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  • 1
    Bacteria ______________________ that can act like plants or animals. They are some of the oldest and most diverse forms of life.
  • 2
    Humans have used bacteria to help us in other ways for____________. Bacteria is used to make yogurt and cheese. The flavor of these foods comes from bacterial by products, not exactly bacteria poop but close. Tasty, tasty bacteria poop.
  • 3
    If a bacteria is making you sick it is called an _________ . Bacteria causes many types of diseases from zits to Pneumonia.

  • 4
    Bacteria can produce_________ for us to breathe – some Scientist estimate I could be as much as half of the ______ we breathe so next time you see a bacteria in need help out they are helping you.
  • 5
    Your body is full of bacteria, there are actually more bacteria cells in your body than there are human cells. There are more bacteria in your intestine then there are people on earth. Don't worry they are usually ________ and actually help us in lots of ways.
  • 6
    Viruses can’t reproduce by themselves they always take over _________in plants, and animals.

  • 7
    Colds are caused by _______ but there is no vaccine because there are literally thousands of ______ that cause colds, so it looks like chicken soup for you and some nice bed rest!
  • 8
    Viruses can not reproduce without a_________ so they are most often spread by sneezing, coughing, or by touching someone who is infected.
  • 9
    Many ______ cause disease, viruses cause colds, flu, chickenpox, measles, mumps, rubella, and even HIV, which causes AIDS, is a _____. They are nasty and unlike bacterial infection it is very hard to treat viral infections.
  • 10
    Viruses are extremely ______, only 20 to 250 nanometres in size so thousands of them could fit into one cell

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