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    How long were the Dinosaurs around?

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178 days ago
troodon is smaller than a velociraptor but it's not a valid genus of dinosaurs.
943 days ago
I'm a junior paleontologist 😊
1142 days ago
This test seemed a blessing for me; I got a boost in my confidence level.
1157 days ago
brontosaurus is fake, actually it was another name for Apatosaurus but overall this quiz is nice I got 10/10😎
1373 days ago
I love dinosaurs but I have my moments when I can't remember 1 thing about them
1665 days ago
This is A awesome test!
1698 days ago
it's a great test but I need to know what answers were correct next time I hope one day I can become a paleontologist I've been studying Dennis's for about 9 years now I'm 15 and I still have awhile to go
1714 days ago
Brontosaurus has been proven to be real! It was originally a fossil chimera of an Apatosaurus with a Camarasaurus head, but it has been found that it is actually different enough from the Apatosaurus to be considered an official dinosaur.
1747 days ago
We still live in the quaternary. Question 9 is wrong
1960 days ago
Actually, birds are technically dinosaurs so most of these are completely incorrect.
2410 days ago
Question 7 about brontosurus is wrong, brontosaurus was recently proven to be a distinct genus, rather that just a species of apatosaurus.
Please if you are going to put a quiz on line, make sure it is CORRECT!
(therefore i got 10/10!)
2682 days ago
Brontosaurus was proven to be a dinosaur! Recent discoveries show that there are enough differences to make it a different dinosaur. It is now an official dinosaur because of this.
2688 days ago
Brotosaurus is no fake
2753 days ago
Brontosaurus was originally a hybrid between apatosaurus and camarasaurus but is now an official dinosaur.