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Do I Have Big Boobs For My Age?

Hey girls, first off: This quiz shouldn’t be taken super-seriously - it is just a bit of fun. Even if you are 8 and have H-cup boobs, it really doesn’t matter at all. After all, U BE U! I am 14 and I got D cups. Boys, this isn't meant for you! Sorry! Xx

  • 1
    How old are you?
    How old are you?
  • 2
    What is your bra size?
  • 3
    How are you compared to other girls?

  • 4
    At what age did you start getting your boobies?
  • 5
    Do people comment on your boobs?
  • 6
    How big do you think your boobs are?

  • 7
    How big are your mom's boobs?
  • 8
    Do boys stare at your boobs?
  • 9
    Do boys grab at your boobs?
  • 10
    Do other girls stare at your boobs when you are getting changed, or have your heard that they talk about them behind your back?

Comments (32)


20 days ago
OMG! When I had e my first💋 it felt great 😘😍😘😍😘👩‍❤️‍👨💋💘❤💞💕💞💖💟💖💗💌💗💓💓💍💍💍💍💎💎💎
41 days ago
Is 12DD a big size for a 13 year old?
92 days ago
I started growing 🚔 when i was nine, and i got my first training bra when i was 10, and now i am 13 and i have been through 4 sizes of bras. right now they are size C 36 i think. and all my friends are still wearing training bras. yesterday i was scrolling through insta, and i saw a pic of my friend that lives somewhere else, and thank goodness! she had big 🚔 too!
225 days ago
I am 12 and my friends are all grabing them bc i have 38 D its soo bad :((
225 days ago
I'm 12 and a c cup im bigger than all the other girls I hate people starring at them
229 days ago
They should defo make a test for the lads. Not for melons ofc
229 days ago
@Bel that's a big RIP that no one appreciatss ur breasts. Big f in the chat for bel
251 days ago
Omg so I'm 13 ish and my 😻 are a 36D.... it's honestly not a good thing because where i live, boys don't rlly like girls with big 😻... and they're honestly really embarrassing cuz i can't wear a lot of clothes ugh
286 days ago
@Ima girl no it's not
295 days ago
I forgot what size my bra is so I skipped that question 😂😅
295 days ago
Ok, so I'm 13 and wear AA cups is that big?
315 days ago
this quiz is horrible, im 12 and have 34DD 💑 and it said average size and no one comment on this and say i would give anything to have bigger 💑 because it is so embarrassing and i face depression over it and spent hours crying i would trade my phone for smaller 💑
323 days ago
im so annoyed i wasn't able to finish the quiz because of the timer
329 days ago
Im 10 and I have D cups :0 its so hard!!!!1!11!1!2!2!2
359 days ago
@Ivanou , It’ll be fine, I was waaayy behind my friends for a while.
370 days ago
I'm 16 and wear B cups, I think that's awfully small. I hope they will grow more, or else I will have no choice but to get breast augmentation. I hate it having small ones, I get made fun of a lot because the others have D's.
371 days ago
I'm 10 and I'm already wearing bras for my H cups
378 days ago
i hit puberty when i was 9 or 8, nothing big just 🕊 and armpit hair and stuff like that. then it really went down when i was 10, i got my period and my 🕊 began to get big, and now i’m 11 with 🕊 the size of my sister who is in highschool as a junior, 5’2, my dang period, and i didn’t even get the chance to be a kid. i feel like i’ve grown up way to early :( SCREW EARLY PUBERTY OMG
378 days ago
Bruh I’m 12 and ima size c and I have tons of public hair and I got my period when I was 10 and I’m not even finished yet T-T
379 days ago
I’m a 11 going into the 6th grade and wear a 38 F! (I’m not kidding)