Genius Test: SuperMasters' Edition
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Genius Test: SuperMasters' Edition

The most daunting test imaginable has been compiled by qualified professionals. If you try hard, and then try harder you stand a chance to pass the Genius Test!

Question 1:   Person A engages in a transaction with Person B's business. If person B's business is an unremunerative venture, does person A gain or lose money?
Person A gains money.
Person A loses money.
Person A stays the same.
Person A's financial matters are inconclusively vague.

Question 2:   If there are 50 Zeetbs, and one-half of Zeetbs are Googfs, and every Googf is a Yoopl, what perentage of Yoopls are Zeetbs when there are 50 Zeetbs?
25 percent
10 percent
50 percent
100 percent

Question 3:   What is the meaning of the following word: Neo-reticence?
Crystal Noise
New Silence
Pure Sleep
Crazy Dictatorship

Question 4:   What logically are the next two numbers, and the name of this sequence:1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13...?
Eronstin Sequence: 21, 34
Rederick Sequence: 26, 31
Vivaldi Sequence: 21, 34
Fibbonacci Sequence: 21, 34

Question 5:   What is the logical following numbers in the sequence: 1, 3, 6, 11, 18...?
27, 38, 52
27, 40, 57
25, 39, 54
29, 43, 55

Question 6:   What is the least amount of straight cuts possible to divide a rectangular prism into 10 equal parts that are rectangular prisms?

Question 7:   If three days past yesterday was Monday, what is tomorrow?

Question 8:   Which of the following is grammatically correct?
John said, "I went to Johnnys' house."
Jim said, "I went to Johnny's house".
Sue said, "I went to Johnny's house."
Jan said "I went to Johnny's house."

Question 9:   If one Liberton year lasts 8 months, and they get 3 months off from school, how long would a Trimester class look?
Approximately 3 months 1 week.
Approximately 2 months 1 week
Approximately 2 months 3 weeks
Approximately 1 month 3 weeks

Question 10:   If you are driving down the street and see a car that appears to be going 70 miles per hour, and you are going 50 miles per hour, what is your velocity relative to the car when it is driving at 20mph.
120 mph
70 mph
50 mph

This Quiz has been designed by Honorable P. Maguire.