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A pop-quiz for the EMT-Basic student.

Question 1:   You have a patient who is not breathing, what is your next move?
Apply a non-rebreather mask at 15 lpm
Perform abdominal thrusts
Assist ventilations with a BVM

Question 2:   Your unresponsive patient just vomited, what is your next move?
Begin assisting ventilations with a BVM
Sit the patient up
Turn the patient to their side and suction the mouth

Question 3:   Your patient just began to seize, what is your next move?
Place a bite stick in the mouth so they don't bite their tongue
Protect the patient from injuring themselves
Restrain the patient

Question 4:   You have a diabetic patient who has not taken their insulin in 3 days. Your patient is now unconscious. What is your next move?
Administer Oral Glucose between the cheek and gum
Have the patient's family give a shot of insulin to the patient
Rapid transport and request ALS

Question 5:   You have a patient that fell while cleaning snow off his house roof. He is unconscious. What is your next move?
Open his airway with a Head-Tilt/Chin-Lift maneuver
Look, Listen and Feel for breathing
Open his airway with a Jaw-Thrust maneuver

Question 6:   You have a patient Who was involved in a minor car crash. She is pregnant. You have her secured to a backboard but she is becoming hypotensive. What is your next move?
Raise the foot of the board 8-12 inches and reassess the patient
Rapid transport and call for ALS
Roll the board & the patient to her left side and reassess the patient

Question 7:   You are ventilating your unresponsive patient when suddenly the breath doesn't go in. What is your next move?
Squeeze the bag harder and faster
Perform abdominal thrusts and a finger sweep
Reposition the head and attempt to ventilate

Question 8:   You have a patient involved in a motor vehicle accident. Based on the following vital signs, what do you suspect? BP 196/124, Pulse 62, Respirations irregular.
Hypovolemic shock
Head injury

Question 9:   You have just helped to deliver a newborn baby. The baby is not responding to warming, drying, positioning. What else do you want to try to get the baby to breath?
Assist ventilations with a BVM
Blow-by oxygen
Suction & Stimulation

Question 10:   You have a woman who has just delivered a baby. She is still bleeding profusely. What is your next move?
Have her hold her legs together tightly
Have her lay on her side
Massage her abdomen (uterus)

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