Do You Know Your Chicken Breeds? Quiz

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Do you have chickens? Do you love them? But do you know what breed they are? Very good question and a good thing to know! If you are an owner of chickens or know some chicken breeds, I suggest you take this quiz. Test you knowledge about chickens and prove to be an expert about them.

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    What Breed of Chicken is This?
    What Breed of Chicken is This?

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412 days ago
Number 8 is incorrect, that is not a Ameraucana as they are brown not gray. Though there are many types of Ameraucanas, a Lavender Ameraucana would be gray and an Ermine Ameraucana would be black and white but plain ol' Ameraucanas are brown. Also Easter Egger is just another name for Ameraucana. But otherwise I loved it!
611 days ago
I got 9/10, the last one was the one I got wrong.

Very fun quiz! However, maybe add a bit more variety to both possible answers and questions, such as adding Serama, Ayam Cemani, or Sultan.

Also, for the last one, I personally think it's kind of a personal choice, so maybe have it so they each have equal the amount of points.

Otherwise, I really enjoyed it!
889 days ago
i love baby chiccks cuase iam incubating some turkeys
957 days ago
ive had chickens for six months and i got 10/10
1149 days ago
I love chickens and l have been studying them a raising tons of chickens that are mine even at ll year's old i am so glad i got 10 /10 on the test because some day i want to own a hatchery of my own since raising chickens for 10 years i know so much thank you for having your test and remember use a heat lamp in the cold winter to keep your hens laying.
1568 days ago
I was so close to getting all 10! I have chickens and loove them! I've had them for a couple years. Very fun test. (I got 9)