BIO 1112 - Exam 3

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  • 1
    Questions 1-4, organize the following terms on the basis of level of structure, from the simplest (1) to the most complex (4).
  • 2
    Next simplest.
  • 3
    A little more complex

  • 4
  • 5
    An emergency room doctor setting a complex bone fracture is relying primarily on knowledge of:
  • 6
    A personal trainer who works with clients to help them lose weight through a combination of diet and exercise focusing primarily on anatomy or physiology?

  • 7
    The heart is considered a(n):
  • 8
    The building blocks of DNA & RNA.
  • 9
    Released by the pancreas when blood sugar is too low.
  • 10
    Released by the pancreas when blood sugar is too high.

  • 11
    A polymer macromolecule which is constructed from simple sugars.
  • 12
    Blood sugar
  • 13
    Shivering is the human body's way of producing heat when the internal temperature falls below a set point. This is an attempt to maintain _______.
  • 14
    Which of the following statements regarding organ systems is not true?
  • 15
    Vasoconstriction is to shivering as vasodilation is to _____.
  • 16
    Hikers on Mt. Everest often die when their body temperature drops too low. This condition is called ______.

  • 17
    Which of the following is most likely happening when you feel thirsty?
  • 18
    For Questions 18-22, place the following structures of the digestive system in order (from the entry of food to the exit of waste). Entry of food.
  • 19
  • 20

  • 21
  • 22
    Exit of waste.
  • 23
    Which part of the digestive tract has the most acidic pH?
  • 24
    Gastric bypass surgery causes the _____ to become ______.
  • 25
    Muscle paralysis in the digestive tract would compromise which digestive function?
  • 26
    Where does the majority of the chemical digestion take place?

  • 27
    A person who has had his or her gallbladder surgically removed will have trouble processing:
  • 28
    Kills ingested bacteria on contact, and denatures proteins for further processing. Has a pH close to 1.
  • 29
    Breaks down starches into simple sugars.
  • 30
    Disassembles fats into their fatty acid and glycerol ingredients.

  • 31
    Emulsifies fats.
  • 32
    Digests proteins into amino acids.
  • 33
    The muscular contraction used to push food down the esophagus and to mix chyme in the stomach is called ______.
  • 34
    The pancreas is responsible for
  • 35
    The villi which line the wall of the small intestines serve to
  • 36
    An incomplete digestive cavity where nutrients are digested and absorbed in a sea anemone is called a _____.
  • 37
    Every year thousands of people die from the influenza virus. Which of the following statements regarding the influenza virus is false?
  • 38
    Once a virus has invaded a host cell, the host cell will most likely be destroyed as a result of
  • 39
    Viruses can store their genetic information as DNA or RNA. Common RNA viruses include all of the following except
  • 40
    Why are viruses considered nonliving?
  • 41
    The immune system occasionally malfunctions. Which of the following is an example of an immune system malfunction?
  • 42
    Most adults have had a series of vaccinations throughout their life. The purpose of vaccinations is to
  • 43
    Which of the following statements regarding the primary and secondary immune response is false?
  • 44
    Which of the following if found in all viruses?
  • 45
    According to the article, how much smoking contribute to increased incidence of heart attack?
  • 46
    In regards to clot formation, where do accumulated LDL's begin to cause problems at high concentration, having undergone both oxidation and glycation?
  • 47
    This is a tight, squeezing pain in the chest, caused by a compromised heart artery.
  • 48
    The two major components of LDL's are:
  • 49
    Heart attacks and strokes are caused by
  • 50
    Macrophages are also referred to as _____, when they are filled with fatty droplets that they have ingested.

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