When Will My Breasts Grow? Quiz

Hey, guys - I mean girls, obviously, LOL - if you want to know when your boobs will grow in, take this test now. Please share my quiz with all your girlfriends who don't have boobs yet and are wondering when they'll get some! Keep in mind some of you will get them earlier and some later, and sizes will vary quite a bit from girl to girl. Good luck!

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5 days ago
I am 12 turning 13 this year, and have a 36+C chest. I was 10 when I had first gotten my period, and in the 3rd grade I started wearing a training bras. I come from a long line of women with large breasts (both sides of family), and my parents are quite tall (dad is 6.4f mom is 5.8f). I am around 5.8 feet tall. Growing up I was top of the charts with height & weight, in the past 3ish years I have gained like 45 pounds.
The past year or so I have been working on my self-love, confidence, mental- health & happiness. There have been many times where I felt insecure & hopeless, this is for all of the other girls who feel unhappy with their body and or want to change something. - Your self-love!!!
1. Lots of things like breasts, widening hips, stomach area & when you are most likely to menstruate depends on your family's genes - ex. when they started puberty
2. Weight is a big thing when talking about breast development, because your chest is just extra fat on the body. The thicker you are, the more of a chance you will grow early and same thing for being skinnier. (Please never starve yourself or do things like that, it doesn't make anything better. Instead eds ruin girls body image making it so you wont ever be happy with yourself, remember it just results in a TEMPORARY weight loss. That is just one example I know there are way more, take it from someone healing from a binge ed.)
3. Don't ever let someone tell you are not beautiful (especially boys who haven't even started growing like), that is not true. Don't let your self-worth be wrapped up in other people's💑opinions
4. Research about the effect on teens that use social media, has showed nothing positive. Teens set themselves to unrealistic expectations, because of influences using Photoshop or getting surgery done to look like barbie tf. All trolls that sit behind screens being ***** are too scared to say it to your face, don't let them control your life.
I know that it is getting VERY long, and I covered like the bare minimum. If you ever need to talk or need advice etc..., just ask I am here and care about beautiful you!!!
14 days ago
It said I’m getting breast in a couple of weeks to a month-😳
20 days ago
it says I will get my breasts in five months and my period in five months lol perfect timing!
37 days ago
I well me and him connect rlly well and we rlly like each other. But I’m like twice his weight. He’s also at like my breast height and is under 70lbs so I can pick him up sooooooo easily
38 days ago
People come in all different shapes and sizes. If you like hanging out with him, don't dump him. Please tell me about your relationship.
40 days ago
Well I am lucky because I am hot and u sound great to but I was kinda worried for my bf acc. He is 13 but is rlly small/skinny and weighs like only 70lbs. Is he ok?
51 days ago
Hey Bella
what question do you have
I am an expert on boys, boobies, kissing and crushing.
I am debating between two outfits to wear on Valentine's day
1, Lilac turtle neck black jeans and curly hair
2, A pink crop top with the words HOT on itto show of my massives, and a very short mini pink skirt.
thank you so much
51 days ago
Many thanks to anyone who can answer my question
51 days ago
Be loud and proud about those lumps boys love them. ever wanna talk just tell me
51 days ago
I am 12 years old and I only just started growing 🐬 and I feel super insecure about. Can someone who is the same please reply or give me some advice to not be so insecure about it? Thanks xx
52 days ago
Hey Carla,
thank you so much. I have pretty big boobz which guys check out 24/7! I am debating between two outfits to wear on Valentine's.
1, Blue jeans and a green tshirt
2, pink crop top with the words hot on it. With a super short mini pink skirt.
thank you so much
53 days ago
i have rlly good advice
im 17 and ive dated like 10 boys alr, have lost V :)))
look as long as you clearly and i mean clearly show whoever you like that you like him, if you think he likes you chances are he does. teenage boys are so hormonal like all they think abt is 🕊 you don't even have to be hot just cute (although having noticable breasts rlly does not hurt) then he def wants you, so ngl you should just take a swing girl!! go for it
54 days ago
You seem really cool do you have any advice about boys? I hope you do. I like this guy let's call him M. he is short and cute we are pretty close, not dating. I want him to kiss me already, we've known each other for 2 years!! P.S Do not ship us
JK I absolutely 💏 him. Thank you so much
56 days ago
Is it weird my 💋 are as big as a skinny cute little boy
62 days ago
@Nia, just want to let you know that if you're in middle/high school, if you're concerned about boys not liking you because you think your breasts are too small, don't worry. As long as you clearly have them or wear a bra, they're so hormonal that they won't care. They just like them. Obviously if they're larger then they might attract more attention, but as long as you have them, then you're all good.
73 days ago
My 🦄 are literally bigger than my boyfriend
84 days ago
Al, i turn 12 in February aswell, feb 1. my results were also four to five months
97 days ago
Boys like to try to lift my shirt for a peek at my tits, even though I don't think they are big, p.s I don't wear a bra. thx
100 days ago
I got 4-5 month and I’m 11 February I will be 12. I have the worst upper leg pain and low abdomen and cramp pain it hurts so bad so I think I might get my period soon although my 😍 are only stage 3 I’m so confused help
106 days ago
I’ve had breasts for two years and they haven’t grown a bit. I’ve been going through puberty for two years now and I’ve barely developed at all. I’m taller and hairier and have discharge but nothing else changed