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Fish I like

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Recently, I’ve been researching on which fish I should make as a pet and these a few breeds I feel is exotic and great:))

This is the half moon betta fish.
This is the half moon betta fish.

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500 days ago
Ooh, really? Well, I’m a beginner so it’s easiest to start with guppies... i might want a betta next time...
508 days ago
NHYT I don’t think Bettas are hard to keep I had them for a while
511 days ago
But I don’t feel they are as stunning as those betta fish... sadly...
Oh yes, check out the Ballet Club, I sent in my entry
511 days ago
Thanks Quizzy, I have already bought a few guppies, and things are going quite well in the aquarium... seems like guppies are easy to keep!!
512 days ago
Goldfish are quite easy to keep because they're cold water fish and cold water fish r easy to keep. Tropical fish r easy too... I've had both before. Ive kept guppies before as well and they're quite cute. Theyre not aggressive at all (btw Betta fish cab be quite aggressive with some fish and some other fish may nip the Betta's fins which is how one of mine kinda lost its fins)... Once, one of my bottoms feeders killed one of my bettas. It kind of just... ate it
513 days ago
Oh thanks for telling me!!
513 days ago
NHYT well not really. I used to have some. You can only keep one of each gender in a tank at a time or else they'll fight. They don't eat much but they like boiled peas (idk why)
513 days ago
Is it hard to own a betta? I’m naming mine Aurelia if i get a betta... but i also consider ur fish name which is Coral... Coral sounds nice!
513 days ago
I have had two betta fish. One was lavender color and I named it Lavender, the other was bright pink/orange and I named it coral. My sister had one that was named Chicken (don’t ask why lol)