A Short IQ test Part 2

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This is a short, but not so easy test that would surely make you think, rethink, and analyze the questions properly. For this test to be precise and accurate, please refrain from using calculators, pens, papers, and any other resource that could aid you in answering. Your score would depend on your answers, so make the most out of the given time.

  • 1
    “Love is not love which alters when alteration it finds” is a quote from Shakespeare’s Sonnet 116. What is the first name of the famous poet?
  • 2
    Rearranging the letters in ECRRMYU will give you
  • 3
    What is next letter in the sequence X-G-Z-A-R-N-T-D-A-N-S-R-S-?

  • 4
    What is the next letter in the sequence V-S-C-R-K-T-?
  • 5
    What is the missing letter in the sequence K-S-D-M-?-C-N-G?
  • 6
    What is the next letter in the sequence F-B-S-Z-A-R-N-T-O-K-?

  • 7
    A certain species of bacteria is being cultured by an electrical engineer. He started with three species of the same kind and left it for 10 days to multiply. After the tenth day, he found out that there were no bacteria left, and each had disintegrated. How is this possible?
  • 8
    Harry, Howard, and Dianne are siblings. In 5 years, Dianne’s age would be one half the age of Harry, and approximately less than sixty percent of the age of Howard. Find the ages of Harry and Howard on the year Dianne was born, assuming that the month she was born was before Harry and Howard turned one year older.
  • 9
    Find the next term in the sequence 0, 4, 18, 48, 100,?
  • 10
    What could be the next three terms in the sequence 1-25-100-2500-?-?-?

  • 11
    A man has ten sons. John came before Jake but not Xavier. Ryan came before Gerson but not before Jake. Gerson immediately came before Nichol but not before Raffy who immediately came after Ryan. Benjie came after seven sons after Xavier, and James is the youngest. If Rafael and Raffy are twins, who is the sixth son?
  • 12
    In the previous question, assuming that a daughter was born before the sixth son, who would now be the sixth son?
  • 13
    There were nine birds sitting on a fence. A man shot seven but six of them dead. How many birds are left on the fence after the shooting?
  • 14
    Three thousand five hundred calories makes up one pound. A one hundred kilogram man wishes to lose twenty kilos in seven weeks. Four days in a week, he only eats 1500 calories less than his regular. On the other three days, he eats 500 hundred more than he does during the other days. He also does aerobics for three hours during weekdays, and lifts weights for the other two days. During weekends, he does 1000 reps of weight lifting. Assuming that his body uses up 200 calories per hour of aerobics and 0.01 calories per rep of weight lifting, would he be able to reach his goal in the time set?
  • 15
    On a fine summer day, after buying two watermelons of the same mass, a man walked to the rooftop of a thirty story building, and decided to make an experiment. He launched one of the two watermelons (A) horizontally, and the other (B) one was dropped, at the exact, same time. Two people (Agnes and Anthony) watched the man do the experiment, and were asked which of the two watermelons hit the ground first. Agnes said that it was watermelon A (launched) which hit first, and Anthony said that it was watermelon B (dropped). Who was telling the truth and who was lying?

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