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  • 1
    Patient comes in complaining of headache during neurological exam you shine the penlight into the pt eyes and observed her pupil contract with CN is responsible for afferent effect
  • 2
    PT comes in complaining of headache. Shine penlight into PT eyes and observe her pupil contract which CN is responsible for the efferent effect
  • 3
    Which CN are being tested during the H test

  • 4
    Using cotton to access the sensation on a PT face which CN is being tested
  • 5
    PT cannot hear well in his left ear and cannot keep balance when asked to walk a straight line which CN is most likely damaged
  • 6
    Which 2 CN are responsible for gag reflex

  • 7
    Pt is unable to shrug her shoulders which CN is most likely damaged
  • 8
    When Pt is asked to stick out his tongue you observe that is toungue is deviated to the right which CN is damaged
  • 9
    Pt complains of numbness and tingling on the Palmer side of her first 3 digits and half of the fourth digit of the left hand which nerve is being affected?
  • 10
    You suspect carpel tunnel in a pt which test will you preform initially to confirm your suspicions

  • 11
    Pt comes in complaining that the cannot extend his wrist which nerve is most likely affected
  • 12
    When preforming ant and post drawers test on a pt lower extremities what are you testing for?
  • 13
    Which test is used to assess an Achilles’ tendon rupture
  • 14
    Your concerned about a DVT which test will you preform
  • 15
    Pt complains of burning around the 3rd intermetatarsal space of her left foot which doesn’t seem to be inflamed what is the top differential diagnosis
  • 16
    Bradycardia is defined as a pulse less than

  • 17
    Bradycardia can be
  • 18
    Tachycardia is defined as a pulse greater than
  • 19
    What is the correct procedure sequence for abdomen examination
  • 20
    During inspection of the skin, pallor is commonly a sign of

  • 21
    What is the first location where jundice appears in a PT
  • 22
    Pt with hypothyroidism would have skin that is
  • 23
    Decrease skin turgor is a common sign of
  • 24
    Lichenifcation is defined as
  • 25
    Elderly Pt enters clinic and you notice a number of rised greasy and velvety lesions on the Pt trunk that have a “ stuck on appearance. What is your initial differential diagnosis
  • 26
    Precancerous lesion that commonly leads to squamous cell carcinoma

  • 27
    You observe a lesion that you believe to be kaposi sarcoma what would you ask the Pt
  • 28
    Basal cell carcinoma metastasizes early during the course of the condition
  • 29
    You observe a mixed black brown yellow colored lesion on the patients arm with irregular borders what is your top differential diagnosis
  • 30
    WhAt determines the metastatic potential of a malignant melanoma

  • 31
    Clubbing of the fingers is usually associated with
  • 32
    Barrel chest is commonly associated with
  • 33
    Hyper resonance elicited during percussion indicates
  • 34
    An obese Pt comes into the office you observe that his face is round there is a fat pad on his upper back and there are many red/ purplish saturation on his abdomen. Top differential diagnosis
  • 35
    Lipoma is a malignant Tumor found in the subcutaneous tissue that should be removed immediately due to chance of metastasis
  • 36
    During auscultation of the femoral artery you hear a bruit what would that mean
  • 37
    You notice a mass located at the RLQ and the mass becomes larger when you ask the Pt to cough what is your top differential diagnosis
  • 38
    Arotic valve auscultation
  • 39
    Pulmonic valve auscultation
  • 40
    Tricuspid valve auscultation
  • 41
    Mitral valve auscultation
  • 42
    Apical pulse on a pt is felt when you place your hand on a pt right 5th intercostal space mid axillary line
  • 43
    Pt describes that a trill was felt when placing the ball of the hand on the Pt chest. They are describing a feeling of
  • 44
    Stenosis of the tricuspid valve causes which chamber of the heart to be enlarged
  • 45
    Stenosis of the bisuspid valve would enlarge the
  • 46
    Stenosis of the pulmonary valve would enlarge which chamber
  • 47
    Stenosis of the aortic valve would cause enlargement of which chamber
  • 48
    Mitral regurgitation during systole will cause the blood to flow from
  • 49
    Tricuspid regurgitation during systole the blood is flowing from
  • 50
    Pt with ventricular septal defect during systole the blood flows from
  • 51
    Episodic muscular ischemia induced by activity and relieved by rest is
  • 52
    Acute artieral occlusion presents with
  • 53
    Pt enters clinic stating that her hand becomes red white and blue this is known as
  • 54
    Which of the following is mostly associated with smoking
  • 55
    What is the location of the axillary lymy nodes
  • 56
    Popliteal pulses are assessed at
  • 57
    Dorsalis pedis pulse are assessed at
  • 58
    Femoral pulse are assessed at
  • 59
    Facultative aerobes can grow in
  • 60
    Obligated anaerobes can grow in
  • 61
    HIV mostly affects which cells in the body
  • 62
    Which type of hepatitis is transmitted by the fecal oral route
  • 63
    The role of reverse transcriptase on aids virus
  • 64
    The organism borrelia burgdorferi is responsible for
  • 65
    Which of the following virus affects both the testicles and the parotid gland
  • 66
    Isotope are
  • 67
    Anabolism is a synthesis reaction
  • 68
    Catabolism is a decomposition reacation
  • 69
    Formation of a peptide bond between two amino acids is a hydrolysis reaction
  • 70
    Oxidation reaction is when molecules gain an electron
  • 71
    Reduction reaction is when a molecule losses an electron
  • 72
    Glycogen is mostly found in the
  • 73
    Gluconeogenesis is the process of forming glycogen
  • 74
    Which lipoprotein is the good protein
  • 75
    Bilirubin is firmed from the breakdown of
  • 76
    Unsaturated fatty acids are organic molecules that contain only single bonds
  • 77
    Which of the following is are ketone
  • 78
    RNA is a double strand nucleic acid responsible for protein production
  • 79
    Trna function
  • 80
    MRNA function
  • 81
  • 82
    Transcriptions is
  • 83
    Translation is
  • 84
    Which of the following groups are all fat soluble vitimins
  • 85
    A pt complains of night blindness which vitamin is most likely deficient
  • 86
    Which of the following vitamins play a significant role in clotting cascade
  • 87
    Which of the following vit. Plays a significant role in blood calcium levels
  • 88
    Deficiency of which of the following vit will lead to megaloblastic anemia
  • 89
    The process by which food is broken down and mechanically and chemically in the gastrointestinal Tract and converted into absorb-able forms is known as
  • 90
    When asking the Pt to smell vanilla v chocolate what are you accessing
  • 91
    When brushing a cotton swab on a pt face to access for sensation you are accessing
  • 92
    When asking a pt to show her teeth or smile you are accessing
  • 93
    Performing rinne and Weber’s test on a pt which tuning fork you are accessing
  • 94
    When asking them to shrug what are you accessing
  • 95
    When asking the pt to stick out her tongue you are accessing
  • 96
    Which cn is responsible for motor parotid gland
  • 97
    Which cn is responsible for motor to stomach
  • 98
    Damage to which part of the nervous system will lead to bitemporal hemianopia
  • 99
    Spinal accessory nerve is responsible for the motor of which muscle
  • 100

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