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Biology Chapter 1-3 Test

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Multiple Choice/Vocabulary Words from all Chapters

  • 1
    A rigid, transparent outer covering of a pant cell, surrounds the cell membrane
  • 2
    An organelle that contains enzymes that function to rid the body of toxic substances, unlike lysosomes, they self-replicate by dividing
  • 3
    Main site for protein synthesis

  • 4
    A double stranded molecule that is in all living cells, and is the genetic material organisms inherit from their parents
  • 5
    An organelle that contains a green chemical called chlorophyll and is the site of photosynthesis
  • 6
    A transport system, modifies proteins, makes macromolecules, and transfers substances throughout the cell. Also the site for membrane manufacturing

  • 7
    A membrane enclosed sac involved in diverse storage functions
  • 8
    Ribosomes are attached to this, the attached ribosomes make it appear bumpy. This organelle specializes in protein synthesis
  • 9
    The control center of a cell that contains DNA inside a delicate membrane
  • 10
    A thin membrane that forms outside the outer surface of a cell

  • 11
    An organelle where most of the cell's energy is made
  • 12
    Hollow, cylindrical organelle which forms spindle fibers to separate chromosomes during cell division
  • 13
    An organelle that contains disgestive enzymes which break down macromolecules, they are built in the golgi complex
  • 14
    An organelle that stacks, ships and packages products which come from the endoplasmic reticulum (i.e. proteins)
  • 15
    A semi-fluid medium between the nucleus and the cell membrane
  • 16
    The study of life

  • 17
    What is an atom?
  • 18
    What are two types of cells are there?
  • 19
    What are cells?
  • 20
    What is an element?

  • 21
    What types of organisms are eukaryoke?
  • 22
    What types of organisms are prokaryoke?

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