How high is Your IQ?

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Everyone should know their IQ and know whether they are smart or need to pull out their box of encyclopaedias. It is just a must-know thing for life!

  • 1
    Where is Ayers Rock?
  • 2
    If I had 20 marbles and gave half of them to Joe and another half of that again to Mary, Then Billy gave me 2 times the amount that I have plus my marbles, how many marbles do I have?
  • 3
    If each of the 4 Sutherland brothers have a sister each, how many female siblings are in the family?

  • 4
    If Joel had a bag of 50 lollies and shared it evenly with his 9 friends. How many lollies did each person get?
  • 5
    If fly is to frog, then rat is to...
  • 6
    If 2 days before today was Monday and my school project was due in 4 days. What day is my project due?

  • 7
    If Jimmy left hi home at 3:00 am and travelled at 63kph in his car and it took 6 hours to get to my house. What was the distance he travelled?
  • 8
    If Kenny was late for everything and we told him the arrival time for everything was 3 hours before the actual arrival time was. If we told Kenny the arrival time for the wedding was 10:00 am, What was the actual arrival time?
  • 9
    If I saw Dolly Parton in concert and she had 2 guitarists 3 drummers and 2 pianists with one who called in sick. How many people were in the band?
  • 10
    If I got 1 goanna for my birthday with his cage and accessories but mum said I have to pay for its food at $2.50 per can and he goes through a can every half a day. How much would it cost to supply food for a week?

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1306 days ago
on question number 8 how is the answer 1:00 am?