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  • 1
    The word "smart" can be created using five letters from the word "barnstorm".
  • 2
    The digits 08232569 are the same as 96523208 read backwards.
  • 3
    If a tree branch can hold three people and John weighs twice as much as Adam, and Rachel weighs half as much as Adam, then Rachel, John and Adam can all sit together on the tree branch safely.

  • 4
    There are 7 letters between K and R in the alphabet
  • 5
    The number 25 is the next logical number in the following sequence of numbers: 5, 7, 10, 14, 19.
  • 6
    The product of 8 x 3 x 3 x 2 is less than the product of 18 x 16.

  • 7
    If you multiply any two of the following numbers together, your result will be odd: 9, 11, 3, 7, 17.
  • 8
    If the word SAW is written above the word COW and the word TOO is written above SAW, then the word TOW is formed diagonally.
  • 9
    If read backwards, the phrase "now live" answers the question: "In the battle between good and evil, who was victorious?"
  • 10
    The following sentence includes all six vowels, appearing in reverse alphabetical order: "Why run from fire ants?"

  • 11
    If all Boogles are Battuns, and some Battuns are Trandles, all Trandles must be Boogles.
  • 12
    Your starting and ending points will be just an inch apart if you draw a line seven inches left, three inches up, two inches right, four inches down and five inches right.
  • 13
    By removing two letters from the word "scout", a word that is the opposite of "in" can be formed.
  • 14
    By taking the second letter of each word from the following sentence, you can spell the word "thinking": "At the time, interesting Ukrainians visited Andy's igloo."
  • 15
    Walter is taller than Scott, and Scott's little brother is taller than Roger. Since Walter is not the tallest one of the four, then Scott's little brother must be tallest.
  • 16
    Five horses, two people, three dogs and seven chickens have a total of fifty-two legs.

  • 17
    If "boffing" is understood to mean "shot" then the following sentence is correct: "The young freshman from Kentucky took a desperate boffing, but he was unable to boffing over the star defender."
  • 18
    The sum of all numbers from 8 to 18 is an even number
  • 19
    A group of 5 people must contain either 3 mutual friends or 3 mutual strangers.
  • 20
    Interlace your fingers, starting with your left thumb over your right thumb. If you start counting your digits at your thumbs, your sixth digit will be your right hand's middle finger.

  • 21
    By removing two letters from the word "planets", a word that is the opposite of "uproot" can be formed.
  • 22
    The number 8336749476338 is the same number whether it is read forwards or backwards.
  • 23
    Walter's grandmother's daughter could be Walter's son's grandmother.
  • 24
    If the second day of the month is a Friday, then the twelfth day of the month is a Tuesday.
  • 25
    By removing seven letters from the word "strengthen", the word "rent" can be formed.
  • 26
    If you break a twenty dollar bill into fourteen dollars worth of quarters and the rest into dimes, you will have more quarters than dimes. (Dollar = 100 cents; quarter = 25 cents; dime = 10 cents)

  • 27
    If Borbs are better than Fribs, and Luns are worse than Jirts, Luns must be better than Fribs if Luns are better than Borbs.
  • 28
    Using six toothpicks you can create four equilateral triangles (where each triangle's side is the length of a toothpick).
  • 29
    For a sentence with such fine phrasing, there are five instances of the sixth letter from the alphabet here.
  • 30
    The sixth to last letter in the alphabet makes just one appearance in this short but active sentence.

  • 31
    A new millennium began on January 1, 2001, but the 21st century began on January 1, 2000.
  • 32
    If the color red was created by combining purple and yellow, and the color blue was created by combining green and purple, then orange could be created by combining yellow and green.

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number 6 is impossible