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An IQ Test For 8 to 10-Year-Olds!

Are you between ages 8 and 10? Are you a pure genius but just don't know it yet? Maybe you're the next Albert E. - or maybe you're just normal?

If you've been wondering just how smart you actually are for your age, then take this fun quiz now and find out!

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    If unscrambled, what does this say:


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34 days ago
34 days ago
9 out of 12 & im a week till 9 and i would LOVE to expose AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH for totally lying
55 days ago
12 of 12 & im 7 im so happy OMG
102 days ago
Im nine and i got eight out of twelve im proud
102 days ago
yess im 10 i got 9 out of 12 correct
129 days ago
i got 6 out of 12 & im nine but i still need more work :)
134 days ago
Yayyy! I'm only nine and I got 12 outto f 12 :D
146 days ago
yess I got 9 out of 12 correct
215 days ago
hi eze peazy lemon squezzy
249 days ago
I got 120-130! I'm 10, and I always read during class.
260 days ago
Wow 105 to 120 im only 10! Im suprised i dont really pay attention that much in class
263 days ago
I got 75-100 and im 15 im soo happy
267 days ago
I’m happy I have 100.It was pretty hard,I am 8
278 days ago
I got 120-130 I was shocked I’m a 8year old boy this was superrrrrr fun
357 days ago
Soooooooooooooo easy
368 days ago
It was sooooooo boring I hate math
389 days ago
actualy I got confuesed. My score is 105-120 and that's above average. :)
389 days ago
apperently my IQ is on averege but I thought it was a bit advanced. ':(
514 days ago
the 7th one was hard
518 days ago
144 is that ok or umm