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Accurate period test

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403 days ago
hey welp do you remember me anyway we miss you can you please go on ACCURATE First period quiz
428 days ago
I told my mom. We’re going to the police now. 🙏🏻
428 days ago
I can’t tell her. My teacher threatened me. I’m so scared and i haven’t got my period. I’m only 12
429 days ago
What are you going to say to her? Write exactly what you are planning to say here so we can help you!
429 days ago
Ok well I think tell your mom what happened from the beginning and every little detail. So that she is able to contact the school and so that the school can fire this teacher. That is so acceptable, irresponsible and disgusting of this teacher!
429 days ago
Hi. I was r@ped. My history teacher wanted to see me after class and I didn't think anything of it because I'm a stupid b¡tch. He locked the door and put something over the camera so they couldn't see us. He shoved me against the wall and slipped his p*nis in one of the leg holes of my panties. He pushed hard and it hurt. I tried to scream but he covered my mouth so no one would hear me. He kept going. I counted seconds to get through it. When he finally pulled out, I counted 307 seconds. He came inside me and all around the outside too. I could tell I was bleeding because all I felt was pain and then numbness. He adjusted my panties so they covered my v@gina and then he said, "Let's keep this a secret, just me and you, okay?" I was scared so I nodded. He patted my head and opened the door. He pushed me out. I think I might be pregnant. I don't know how to tell my parents because they are the type that believe being r@ped is the girl's fault: they dressed skimpily, they wanted it, they made themselves available for it, they were flirting or suggesting that type of thing. They will definitely blame me if I tell them. I can't tell police either because the teacher will hurt me if I do. What do I do?
430 days ago
Actually 0-4 months is my estimate!
430 days ago
I think probably around 2-4 months or so. Maybe later or maybe earlier!! Good luck!!!
432 days ago
hey please could some estamate me x

i am 13 years old

i have had breats for 3 years and wear a size C bra

i have had discharge for 2 years i have to wear pantie liners as its so bad its normaly thick and clear but recently i have had some brown ish discharge

i have thick black curly leg and arm hair and have to shave about once a week

i sweat so much i have to keep re aplying my deoderant

i have thick black bushy curly pubic hair that covers the full area thats spreading down to my thighs that i have had for 2 years

my arm pit hair is straight black and starting to curl

i have been craving junk food over the past few weeks

i have extreme mood swings

my mum got hers at 11

i have been having such bad head aches and cramps in my stomach for about a week xx
436 days ago
I’m from this quiz I’m always on here and if you want we would all like new people that we can help if you want 100% Accurate First Period Quiz -when will I get my first period 💖

This quiz is very helpful I have been here since 2020 march
436 days ago
Hello I come on other period quizes some times but im always on This quiz 100% Accurate First Period Quiz - When will I get my first period?-when will I get my first period 💖 And I see some of you i remember from that quiz and just wanted to say hi to everyone and also how are you

I got 4-6monthes on here

3-5 months on 100% Accurate First Period Quiz - When will I get my first period? 💖(my regular quiz that’s I’m always on for years)

0-3 months on the extended period quiz

So I guessing I have 3-6 months so pretty accurate
439 days ago
I got
You go girl. You've got 0-3 months. If you haven't already talked to a trusted female about it. Make yourself familiar with information (research). Pack a small bag or purse with a pad or two, a spare pair of underwear, and some wipes and tissues. Good luck!
441 days ago
So okay I sorted it out with my mom bc I had health class and the teacher emailed me a youtube video about periods. All good.
444 days ago
I can't bc she'll get enraged that I "did something so bad for God to have cursed me with this monthly struggle" so she will punish me either way.
445 days ago
Aww, I'm sorry for you @Welp. Maybe consider talking to her calmy and get into a conversation when your period starts?
446 days ago
I actually kinda have to tell her whether or not I want to. My sisters will do ANYTHING to get back at me or make trouble for me. They are also mostly scared bc if my mom finds out, she will punish them beyond their wildest dreams. I have to tell her some day. Maybe if I don't eat a lot I won't get my period bc I'll be anorexic. My mom was anorexic most of her life. When she met my father, he said she was unhealthy and she started eating more, and got her first period at 23. She says it was because she had a seggs dream about her own husband and then she got her period bc God thought she was "filthy in the mind, so bodily filth was necessary to cleanse the mind". I hope I don't get my period for a LONG time
448 days ago
get stuff from you sisters and never bring it up with ur mom
449 days ago
Welp, I have 0-3 months apparently. God pray for me please my mom is super strict and Catholic. I have three sisters they all have their period. My mom always keeps them home when they have their period because they are "filthy and unworthy of human contact at the time" she also takes away all pleasures such as phones, ipads, laptops, books, yummy food. She feeds them gross old salads when they have their periods and locks them in their rooms and grounds them. She says it's God's punishment that they do bad things every month and he wants them to reflect on what they've done for a week. I can't tell my mom bc she'll punish me. help
463 days ago
It said a have a couple of weeks help guys
464 days ago
Its me Astrea!
Good quiz @Hey:)!
Luku who caes if she copies questions!?
Inaccurate quiz.
But i liked it...
It sayed 4-6 months when all other quizes say around 3 months.
Gret quiz though!!!