anger: I NEED my own personal punching bag!

I really hope you can tell me because I NEED answers
72 days ago
Your age: 14 and 8 months

Mom and/or female relative's age when she got her period: mom - 13 and 1/2

Breast stage: 3-4 but does not look like big ones little bit rounded

Cramps: No

Acne breakouts: just one or two

Bloating: no

Mood swings: yes and extremely I just cry and become angry for the smallest things

Spotting: no

Discharge: whitish to yellow in colour and goey , since 4-6 months and have
everyday- a small amount and
For 2 days a week- have more

Armpit hair: darker hairs and a medium amount since 2 years

Leg and hair arm: becoming more darker but not need to shave

Pubic hair : more than medium since 2 years

Height: 143 cm

Weight: 27 kg

Hips: A little bit curved

crush ,a girlfriend/boyfriend: sometimes I feel I want a girlfriend to share my experiences

Started puberty : 2 yrs ago
80 days ago
amy I think you're going to going to get your period soon. Like you could get it today. I was at a similar point in puberty when I got my period so it would make sense that you'll get it soon. And please don't be scared! You got this babe ๐Ÿ’•
80 days ago
Sophie there's no specific weight that you have to be to get your period, but heavier girls do tend to get their periods earlier.
83 days ago
age: 12
weight: 45-ish kg
height: somewhere between 5'2 and 5'3
breast stage: 3 or 4, b cup and pointy-ish
cramps: every now and then but maybe thats just me being a wuss
discharge: i get a fair bit everyday but idrk what colour or consistency cos i never time it right to check but i think its like whitish and runny
spotting: never had it
anger: irritated over small things and angry at family a lot of the time
food: always
tiredness: always

pls someone let me know what you think cos my mom and my sisters got it at 11 and i am 13 in december so im low key scared
91 days ago
Hi can someone estimate me?
Age: 11
Weight: About 100 pounds or more
Height: Like, 5'2 or 5'3
Breast stage: Maybe like 3?
Breast shape: Pointy
Bra: Trainer
Cramps: 3 or 4 times a week maybe more
Discharge: Every day a few times a day I fe it and it's either white or clear hard to tell
Spotting: I found a blood stain before. Probably was a time I thought I needed to pee lol
Mood Swings: I get angry over small things does that count?
Tiredness: All the time all I wanna do is sleep (falls asleep)
Other: Gassiness, a crush I gave up on but I still feel the need for a guy(IM ONLY 11!!!)

107 days ago
Hey guys I have created my own period club use the url below if you want to join any girl can join!


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108 days ago
I am not a gynecologist but I think its pretty normal, milo. If you feel something is wrong talk to your Mom about it or any other adults around.
108 days ago
Hello! Not to do with my period but today and yesterday i have found like a blob of discharge like jelly like and iโ€™m
not sure what it is and what it means, if anybody knows please help me out
(itโ€™s small)
108 days ago
Beefy chicken, I think in 2-3months or sooner you will get yours
108 days ago
Hey QUEEN DEE, Hey Sophie could one of y'all
estimate me?

Age :13
Mood swings :like a wild ride!
Cramps :as I am typing
Weight :107
Height :5"4
Pimples :face and back
Spotting :only once
Discharge :yellowish at times clear or white
Cravings :not much
Hormones :raging
Tiredness : 100%
108 days ago
Oops! Silly Dee! I posted the same comment over and over but thanks for the reply, Sophie
108 days ago
Hi, some people think that you need to be at least 100 pounds to get your period because your body needs enough fat to get periods. I hope this helps you!
109 days ago
This quiz gave me 5-9 months but most say 2-4 . So can some beautiful angel estimate me.

Age :12
Breast size : Stage 3
Cramps : Every week
Discharge : Clear -White and I get it every day
Cravings : Plz gimme some chocolate flavored ice cream covered in fudge, sprinkles, nuts, whipped cream and top it off with a cherry (and I want it NOW!!!)
Bra : training bra
Mood swings : UGH!! Leave me alone, Mom can't you see I'm crying bcuz it seems like I will neva get my period (sobs and cries for ten minutes)
Height :4"9 or 5 feet (not sure)
Weight :85-90lbs
Pimples : none
Spotting : nada
Tiredness : You betcha

Other symptoms include : Gasses, Frequent bursts of anger, shouting at my siblings to go away, eating chocolate and crushing on a boy