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Take this quiz if you want to find out when you will get your period. Everyone who's done it so far has gotten an accurate result and has liked the quiz (just look at the comments below to see.) People who have gotten their period take the most popular period quiz on all the tests and get a result; "2-5 months", even though they already have gotten there's! But they get 0-3 months on this quiz, and the quiz says they might've gotten their period already.
Feel free to share your result in the comments section, if you think it's accurate, any suggestions for the quiz, questions about periods, and what you think of the quiz

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    How old are you?

    If you're under 8:

    It can be unhealthy to get your period before you're 8. If you think your going to get it, ask your parent/guardian about puberty, periods, and tell them about what you're experiencing. U may select the first option.

    If you are above 16:

    It can be unhealthy to get your period after 16, because it can means you are not developing. This quiz may or may not help you, but if you want to do it do answer 5. You should talk to a doctor if you haven't already!
    How old are you? If you're under 8: It can be unhealthy to get your period before you're 8. If you think your going to get it, ask your pare

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17 hours ago
Premenstrual syndrome (PMS) has a wide variety of signs and symptoms, including mood swings, tender breasts, food cravings, fatigue, irritability,
and depression. It's estimated that as many as 3 of every 4 menstruating women have experienced some form of premenstrual syndrome.
A have a question. What are some distinct PMS symptoms. My results said 0-12 months and I want to be educated
4 days ago
Peigthon Springsteen
Thank you for asking me it is a great pleasure
for cramps, chocolate is the best it might not work right away but it works.
You can also ask your guardian for a heating pad.
those are the thing that will help
You can take some pain to relieve but I don't recommend it because it is easily addictive.
avoid coffee (even if I don't recommend drinking coffee at such a young age)
less sugar
avoided protect as milk, ice cream, and yogurt

hope this helps :)
5 days ago
Bob( am girl) can you tell me anything what I do with the stupid cramps
5 days ago
It said ladies 0-12 months (probably 6 months help me ladies please help. Me I have the worst cramps please help me what do I do y’all I am almost 11 years old I can’t get it on Christmas evie help please what I do merry Christmas y’all what I do y’all
12 days ago
@HI Hi @HI you should be getting your period in about 6-12 months. If you dont think about it, it‘ll come any time now! Good luck Gwurl! 💅🏻💅🏻🥰🩸
12 days ago
Im in india Hi. :)
12 days ago
0-3 months or a few weeks..
13 days ago
I am scared of my period so i want ask can you make a scientific proven quiz that has all pms symptoms. :)
17 days ago
It said I’ll get mine maybe this week or 0-3 months….. worst bday present ever
22 days ago
Peighton Springsteen, you should wait and see
23 days ago
It said 0-12months y’all
26 days ago
Mines said that mines already happend, if not then 0-3 months. Worst Christmas gift ever if that is so.
26 days ago
Mine said 0-3 that bad on Christmas That my birthday no I am going to be 11 years old on Christmas it said 0-3
1 month what I do no no no please SOMEONE HELP ME
29 days ago
Breast development: a 3
I have a headache on a trip for no reason
And I have discharge and I get plives pain so ya it said it’s getting closer so what that mean? It will come in 0-12 and 6 months
29 days ago
I got 0-12 so I think is coming in 6 months god help me so ya take quiz
31 days ago
pls estimate me someone

Breast stage: stage 4
Mom got her period: around the same age
Cramps: none (or maybe have but i just didnt know it)
Headache: none
Discharge: Had it for about 1 year 2 months, every day, sticky white discharge (sometimes watery)
Hair down there: Medium amount, dark and curling
Mood swings: every day
Height: 150 (around 5 feet)
Weight: 38 kg (about 84 pounds)
Acne: Not much, like 2-3
Spotting: never
32 days ago
So pls estimate me!
I am 11(turn 12 in two months)
Discharge: When I find it in my underwear it’s like a very light yellow and not clear (it is always dried)
Spotting: never had
Acne: some pimples in the T zone but not very much
Hair down there: dark but not too much not curly
Armpit hair: dark but not too much not curly too
Cravings: Gimme some chocolate and burgers 🍔 🍔🍔🍔🍔🍔
Mood swings: rollercoaster 🎢
Breasts: something between stage 2 and 3
Height: 145 cm (I know I am small 😂)
32 days ago
i think it is your period if it happens next month for 4-5 days:)
32 days ago
So is my period coming?