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Ever hear the term, "Jack of all trades, master of none'? No? Well, it's kind of a gentle dig at people whose knowledge and skill sets are fairly random. It's usually made by rocket scientists and other smarty-pants Sheldon Cooper types who think you have to have deep and specific knowledge to succeed in life.
Well, we beg to differ. There are PLENTY of very successful people out there whose brains absorb bits of information they find interesting and store it away for later use. These people gleefully help you remember where you left your car keys, whether you remembered to turn of the iron, and your great aunt's birthday (very important). And they are total HEROES at Trivia Night.
Are YOU a Master of the Random? Convince us! Here are a ton of General Knowledge quizzes for you to try. Even more fun: Challenge your friends to beat your scores! (We seriously doubt they can.) Have fun!

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General Knowledge For Kids Age 10

General Knowledge For Kids Age 10


Are You Smarter Than A Middle Scholar?

True Or False?

General Knowledge Quiz (12year olds)

General Knowledge Quiz (12year olds)



A random true or false

Test your brain

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aruthra (38301)
44 days ago
it was awesome and I hadn't even believed that I had developed so much knowledge in a couple of minutes until I was finished with the test...
Camilla (52997)
61 days ago
This NSF general knowledge test is not too hard as well
jenny (43597)
212 days ago
okay, they could be a bit harder
Ayesha (62009)
232 days ago
Bob cinco (59038)
245 days ago
Sooo easy. I am part of academic team, so I know everything. I have been to nationals
Dki (81723)
454 days ago
Hmm good but bit harder