The Okapi
The Last Homely Herald's Lore Quiz!
Big Wolf on Campus
The Ultimate General Knowledge Quiz
Which X-men are you?
How well do you know punk rawk?
History of Middle Earth(based on the books) and the writing of the books
What kind of god are you?
Are You Obsessed With Elwood?
YoU A PrEp?
Are you a blonde at heart?
Cat Obsession
Do You Know Musicals?
The Hobbit / LotR / The Silmarillion
Simple Plan Fan Quiz!
How much do you really know about Full House?
The Lord of the Rings Cast Quiz
San Antonio Spurs
Johnny Knoxville Quiz
You think you know the Lord of the Rings?
Are You Obsessed With Bagels?
How well do you know WW2?
How much do you think you know about the Lord of the Rings?
Which Character from Mervyn Peake's Gormenghast Trilogy are You?
Resident Evil Quiz 2 (harder)
What is your ideal day out?
What time of day are you?
Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire
How Old is Your Inner Child?
How sexy are you?
Calvinist/Arminian Test
Johnny Depp Quiz
Films, films, films!
Entrepreneur Quiz
Raven YAY
Hollyoaks Quiz
The Ultimate WWE Quiz
How well do you know The Beatles?
Resident Evil (The Movie)
How well do you know SpongeBob?
What color suits you best?
Scottish History
Are you Peter Pan/Jeremy Sumpter/Rachel Hurd-Wood obsessed?
Edward Scissorhands
What you never knew, but should know about polar bears.
Lord of the Rings: Tolkien's Masterpiece
What kind of monkey are you?
The FRIENDS Fanatic Test!
The Simpsons Quiz Number 1
The Quiz
What type of dessert are you?
Does He Like You?
That 70's Show Awesome Super-Duper Quiz
What comic are you?
Good Charlotte quiz!
Patience Is A Virtue...Really?
Travis' Movie Quiz II
The Simpsons Quiz 1
Good Charlotte Quiz
Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets
The School IQ Test
History of middle earth
Crazy facts that are unbelievable!
Days of Our Lives
Buffy & Angel Quotes
Are You a Trekkie?
What kind of donut are you?
Find Your Hottest Summer Fling
Are you American?
Are you "friendly"?
Degrassi Begin of Third Season Quiz
Which Kind of Music Are You?
Finding the true you
How much common sense do you have?
Do you know the Lyrics of all Linkin Park songs?
Linkin Park Quiz
David Beckham
Golden Sun Quiz
The Random Test
Ultimate Final Fantasy VIII Quiz
Are You an Individual?
What female name fits your personality?
A Little Britain Quiz
How NYU are you?
Do you know your goats?
Michael Jackson Quiz
Do you have an attention problem?
Which American Idol Judge are you?
What kind of STRIPPER would you WANT the most?
Friends Quiz
Friend or Partner?
Spanish Quiz for People in Spanish One or Two
Lord of the Rings - the *movie* quiz
Futurama Quiz 1
Lizzie McGuire
How much do you know about LOTR?
LOZ OoT Quiz
The Shire Quiz
Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga Quiz
Pirates of the Caribbean
Black Metal Quiz
Saving Private Ryan
LOTR Cast Quiz
What Marching Band Section Do You Fit Into Best?
! The Grand Tour Quiz!
Final Destination (the first one!)
The Best Pirates of the Caribbean Quiz Ever
Classical IQ Test
Are you a stalker?
The Quiz Quiz
What are your Interests-Sexually Speaking?
Do You Belong?
How well do you know your Star Wars characters?
Which Anita Blake Character Are You?
What Kind of Anime Character Are You?
How well do you know Shane West?
Linkin Park
Does your crush’s friend/best friend crush on YOU.
Friends Quiz
Gilmore Girl Quiz
Malice Mind
Simple Plan Awesome Quiz
The Futurama Quiz
The Hardest Friends Quiz EVER
David Beckham test
Which Crank Yanker are you?
Fight Club
Eminem Quiz
How Well Do You Know The Hardy Boys?
The Ultimate Free Willy Test
Reno 911!
What career complements your personality?
Who Sings This Song?
Do You know about WWE belts and their history?
What kind of animal are you?
That 70's Show
Are You A True Finding Nemo Fan?
Beauty and the Beast
Are the clowns out to get you?
What do you know about Kurt Cobain and Nirvana?
Lizzie McGuire: Kate's Birthday Party
Will you fall for these?
The Bad Religion Quiz
Lacuna Coil 'Comalies' Lyrics Quiz
What kind of a fairy are you?
Which WWE Raw Diva Are You?
Do you know your Country Stars?
Jenny's Ultimate Family Guy Quiz
Will you ever be a rockstar?
Baseball History Quiz
Which hobbit companion from the Lord of the Rings are you?
The Ultimate Final Fantasy Quiz
X-Men Evolution
What LOTR Character- Hero of helms deep are you?
Sex Quiz 001
What kind of sheep are you?
Orlando Bloom Quiz
Lord of the Rings The Two Towers Movie Quote Quiz
Which Fairy Tale Character Are You?
Are you a smosh?
How freakishly obsessed with the Lord of the Rings are you?
Sonic Adventure DX
What kind of dragon are you?
LOTR, do YOU like Orcs?
How much do you know about the longest running Australian Soap?
How obsessed with the Lord of the Rings are you?
New England Sports
How Much Of A Canadian Are You?
What Dinosaur are you?
How Evil Are You?
Which Roleplaying Character Profile Describes YOU!
Sister Hazel
A Very Hilary Quiz
Which Lord of the Rings villain are you?
Are you obsessed with Stone Sour?
What man of Gondor from the Lord of the Rings are you?
Which woman from Lord of the Rings are you?
HARD Music Quiz!
Cruel Intentions Quiz
Which Cruel Intentions Character Are You Like?
Roswell Pilot
Horse Care and Knowledge
What are you willing to do for him?
Good Charlotte Whiz?
How US Geographically Savvy Are YOU?
How Paranoid Are You Really?
Treasure Planet
The ignorance test
Are You A Drama Queen?
Do you really know Derek Jeter?
Are you a REAL punk?
Buffy and Spike Quiz
How well do you know the movie Chicago?
Do you REALLY know Rurouni Kenshin?
How well do you know *other* bands?
How Much Do You Know About "The Rock"?
Are you GOTHIC or NOT?
Are You A True Orlando Bloom Fan?
Stephen Kings: It
What FFX Dude are you?
Do You know Orlando Bloom?
Are you a Harry Potter Freak?
Are You A Cheerleader At Heart?
More of Horses
Lord of the Rings
Which type of Survivor castaway are you?
Are you a class prep?
Brad Paisley
How much do you know about the white stripes?
So you think you know Blink 182?
Are you REALLY a Band Geek?
What starter should you get?
Are you the king of music?
What Kingdom should you be in on the Plaza?
The Final Fantasy X-2 Quiz!
Country Stars
What Kingdom should you be in on the Plaza 2?
What Kingdom should you be in on the Plaza 3?
Do You Know Harry Potter?
Which Peter Pan (2003) character are you?
Harry Potter and the OOTP
How Much Do You Know About Colin Farrell?
Modern Chinese History Quiz
Ever or Never
2003 Year-in-Review Quiz
Family Guy
Do You Know Your Orlando Bloom?
Harry Potter characters
Differences Between LOTR Books And Movies
How much do you know about Norway and Norwegian language?
How much do you know about LOTR?
Do you know all about King of the Hill!
AWESOME lyrics quiz!
Which Nirvana member are you?
Classic rock trivia
Do you know Pokemon Sapphire?
Does he love you like how you love him?
Is your guy right for YOU?
What kind of meat are you?
Which Character from Peter Pan Are You?
The ultimate Lord of the rings and the hobbit quiz! (book) for experts!
Are You Insane... On The Inside?
Tomb Raider Quiz of ALL TIME!