Period quiz! 99.9% accurate!

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I will try my best to accurately predict your period!

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93 days ago
@avery you will get yours in about 2-4 months
226 days ago
can somebody estimate me? im worried about getting it
age: 10, 11 in about 2 months
breast stage: 3
discharge: i get thick spots of it in my 🥠 everyday
cramps: omg its so bad, probably every other day
cravings: more hungry, craving junk food 100% of the time
my mom got her period when she was 11
energy: i am sooo exhausted all the time, even after getting lots of sleep

i would appreciate if anybody could estimate!
304 days ago
1-3 months!! But I feel that tomorrow
340 days ago
Almost acurate.I would. Say for me about 8 months.Not 4-6 :c
340 days ago
My mum does not know I am getting a horrible itchy rash because of discharge me: LOSTEN TO ME! I N E E D P A N T Y L I N E R S
345 days ago
1-3 months!
You are so close now! This is all normal! Make sure to start carrying period products and paying attention to your symptoms! Congrats! Your gonna be a woman!

Pretty accurate
350 days ago
@Rhiannon I think 0-7 months be patient it will come soon and appreciate that your still a kid okay!
352 days ago
2-4 months like usual
371 days ago

height 5'1"

Discharge looks like yellowish white snot

Weight 103 pounds

Cravings i want donuts cake and kfc all at the same time right now. I DONT EVEN LIKE KFC THAT MUCH!

cramps everyday

my mom got hers a month after she turned twelve, i have 4 months till i turn 12

real bra

Breasts stage 4 and hurt when i walk to fast without a bra

Pms symptoms: tired, moody, cramps, bloating, headaches ,mood swings everyday, tired but I can't sleep, oily hair + face, and constipation + diarrhea

I sleep in and im tired but can't sleep

Sweat a lot

Leg hair black
Arm hair black

Pubic hair is black and long

Mood swings every day I hate them

I just had a growth spurt
382 days ago
I sorry to be a rude comment but u need to put spotting for ur last bc i had to pic spotting when i have never spotted