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Hello everyone!
These are my drawings.
Right now, I'm posting a few of them,
With the time, I'll post more ♥
감사합니다! ♥

    Thea sisters! ♥
    Thea sisters! ♥

    IU! ♥
    IU! ♥

    Dork Diaries! ♥ Nikki, Chloe and Zoey ♥
    Dork Diaries! ♥
    Nikki, Chloe and Zoey ♥


    Anime ♥
    Anime ♥

    Thea Sisters in Cherry blossom adventure! ♥
    Thea Sisters in Cherry blossom adventure! ♥

    Anime! ♥
    Anime! ♥

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322 days ago
Im a really good artist and your really good at your art keep up the great work and you'll become a artist💜
543 days ago
I’m an artist as well and carry on with your drawings they are amazing! Xx
631 days ago
Omg wow these are really nice :D
641 days ago
@bethany :)
Yess, I remember you. :)
641 days ago
Thank you sm everyone TT ♡

Ans. currently I'm in my early teen ages :)
644 days ago
oh these are beautiful!!
645 days ago
:0 these are amazing!! i like drawing but im not too good at it hehe
741 days ago
Oh my god, how old are you? They are completely wonderful!
744 days ago
So pretty!
755 days ago
OMG they really look like they were in the books! Keep it up!!
758 days ago
Cool, your art style looks kinda like mine! Are you a tween?
761 days ago
these are really good!
btw remember me? my old username was piano keys lol
762 days ago
I rlly like it, but try improving and you'll be the best!❤️
BTW I'm a gurl and I'm not gay
784 days ago
these are really good
796 days ago
Yeah ankisha these are really good! Also if your wondering who I am I am a quiz taker on your period quiz! Btw I think it’s pretty accurate!
798 days ago
Cuz these are super good, and if you were a tween, that would be FLIPPING IMPOSSIBLY AMAZING!!!
798 days ago
Anshika, how old are you? (Don’t have to say exact, something like tween, teen, adult, etc.)
804 days ago
This are great ankishas
826 days ago
These are good drawings Anshika!
829 days ago
What Is Amazing Elise You Talking About The Pz YouTube