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What stage are my breasts?🧸

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This is an estimation!

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    Look at you're nipples is there dots around it?

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21 hours ago
It says I have stage 5. I don't even know how that happened
23 hours ago
Its says I'm gonna get it in a month too a week.. I don't have a droplet of discharge
3 days ago
it say 1 week. my mom 5 yrs older
4 days ago
This quiz is terrible, I am stage 3 but it, insists im stage 5. Thumbs down 👎
11 days ago
14 days ago
the tampon dispensers at school.
14 days ago
It said a week to a month. *cue me screaming about how the tampon dispensers don't work*
15 days ago
Hi I have a question to my more fully developed girls here so I'm I'm at breast buds but I'm starting to gain a bit of fat around my nipp le so how long does it take to get to fuller rounder breasts from where I'm at
19 days ago
What stage are my breasts?🧸
You have stage 5 breasts congrats! You will get you're period in about 1 week. U might have you're period since you get it at stage 4. Have fun and good luck. Remember just an estimation.

I already have my period
38 days ago
I am 11. And I had my period for a year now. And I am STILL NOT USED TO IT!!!!! Guys, if u are excited for periods. I'm telling u it's gonna be a total disaster.
50 days ago
what why does it suddenly talk about periods?!
They said I'll have it soon... hope it's a false estimation :(
So scared!!!
96 days ago
My left breast is only just starting to curve but my estimation said I was stage 5. I'm just like bruh. Sry all the tests but u should extend this quiz so it's a bit more accurate.
97 days ago
well i might get my period soon bc i have all the symtoms and ive had discharge for 3 years and bubs for almost 2 years so...
99 days ago
i got stage 4 but it said 5
99 days ago
i got my first period when a month before i turned 12 i turn 14 in 6 months and im still on stage 4
111 days ago
I got stage 5 and I'm a 3
132 days ago
I got stage 5 but I think I’m at 4 so pretty close
132 days ago
It says I have stage 5 breasts but I have 3/4 so inaccurate and it says I will get my period in a week huh really?? Because I don’t think I will I guess we will see
137 days ago
I got my period in April, I was so happy but I realllllllly want b*obs. It says I’m on stage 3 or 4 so I’m hoping I’ll get them soon
148 days ago
this is to me with the sparkles its really normal to have changes of your cramping when your about to get your period id say you should be getting it from 2 weeks to a month could be earlier or later just my prediction