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Welcome to my IQ test based on 20 other IQ tests which is 99.99% accurate. It is also very short.

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    Mary is 16 years old. He brother is 4 times younger. How old will Mary be when she is twice her brother's age?

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892 days ago
Yay... I have an average IQ even though it sometimes takes me 1 minute to figure out 5 x 7
897 days ago
I got a 10/10I got a 10/10
903 days ago
thanks for letting me know!
915 days ago
there is a typo on the first question
915 days ago
I am 11 and I got 10/10!
953 days ago
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961 days ago
I had scored 10/10
I'am 13 year old
961 days ago
I had scored 10/10 .
964 days ago
So, I only got 6/10 on this quiz. What age is this quiz meant for? I’m still a tween.
967 days ago
no, slow timing doesn’t make you have a low iq. this isn’t an official iq test and it’s incorrect anyway since i’m sure my iq isn’t average, and iq is just an arbitrary number so it probably doesn’t matter what this iq test says it is
969 days ago
Why was there a timer? Does slow thinking make a low IQ?
971 days ago
I got a calculator, and this is exactly 145 IQ
986 days ago
I wonder what it said to me
989 days ago
If it said your iq is low you might be a bit young or not in the best mood
991 days ago
not to brag but I didn't expect to get 10/10 on the first try but l did
1001 days ago
They said my IQ is low😭😭
I really love this it's cool even though my sister laughed at me for a really long time telling me how dull I am. It's cool.
1012 days ago
1014 days ago
Hi there, do you like my game (I just said that because you can't just say 'hi' LOL)