IQ Quiz For Geniuses Ages 10 -14 (Is That You?)

I created this quick quiz (10 questions) for kids ages 10 to 14. Some of them aren't that hard, but some are meant to be tricky, so don't pick your answer immediately, even if it sounds right.

Really think about all the details and what's being asked. And hey - don't worry if you don't get them all right. If you're just a normal kid, you're supposed to miss some! Or you could just be having an off day like anybody else. It's all good - just have fun, brainiac!

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    A rooster is on the very tip of the house roof. When it lays its egg, which direction is it going to fall?
    A rooster is on the very tip of the house roof. When it lays its egg, which direction is it going to fall?

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18 days ago
One of the answers is actually wrong..the one about the pills? The correct answer is 90..
51 days ago
Im exceptional. I thought i would at least get an iq like 110+ or sth.
64 days ago
Average. Right. Didn't even tell me my iq
127 days ago
Makes no sense. I've taken this test twice. I answered 8/10 of the questions right on the first attempt. But when i used google to see if they were correct, I got 4/10. Not a good test
144 days ago
What a rip off really not even tell iq
151 days ago
I’m 7 I got 10 out of 10. (Mummy said I should take this quiz)
172 days ago
The answer for no.10 is yellow not green/yellow
228 days ago
Most of these are common knowledge questions, as I am around this age and I knew most because it's something at my level. If you pass, your not a genius, your just average because these are most normal things [besides like 1-2 questions.]

Sorry to be a party pooper but it's definitely true and this quiz needs improvement :(
251 days ago
I knew it! 9/10 ugh I KNEW that question...
253 days ago
I feel like this is half random facts and half actual IQ test stuff
264 days ago
IQ Quiz For Geniuses Ages 10 -14 (Is That You?)
You got 9-10 answers right. You're exceptional! I can't even believe how genius you are!: D Good for you, and thank you for taking my quiz! Please share it with your friends so they can see whether they're as genius as you! Not likely, because you totally slayed this test!

You have correctly answered 10 of 10 questions.

On average, 37693 of users who took the quiz gave 5.09 right answers.

So... am i considered as smart?
291 days ago
The pills question: you take a pill right away of course, then you wait 30 minutes and take another then 30 minutes and take the last

60 minutes
316 days ago
I got 9/10. I'm only 11 so I'm pretty happy with myself.
344 days ago
"winks" i got 8/10 not satisfied
417 days ago
I got 10 outta 10 and ps stop hatin
427 days ago
questions are not wrong . it is just that you are not smart enough to answer these lol . Also , anyone here needs a boyfriend? Im up . some things in the bed and thats it!!
431 days ago
Easy 😎
I I am 9 too
436 days ago
these are soo easy. it is an iq test for a baby
483 days ago
i answered 7 out of 10.... am i smart ?
493 days ago
Idk why I'm answering a comment from 5s days ago but I think that it would be 20 minutes because then you would have to take it again at 30 minutes after the 10 minutes it takes to be put into effect *shrug*