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Question 1: Which number will follow?       256       225       196       169       ?

124       100       144       136       108      

Question 2: Which number will follow?       1       3       8       19       42       ?

63       89       82       72       96      

Question 3: Which number is the first in the row?       ?       25       37       51       67       85

18       12       15       13       9      

Question 4: Which number will follow?

      64       56       49       43       38       ?

34       28       27       35       24      

Question 5: Jack wants to buy some chocolate. As usual, he doesn't have too much pocket money, and therefore tries to buy as much chocolate as possible with the money he has (doesn't matter which kind). He has a choice today: 100g of English Cadbury with waffles for $0.99, 125g of Swiss Milka with nuts for $1.09, 200g of Belgian Cote d' Or with praline for $1.99 and 300g of American Ghirardelli with caramel filling for $2.79. Which kind of chocolate did Jack eventually buy?

Cadbury       Milka       Cote d' Or       Ghirardelli      

Question 6: Which number will follow?

Picture question 6

5       8       4       6       12      

Question 7: Which picture will logically follow?

Picture question 7

  a       b       c       d       e      

Question 8: Which two words make the best comparison? ...? is to novel as painter is to: ...?

poet       writer       paper       book       playwright       is to novel as

painter is to: paint       artist       picture       illustration       brush      

Question 9: Which of the letters is least like the other four?

a b c d e

Question 10: There are four rows with groups of points; among them is one group with an asterisk. The task is to find the place for the asterisk in that group in the fifth row according to two logical principles:

.... ... .*... . .. ...
...*.... . ... .... . ..
...... . .. ...*. .. ...
.. ...... . ... ....* . ....

..*.       .*.       ..*..       ...*.       ..*...      

Question 11: Some animals are mammals. Mammals have no tail. Which from the following statements are logically true?

Some animals have no tail.
Mammals, which are animals, sometimes have no tail.
Animals with a tail are not mammals.
Mammals are animals without a tail.
Mammals with a tail can be animals.

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47 days ago
There are lots of ways to be smart, and understanding patterns doesn't automatically make you extremely bright, and there is more than one type of pattern. There are so many types of knowledge, why is this even called intellectual quotient? An intellectual is someone who thinks critically, engages in research and constantly critiques and reflects on the reality of society, as well as attempts to propose solutions to normative problems of society. I do all of that and I mean it . No part of this quiz has anything to do with the definition of the word itself.
60 days ago
K nowlege:77
General IQ:Average
Not too bad I'm 13
63 days ago
Terrible. Not made for kids.
105 days ago
1% of the world's population is still aREALLY BIG AMOUNTIf you know what I mean...
145 days ago
I got better than 98-99% of population on everything......except for one. On that I got 16% of population! How?!?😲
146 days ago
the first time i did this i got a way better resulgt
177 days ago
To add to my previous review, in actual intelligence tests, time matters. Processing speed is something else than processing result. A combination of the two could result in a clearer view on the target's capabilities.
177 days ago
This one's definitely made for kids. Way too easy. Too easy in a way that doesn't raise the satisfying feeling of triumph. I feel like it should mention the difficulty beforehand. Now it is just the time of educated takers being used for the sole purpose of discovering the targeted group of the test.

To summarize: It must be fun for kids, the target group.
196 days ago
wht i don't think so
232 days ago
Is this for adults?
459 days ago
Let’s go back to the normal one k
459 days ago
Hiiii I’m on here but this is ridky
459 days ago
nah this is too risky
459 days ago
ok so \
503 days ago
oh this is for adults and im ten and im better than 86% of the population