Am I over exaggerating when I’ll get my next period?

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Unfortunately, quite a few young girls haven’t even started one of the three things NEEDED to get to start their period ( pubic hair, discharge, and breasts ) so this test will explain if you should wait before coming back for this matter, and if so how long.

  • 1
    Which of the five breast stages have you reached?
    Which of the five breast stages have you reached?
  • 2
    How much pubic hair have you gained down there?
    How much pubic hair have you gained down there?
  • 3
    How much discharge do you get and how often?

  • 4
    How long have your breasts been growing?
  • 5
    How long has your pubic hair been around
  • 6
    How long have you had discharge?

  • 7
  • 8
    The amount of female family members who got it 1 year younger or old or even the same age as you when the they got their period
  • 9
    Have you gotten a growth spurt recently?
  • 10
    Have you spotted or had red / brown discharge recently?

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10 days ago
I got mine right when i was taking this test!
119 days ago
2 yrs good.. Omg i got scared..
148 days ago

lol I know I’m late to responding, but teagan was not joking. Her period does not last 27 days, her cycle is. So that means each first day of her period is every 27 days. But also, yeah periods do s.uck. I got my second one today and it’s killing me, especially every time I get up after I’ve been sitting down for awhile. My first period was 8 days though, same with my mom, so the duration is different for everyone. My friend’s only lasts 3 days.
217 days ago
idk if teagan is joking abt the 27 day thing my mom said your period can go up to 7 day mine is 6 days each 6 days i have cramps all day it 🍦like a betch and it hurts like the under world. periods🍦i dont know why i wanted mine so bad my cramps get so bad i cant get up and i cry my mood swings are a roller coaster . and your period is something every woman experiences and i dont suggest stopping it or you cant have kids when you are older.
220 days ago
Teagan that’s not healthy u should go see a doctor for that
258 days ago
it said I'll get it quite soon but not too soon I don't like how it didn't say a specific amount of months :(
314 days ago
Meow, when did the quiz say urs will come? I wouldn't be to worried they're not bad at all. Yes they hurt like mad but it's worth it. When I got mine I nearly sobbed but it will make your feel grown up ;)

Also I'm not lucky at all before any of u say that I am. My cycle is 27 days, each period lasts 8 days and I am in so much pain I can barley walk
314 days ago
I’m 9, and I’m pretty scared of my period. I wouldn’t be excited. It is painful and embarrassing. But you can’t get rid of it. In fact it stays until you’re about 60!Bye everybody! :)
343 days ago
@Emmi, why did you use the f word?
343 days ago
Am I over exaggerating when I’ll get my next period?

You seem like you might just get it quite soon but not too soon; have a talk with your mom if you want and start educating yourself a little bit more on the topic if you haven’t already.

💑 does this mean?!
364 days ago
amie you shouldnt be advising people how to stop their period. its apart of life, and its unhealthy to do that. and anyomus, its ok! almost everygirl goes through it.
406 days ago
Can I just say, that you don’t need to have those three symptoms to get get your period, you GENERALLY have those symptoms but it is not necessary. Not meant to offend!! :)
426 days ago
ok im 10 years old, took this test, went to the bathroom and guess what? I got my period
442 days ago
dont eat any vitamin c as much as u can, avoid herbs, exercise and relaxation...i know it seems like im trying to kill u, but if u dont want ur period, thats what u should do
454 days ago
hi i'm ten
my ** are at stage 5 now and stick through any shirt (i haven't gotten a bra yet but everyone tells me i need one) also my ** are HUGE compared to my friends at my age
i had red / brown discharge a few weeks ~ one month ago
i have hair all over my body (literally a jungle)
this test says:
"Get ready, it’ll probably come this month. Talk to your mom and take some pads with you wherever you go just in case."
i know i need some pads but i dont want to and i don't know how to tell my mom.
i'm really scared, what should i do? i dont want my period to come this early 😭
455 days ago
485 days ago
nvm lol
485 days ago
485 days ago
same here, @haybear! I also wish it would say more details! I really really REALLY want my period! I can't wait any longer >_____
492 days ago
Lol, okay so this test is kinda annoying cause it doesn’t give an exact number of months or anything like that.idk if it accurate or anything so yeah, just wish it had a time span in numbers