Human Growth and Development and Sex Education

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Test your skills in Human Growth and Development and Sex Education on this 50 question true or false quiz.

  • 1
    When groups of similar cells do the same kind of work they're called bones.
  • 2
    Tissues come together to make organs.
  • 3
    Your body has seven body systems.

  • 4
    Your joints are the place where tissue meets another.
  • 5
    Your skeleton system is a body made up of bones and the tissues connecting them.
  • 6
    Different joints work in different ways.

  • 7
    All of your muscles in your body form your muscular system.
  • 8
    The process by which your body breaks down food into small nutrient particles is called digestion.
  • 9
    Your body has eight main parts.
  • 10
    Chemicals in your tongue breaks down food further.

  • 11
    All of your food is absorbed by digestion.
  • 12
    Your excretory system gets rid of some of the water your body produces and also maintains fluid balance.
  • 13
    Your respiratory system enables you to breathe.
  • 14
    The nervous system is the control and communication system of the body.
  • 15
    Your lungs is a muscle that acts like a pump for the circulatory system.
  • 16
    The period between adulthood and childhood is called teenagers.

  • 17
    The female reproductive egg cell is also called the ovum.
  • 18
    Traits are passed along by chromosome.
  • 19
    Teens go through puberty at different rates.
  • 20
    Metabolism is the process by which the body gets energy from food.

  • 21
    Sperm are male reproductive cells.
  • 22
    A gynaecologist is a doctor who go specializes in male reproductive system.
  • 23
    An atom is the basic unit of life.
  • 24
    Infancy is the first year of life after birth.
  • 25
    All bones have a soft tissue named marrow.
  • 26
    A good way to maintain muscle tone is to use your muscles.

  • 27
    Arteries carry blood away from the heart to other parts of the body.
  • 28
    Flow is the exchange of gases between your body and the air.
  • 29
    The senders and receivers of messages are called neutrons.
  • 30
    Enzymes are proteins that affect the main body process.

  • 31
    The pitailary gland signals other endocrine glands to produce hormones when needed.
  • 32
    Sperm eventually mixes with fluid to make more sperm.
  • 33
    Puberty is when boys and girls start developing certain physical characteristics of adults of their own gender.
  • 34
    Age determined by how well various body parts are working is called logic age.
  • 35
    The human body begins as two that's the result of fertilization.
  • 36
    Hereditary is the passing traits from parents to their children.
  • 37
    Adolescence affects your health triangle.
  • 38
    The organs called ovaries store egg cells.
  • 39
    A developing baby is known as a fetus.
  • 40
    Adolescence vegans between the ages of 9-16.
  • 41
    The endocrine system is the system of glands throughout the body that regulates body mobility.
  • 42
    The impulse carries messages.
  • 43
    The salivary gland creates saliva.
  • 44
    Dvalasion is the release of one mature sperm sell each month.
  • 45
    There are three ways to measure age.
  • 46
    Environment is the sum total of a person's surroundings.
  • 47
    Food becomes water overtime.
  • 48
    The reproductive system of both gender requires good care.
  • 49
    Being a toddler is before the infancy age.
  • 50
    You didn't enjoy the game.

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