A Short IQ test

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This is a short, but not so easy test that would surely make you think, rethink, and analyze the questions properly. For this test to be precise and accurate, please refrain from using calculators, pens, papers, and any other resource that could aid you in answering.

  • 1
    “Rats live on no Evil Star” is a/an
  • 2
    Rearranging the letters in AMUMESING will give you a/an
  • 3
    Rearranging the letters in EROVIALIS will give you a

  • 4
    Rearranging the letters in ATHAPCRUE will give you a/an
  • 5
    What is the next letter in the sequence: D-N-X-T-S-E-?
  • 6
    What is the next letter in the sequence: D-A-N-S-R-S-D-L-T-R-C-?

  • 7
    What is the next number in the sequence: 1, 3,25,343,?
  • 8
    The answer to this algebraic equation: (x-a)(x-b)(x-c)...(x-y)(x-z) is
  • 9
    You are on a race and whoever reaches the final point first, wins! At the beginning of the race you were given these series of directions to follow: Walk 20 ft north, 5ft. east, 10 ft west, 11 ft south, 5 ft. West, 1 ft north, 8 ft. East, 5 ft south, 3 ft. West and 7 ft. North. What is the total distance that you should walk to assure victory? (Ignore direction)
  • 10
    A house is worth $6,000,000 and a very luxurious car is priced at $108,000 both in 2002. If the price of the house depreciates by 20% every year, will it still be more expensive than the car by 2020, assuming that the car does not depreciate or change its value?

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1429 days ago
I correctly answered 3/10 questions, my IQ is 1000