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Sexual Reproduction

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  • 1
    Differentiation is....
  • 2
    Which hormone is produced by males?
  • 3
    What period of human development includes rapid growth and sexual maturation?

  • 4
    What is the most common bacterial STD?
  • 5
    When does an unfertilized egg leave the body?
  • 6
    When is an egg released from an ovary?

  • 7
    What happens if no sperm are present in the female body during ovulation?
  • 8
    What happens during implantation?
  • 9
    What does the placenta do?
  • 10
    How long is a pregnancy?

  • 11
    The process in which sperm joins an egg is called?
  • 12
    The layer of cells that develops into the skin and nervous system is called?
  • 13
    The formation of 3 cell layers called the ectoderm, endoderm, and mesoderm
  • 14
    The contractions of labor before childbirth are triggered by?
  • 15
    The term "afterbirth" refers to the
  • 16
    What is the belly button?

  • 17
    Which hormone causes the mother's breast tissue to begin producing milk?
  • 18
    Using alcohol during pregnancy can harm a developing embryo, especially its
  • 19
    Unlike endocrine glands, exocrine glands
  • 20
    Nonsteroid hormones could be

  • 21
    Which part of the sperm cell contains the mitochondria necessary to power its trip through the reproductive system?
  • 22
    Which part of the sperm cell contains enzymes vital to fertilization?
  • 23
    Which of the following STDs are caused by bacteria?
  • 24
    Which hormones stimulate the gonads to mature?
  • 25
    The testes don't begin producing sperm and the ovaries do not begin releasing eggs until
  • 26
    About how many sperm are in one milliliter of semen?

  • 27
    A female's ovaries release about how many mature eggs in her lifetime?
  • 28
    Which of the following STD is caused by a virus?
  • 29
    What is the most common reported bacterial infection in the US?
  • 30
    Which of the following is a function of the placenta?

  • 31
    If a woman who is infected with HIV becomes pregnant
  • 32
    Where does fertilization occur?
  • 33
    Pitocin is a synthetic drug that is often used to stimulate uterine contractions. Which hormone has a similar function?
  • 34
    When in a 28-day menstrual cycle, does menstruation usually begin?
  • 35
    Pituitary gland produces which hormones that affect the development of gonads during puberty?
  • 36
    What is the process in which the blastocyst attaches to the wall of the uterus and begins growing in the tissues of the mother?
  • 37
    Within a few hours after birth, the pituitary hormone ____ stimulates the production of milk in the breast tissues of the mother
  • 38
    The mature egg is released from the ovary
  • 39
    Which of the following are STDs?
  • 40
    A 3rd layer of cells are produced in which cells from the ectoderm migrate to form the mesoderm during what
  • 41
    After 8 weeks, what is the embryo called?
  • 42
    The embryo is surrounded by what fluid?
  • 43
    During implantation, what embeds itself into the lining of the uterus?
  • 44
    Which embryonic structures combine with the uterine lining to form the placenta?
  • 45
    What is the fluid filled structure that cushions and protects the embryo?
  • 46
    What connects the embryo to the placenta?
  • 47
    What is the early stage in the development of the nervous system?
  • 48
    What is the embryo's organ of respiration, nourishment, and excertion?
  • 49
    What differentiates and forms many of the internal body structures?
  • 50
    Who is going to ace this test?

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