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Take this quiz if you want to find out when you will get your period. Everyone who's done it so far has gotten an accurate result and has liked the quiz (just look at the comments below to see.) People who have gotten their period take the most popular period quiz on all the tests and get a result; "2-5 months", even though they already have gotten there's! But they get 0-3 months on this quiz, and the quiz says they might've gotten their period already.
Feel free to share your result in the comments section, if you think it's accurate, any suggestions for the quiz, questions about periods, and what you think of the quiz

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    How old are you?

    If you're under 8:

    It is unhealthy to get your period before you're 8. If you really think your going to get it, research PMS symptoms and talk to your parent/guardian

    If you are above 16:

    It is not healthy to get your period after 16, because it means you are not developing. This quiz may or may not help you, but if you really want to do it do answer 5. You should talk to a doctor if you haven't already!
    How old are you? If you're under 8: It is unhealthy to get your period before you're 8. If you really think your going to get it, research P

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Thanks hey!!! Pls like and rate if it u like the quiz ☺️☺️☺️
I'm gonna make the breasts quiz!!
anonymous7613 when I don't eat for hours, I get nauseous and that happens to a lot of people, you should eat soon. Also, it could be pms so watch out
Hello lulu I tried out ur quiz in the Hey! From the ther quiz! It's quite good most tests I do tell me 4-8 months so we'll see...
3 days ago
Feel free to comment anny questions about periods below. I have answers to most everything!!
3 days ago
Good! How are you doing?
3 days ago
Hey guys! How are you doing?
4 days ago
4 days ago
Hi anon lol about the poop. But also if u didn't feel it come out it ain't poop. I've been there 💩

It could be just pms. it could be because of heavy blessing or hormonal changes. U should eat it could b because ur not eating!! Idk much but I'd recommend googling it with pms or period.
Pls like the quiz if u like it ♥️✌🏼😜
4 days ago
So i had a question and i want some advice XD

So awhile back (in january) i had a situation where i bled for 2-3 days- it was so little it only showed up on toilet paper, NO WHERE ELSE no lie

fast forward to june, i bled a lot more and actually needed a pad and it lasted a week-

Nothing else has happend since but today ive been suddenly feeling nauseous- i havent eaten in hours so idk what it is- can anyone explain for me? Thanks
4 days ago
you: do you have any brownish stuff in your underwear?
Me: ya p o o p -_- ;)
4 days ago
I think the quiz is correct. Keep an eye out for pms, but it can also come unexpectedly. With the mood swings, I'd say under a month, but it could be 1-3 months.
5 days ago
Thankyou Kat-Chan.
5 days ago
You seen pretty close to it and yeah probably in a couple months like the quiz said. Maybe 1-4 Months but I'm not a professional but that would be the most accurate I can get!
5 days ago
This quiz said 0-3 months..........
5 days ago
Please estimate mine fast
5 days ago
Your age: 14.9
Mom and/or female relative's age when she got her period: my mum got hers at 13.6
Breast stage: more than 2, near to 3 don't wear bra
My breasts are rounded
Cramps: no
Acne breakouts: full face
Bloating: no
Mood swings: I end up in tears for the littlest things. It's an emotional 🎢 rollercoaster 🎢
Spotting: no
Cravings : So much especially for biscuits
Discharge: everyday , whitish colour since 4 to 6 months some days it id yellowish brown
( a small amount)
Armpit hair: medium amount
Leg and hair arm: becoming more noticeable
Public hair (hair down there): 3/4th amount dark and curly
Height: 141 cm
Weight: 28 kg
Hips: little bit curved
Do you have a crush or a girlfriend/boyfriend: yes with a girlfriend to share my experiences
I really want my period sooon
5 days ago
Yay good for u! Hope ur surviving ❤️
Hope u like the quiz
5 days ago
I finally got my period and can always help if you need it !
5 days ago
My advice would be to get prepared for ur period and buy anything you'd need. Get period underwear and wear that on days u think you'll get it. Look out for pms and learn what that is. And I'm sure u know this from my quiz, but it can be brown!!!
Learn what spotting is
Hope this helps ♥️
5 days ago
I'm 11 in 2 months and I have been having discharge and using pantyliners for almost a year.ive always had hair down there since u was a toddler but apparently that's normal and a few months ago my armpit hair started to grow. I naturally have a lot of hair so my legs and arms have decent hair on them already. I have quite a few symptoms, and my average on quizzes are 4-8months. Any advice?