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If you want to measure how intelligent you are, at least according to my test, just answer the questions. This is a selection quiz, which means each answer is assigned a point value. Your total point value determines an estimate of intelligence.

  • 1
    On Earth, a mahogany chair weighs 20 pounds. In Dimension X, the same mahogany chair weighs 95 pounds. What is the conversion from the 3rd dimension to Dimension X? e=Earth weight
  • 2
    South Africa has three capitals. What are they?
  • 3
    Charlotte has 10 nickels,3 quarters, 8 dimes, and 2 half-dollars. She needs $2 to buy a pack of Extra gum.
    She wants to use the least amount of coins possible. How many coins does she use? (Quarters = $0.25 each; Nickels = $0.05; Dimes = $0.10; Half-dollars = $0.50)

  • 4
    The Pythagorean theorem is as follows: a squared + b squared = c squared. Following this logic, if a = 3 and c^2 = 90; what is b?
  • 5
    What does this sentence mean in "lay language": The audacious, bold woman functioned reasonably while utilizing the cumbersome stilts provided by the jester.
  • 6
    If all Dweebs are Snorbs, and most Snorbs are Borbs, then are all Borbs Dweebs?

  • 7
    (65 + 45)(3) - 62 / (9 + 2)(4)

    Solve using Order of Operations.
  • 8
    The Normans defeated the English in the year 1066 in the Battle of Hastings.
  • 9
    Who was the President of the United States in the year 1775?
  • 10
    The capital of Angola is what city?

  • 11
    Uranium, plutonium, rutherfordium.
    What do all of these have in common?
  • 12
    The maximum capacity of a Volkswagen is 5. Would it be sensible to attempt to put 6 in the car?
  • 13
    Albert Einstein's famous theory is what?
  • 14
    You arrive at a restaurant called Eat Right. The menu looks like this:
    Pureed Lettuce & Celery - 400 calories
    Vegburger & Sweet Potato Fries - 300 calories
    Coleslaw & Minced Tomatoes - 55 calories
    Pig Heaven Cake - 100 calories

    You can only intake 2000 calories a day. You consumed 900 calories at lunch, and 3/4 of that at breakfast. You need to eat 2 dishes for a nutritious dinner. Which could you eat?
  • 15
    A family of three is traveling to the capital. The family consists of a father, and two daughters. The father weighs 180 pounds. The daughters each weigh 90 pounds. The family has only a boat that can carry 180 pounds. How do they all get across?
  • 16
    The Dukedom of Artois is x hectares. The Dukedom of San Juan is 2x hectares, and the Dukedom of Santiadieago is 987 hectares. 987 is x + -87. How big is Artois?

  • 17
    Madam, I'm Adam. Which number is representative of that statement?
  • 18
    Bushes ---> Trees as Bears --->?
  • 19
    If I roll a bowling ball back and forth before I bowl, it is scientifically proven that the ball will move faster than if I just walk up and throw. What is the force that is behind that?
  • 20
    How do plants get the nourishment necessary for survival?

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