IQ Quiz For Geniuses Ages 10 -14 (Is That You?)

I created this quick quiz (10 questions) for kids ages 10 to 14. Some of them aren't that hard, but some are meant to be tricky, so don't pick your answer immediately, even if it sounds right.

Really think about all the details and what's being asked. And hey - don't worry if you don't get them all right. If you're just a normal kid, you're supposed to miss some! Or you could just be having an off day like anybody else. It's all good - just have fun, brainiac!

  • 1/10
    A rooster is on the very tip of the house roof. When it lays its egg, which direction is it going to fall?
    A rooster is on the very tip of the house roof. When it lays its egg, which direction is it going to fall?

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1093 days ago
I also agree with Ttt.
1125 days ago
I was so careless on the second question, I didn’t read it over twice(that was the one I got wrong) I retook the quiz and got 10 out of 10.
1125 days ago
P.S. For anyone who was wondering the scrabble one spells out a country(Russia)
1125 days ago
I got 9 out of 10 questions correct! I am only ten, does that mean I’m smart?
1128 days ago
I love the quiz but I only got 3/10 I now I am smart thank you and goodbye.
1129 days ago
I got 3/10 but I am only 10 years old. Is that considered good or bad?
1142 days ago
This is more riddles than anythingyes just riddles
1200 days ago
Um i got 9/10. The scrabble I couldn't figure out. The questions didn't show how smart u really are tho.
1207 days ago
Got 8/10. But I was pretty careless and forgot Roosters are male, they don't lay eggs, so I could have gotten a 9/10 but oh well :P
1207 days ago
The last one's subjective as all hell. How's there meant to be a correct answer to color combos when someone might decide to say that pink is perfect with yellow or something? That ain't intellect, that's personal preference.
Also, Penguins are flightless birds, they can't fly. Well, they could, IF THEY WERE ON A PLANE. Or, maybe, another, larger bird.
1250 days ago
Nine out of ten. Hehehehehehehehehehehehehe. Could be better. A ninety is a mediocre grade in my book.
1257 days ago
i got 4/10 not bad but i enjoyed it
1260 days ago
I can't believe I got 2/10
1265 days ago
I got 8 out of 10. I was surprised but l did
1294 days ago
Ehh... wrong changing colour🤫
1311 days ago
9/10✌I'm suprised with myself😬🤪
1314 days ago
I got six out of ten. A 60. In real life that would get me grounded with no phone or movie privileges
1314 days ago
I got 5-6. I honestly thought I was smarter.
1318 days ago
I got 6-10... I honestly thought I was dumber than that...
1332 days ago
This quiz was very enormous and hard but logically it was easy 😎😬and the suprising thing is that i got 8 of 10 😎😎😎🤓