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This quiz is directed towards girls who are in puberty and haven’t got their period yet. This quiz is mostly accurate, but not 100%.

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    First. Your breasts. What stage are you in?
    First. Your breasts. What stage are you in?

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8 days ago
oh sh- For 31% you are: YOUR PERIOD CAN BE HERE ANY SECOND NOW!🩸

You have only 0~3 months to go! PLEASE BUY A PAD/ TAMPON/WHATEVER ELSE AND BRING IT TO SCHOOL. Learn about emergency ways to make period products. Talk to your female relatives. Do whatever you need to prepare. (WARNING: DON’T USE SCENTED PRODUCTS AND BE CAREFUL OF TSS WHEN USING TAMPONS!) HERE ARE A FEW RECOMMENDATIONS. Good luck! that’s my answer
39 days ago
immaswifty you moved to this chat??!
49 days ago
hi hannah!!!!!!!!! i found first period club, but lets just stay here.
50 days ago
👏 🫣 ✅ 🥺 🛫
50 days ago
50 days ago
🍀 ☘️ 🧧 😉 😉
50 days ago
lucy please come! please come!
64 days ago
Yeah, that sounds really unhelpful :(
64 days ago
It says I'll get it in about a year:( I really don't want it, at least I'm pretty sure I don't.
64 days ago
it says I'll get it in 0 to 3 months so idk