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Period Quiz - True or False?

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In this quiz, you'll be able to determine your knowledge about periods. This is here to reduce period stigma.

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    Periods start at age 10 for EVERY girl.
  • 2
    When you get a period, that means, there is a wound in your body, and you're bleeding internally
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    Periods are completely normal. In fact, they signalize, that your body is working perfectly.

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    Symptoms of PMS can occur before, after, or during your period
  • 5
    Pads are a popular choice for first periods.
  • 6
    Your intestine sheds a lining, which consists of blood and tissue

  • 7
    Before you start your period, you have to have a DD cup
  • 8
    You'll start getting white discharge a year before your first period.
  • 9
    Period apps help you to track your cycle and your most fertile days.
  • 10
    Periods SUCK!

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131 days ago
@leley Holy moly!! YOu're so tall and skinny. You should be having your period soon I guess
131 days ago
I aced it but i dunno what score i got it didn't say
573 days ago
10/10 I'm surprised by this
599 days ago
9/10. One of the questions I didn't know what PMS was, so I understand why I didn't ace it.😙
632 days ago
632 days ago
Hi...that's all I'm going to say. Hi?
670 days ago
Can u estimate me
Age 11
Moms age wen she Got : 12
Age difference: 3 months
Height: 170 cm
Breasts: 9/10 developed
Bra size : A cup
Pube hair: full
Armpit hair: full
Leg and arm hair: baby hairs
Weight: 37 KGS
Discharge : white some times clear sticky and watery
PMS symptoms
Killing cramps
Extra tired
Hard time sleeping
Most tests say 0-9 weeks
717 days ago
Hey guys ^^ I'm luna, i created this quiz. I'm not an expert, but if y'all need estimations you can ask me! Luv yall